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My Sanctuary

13 May 1986
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Fandom Story
Cardcaptor Sakura Mistletoe (Tomoyo/Sakura)
CrossoverOf Hearts and Memories (Kingdom Hearts/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles/Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Scent Never Lies (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/Legend of Damador)
Mistletoe (Elliot [Scrubs]/Fai [Horitsuba])
Mistletoe (Kakei [Legal Drug]/Fai [Horitsuba]
Mistletoe (Kurogane/Sanzo)
Mistletoe (Kharavela/Fai)
Final Fantasy XII Balance (Larsa/Penelo)
Horitsuba Chronicles
Kurogane/Fai – mostly
Dancing on Ice
A Special Question: Fear is Not the Answer
Valentine’s Day Special Edition
Horitsuba Gakuen Valentine’s Day
Mistletoe (Yuui/Kurogane/Fai)
Mistletoe (Kurogane/Yuui)
Mistletoe* (Fai/Yuui)
Mismatched Thread (Kurogane/Fai)
Jealousy (Fai/Elliot, Kurogane/Fai)
Good Morning Kiss (Kurogane/Fai)
Origins (Kurogane/Fai)
Sweet Beginnings (Kurogane/Fai)
Syaoran’s Test (Kurogane/Fai)
Loveless Theory (Kurogane/Fai, Syaoran/Syaoran, Sakura/Syaoran, Doumeki/Himawari/Watanuki)
Ice Cream Date (Kurogane/Fai)
Fluff (Kurogane/Fai)
Books (Kurogane/Fai)
Secret Kiss (Kurogane/Fai)
Whipped Topping (Kurogane/Fai)
Leave Out All the Rest (Kurogane/Fai)
House, MD Rapport (Taub/Kutner)
InuyashaRin’s Happy Ending
Kingdom Hearts Of Things To Come (Riku/Sora)
Sex or Poker? (Xigbar/Luxord)
Sheet Music (Xigbar/Demyx)
Poker Night (Braig/Luxord's somebody)
Larxene Joins the Poker League
The Games We Play (Xigbar/Larxene)
Fuzzy Red Handcuffs (Luxord/Larxene)
Legal Drug Mistletoe (Kakei/Saiga)
Bite (Kakei/Saiga)
Legends of Damador Mistletoe (Kharavela/Devlin)
Mistletoe (Balraj/Kharavela)
Lilo and Stitch Leftover Candy Canes (Nani/David, Jumba/Pleakley)
Magic Knight Rayearth IIUntitled Eagle/Lantis
Metal Gear SolidNeedles (Johnny/Meryl)
MonkA Case of Cats
ScrubsMistletoe (Janitor/Elliot)
Star TrekSecret Santa
SupernaturalMiniature Golf (War, Lucifer)
Sinful Implications (Crowley/Castiel)
Drinking Companionns (Castiel, Crowley)
Tenjho Tenge Envy (Takayanagi/Aya)
Pride (Takayanagi/Aya)
Tin ManMistletoe (Glitch/Wyatt)
Tsubasa Reservoir ChronicleConsummation of Sunset (Kurogane’s parents)
Mistletoe (Kurogane/Fai)
Mistletoe (Fai/Yuzuriha)
Mistletoe {Nataku/Fuuma)
Mistletoe (Kurogane/Sakura)
Engagement (Sorata/Arashi)
5 Drabbles (Kurogane/Yuui)
Better Than Me (Kurogane/Fai)
Slipped Away (Ashura/Fai)
Somewhere Out There (Kurogane/Fai, Ashura/Fai)
Ice Cream, Kittens and Puppies (Kurogane/Fai)
Thunder (Gen)
Cemetary* (Kurogane/Fai)
Months (Kurogane/Fai)
Untitled Fluff (Kurogane/Fai)
Paint (3rd one) (Kurogane/Fai)
Sloth (Kurogane/Fai)
Between The Lines of Fear and Blame (Kurogane/Fai)
Wishful Thinking (Kurogane/Fai)
Comfort (Kurogane/Fai)
Abstinence (Souma/Tomoyo)
It’s Not Easy Being Tomoyo’s Favorite Ninja (Souma/Tomoyo)
Gravity of Love (Kurogane/Fai)
Small Crime (Kurogane/Fai)
Sixth Sense (Kurogane/Tomoyo, Kurogane/Fai)
Canine Good Citizen (Kurogane/Fai)
Candy Cane(Kurogane/Fai)
Connection* (Kurogane/Fai)
Bedtime Noises* (Kurogane/Fai)
Drink Responsibly (Kurogane/Fai)
Kiss The Rain (Kurogane/Fai)
Star (Kurogane/Tomoyo)
Sex, Eels and Parenting (Kurogane/Fai)
Pick Me Up (Kurogane/Mokona)
The Little Things That Matter (Kurogane/Fai)
Too Much Chastity (Souma/Tomoyo)
Five Christmas Presents (Kurogane/Fai)
Packages (Kurogane/Fai)
Purple (Kurogane/Tomoyo)
Flowers (Kurogane/Sakura)
Breakfast in Bed (Kurogane/Fai, Kurogane/Sakura, Sakura/Syaoran)
Syaoran Torture (Kurogane/Fai)
Wish (Kurogane/Fai, Tomoyo/Kurogane, Souma/Tomoyo)
Blink (Kurogane/Fai)
Passing Snowfall (Kurogane/Fai)
A Different Kind of Translator (Kurogane/Fai/Tomoyo)
Cherry Flavor Medicine (Fai/Tomoyo)
Children (Kurogane/Fai)
The Road Back to You - Chapter 1
- Chapter 2 – Home (Kurogane/Fai)
What You Will* - Part 1: Part II(Kurogane/Fai)
Sir Kurogane and the Green Knight (Kurogane/Fai)
The Other Side of Sorrow (Kurogane/Fai, Kurogane/Sakura, Syaoran/Sakura)
Holidays (Kurogane/Fai, Syaoran/Sakura)
xxxHolicMistletoe (Doumeki/Watanuki/Himawari)
X1999Hanging On (Yuzuriha/Kamui)
Bad Habit (Kamui/Seishirou)
Chocolate (Yuzuriha/Kamui)
Rise of Destiny – Chapter 1 (Gen)
- Chapter 2 –The Wolf Princess (Gen)

Stories marked with an * contain adult content not suitable for those not mature enough.

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luzzleanne on why Sora is only emo when it concerns Riku.
Well, you see, Sora is the rare "bright-eyed bushy-tailed" genus of JRPG hero,
rather than the more common emo strain, so his evolutionary characteristics make him
naturally immune. Thus he is only emo when attempting to communicate/mate with one of
the emo variety. These pairings are rare and largely homosexual, which is why we never
get JRPG heroes who are emotionally balanced.