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04 October 2006 @ 03:48 pm
uninformed's birthday fic! (It's only 5 months late. ^.^:;)  
Oh, and happy 104 day everyone. ^.^

Title: Untitled, sorry.
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth II
Characters: Eagle/Lantis, Primera, Mokona
Word Count: 1,052
Rating: PG-13 because Eagle and Lantis are so ambiguosly smexing it up.
Summary: Primera has lost track of Lantis again. She's in for a pleasant surprise when she finds him.
Author's Notes: Pure and utter crack. Written for uninformed's birthday. The request was for Eagle/Lantis with Primera watching. I hope it at least entertains. ^.^

“Lantis! Lantis!” The palace was simply too big; her wings were getting tired, and she felt like she was no closer to finding the knight than she was when she started. She had fallen asleep for a few minutes in one of the gardens, and when she woke up, Lantis was no longer there. She couldn’t believe he had left her alone to fend for herself. “Oooooohhhhh… if he’s even with that tiny red-head again… Lantis! Where are you?”

Five minutes later, she dropped wearily to the cold ground, wings drooping, shoulders slumped. “Lantis…” She didn’t understand why he always had to abandon her. She had always given him her undying love, why could he not understand that. A few inhabitants walked by heedless of her pain. One of them almost stepped on her, and if she was not so distressed over the loss of Lantis, she would have sent Lantis to teach that heartless person who almost steps on crying fairies a lesson. “Lantis… why did you have to disappear…?

“Pupupu pu.” She had not heard the thing coming, far too involved in her own sorrow, so she jumped back into the air with a scream when it suddenly leaned its face towards her. “Pupupu?”

“You?! Agh! Leave me alone, you white creep!” She certainly did not want to be around the thing without Lantis there to keep it from eating her, so she sped down the corridor away from it. “Lantis! Where are you?” She had gone past five doors before she realized Mokona was hopping along beside her.

“Pupu pupu.”

“Leave me alone! I’m on a very important mission to find Lantis. Something horrible might have happened to him. Don’t you understand he could be with that silly red-head right now?” She urged her wings to beat faster. “Lantis!” Mokona kept right beside her, bounding along effortlessly.

“Pupupu pu pupu pu pu.”

“Huh?” She stopped in midair and turned around to face the annoying white thing. “What do you mean you know where Lantis is? Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

“Pupupu pupu pu pupupu.”

“What do you mean I wasn’t listening to you?!” She struggled to keep her temper under control. She needed to look her best for her reunion with Lantis. Looking frazzled simply would not do. “Never mind. Just take me to him.” Before she even finished her sentence, the white thing had bounded off at an alarmingly fast pace. “Hey, wait up!” She went zooming after it, wings beating furiously to try to keep up with it, but it seemed to keep getting further and further away from her. “Slow down!” she ordered when she lost sight of it as it turned a corner.

She rounded the corner and collided with something white and fuzzy, which caused her to collapse to the ground. “Oh, my head.” She gingerly touched the spot that had received the most impact. “What did you stop for anyway?” she yelled angrily up at it. Mokona turned around, placed a paw to its mouth and made a shush noise. “Don’t tell me to be quiet, you overgrown rice ball, you’re usually the one making all the noise.” Without responding to her, Mokona turned its back and began gliding along the floor. She crawled along after it, all the while looking around for any sight of her beloved knight. “Lantis…” she whispered.

Eventually Mokona stopped outside of a partially open doorway and peered around the frame. She waited impatiently, drumming her fingers on the floor until it gave her the signal to crawl forward. She gave a small sigh as she moved forward, wondering why she had decided to follow the stupid thing in the first place. The oversized rice ball probably had no idea-

“Lantis!” Her heart felt elated as she caught sight of her beloved warrior. Until her brain registered there was something she definitely did not like about the situation. He was with that Eagle guy. She dimly recalled not liking him because Lantis spent far too much time with him in her opinion. It took another moment for the entire scene to fully sink in. They were both completely naked, and for a moment her jealousy flared because she should be the only one with permission to see her Lantis naked. It quickly turned to concern when she realized Lantis was moaning, and she tried to dart forward to save him. “Lantis!”

She was stopped by the white thing grabbing onto her waist and pulling her back towards it. “Let me go!” she screamed, pounding on the tiny arms that held her captive. “Can’t you see that Lantis needs my help?”

“Pupupu pupu.”

“How can you say he’s doing just fine on his own? That Eagle guy needs to get off of him now!” Try as she might, she could not escape the grasp of the fuzzy white thing, all she the while forced to hear Lantis’ pain. Dejected, she went limp in Mokona’s arms. “Lantis……” she cried for the man she was unable to save all because some stupid rice ball decided he did not need to be saved.

“Pu pu pupupu pu pu.”

“He is not enjoying himself!” she shouted angrily, pounding her fists against its arms. She did look again though, just to find evidence to prove the white thing wrong of course. Now that the thing had mentioned it, he didn’t really sound as if he was in pain. In fact, he seemed to be really enthusiastic about whatever it was Eagle was doing to him. Which was just wrong because Lantis should not be enjoying himself with anybody that much unless it was her. It just wasn’t fair.

As she watched Lantis’ body move against the other’s she felt the heat inexplicably rise to her cheeks. “Hey, you shouldn’t be watching this,” she told the other creature. It was like watching something she knew she really shouldn’t be; she just couldn’t tear her eyes away. Hot, sweaty naked boys in motion together… and panting. Lots of panting. Lantis never panted for her, and she twitched at the unfairness of it all. She wanted to yell at him, but that would only interrupt whatever it was he was doing with Eagle.

“Pupupupu pu pu pupu pu.”

“I am not a pervert, you little creep!”

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Jeannette: Eagle/Lantisvon_questenberg on October 4th, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
<3 Ha! An actual Eagle/Lantis fic! Total love.
the uninformed: yayuninformed on October 5th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!

Thank you so much!! It is wonderful! I love Mokona ^_^ And Primera is so... Primera. *loves at you*
Ally.C: CCS Yuki Buh?gacktyougirl on October 5th, 2006 03:51 am (UTC)
*mops up brain and goes on her way*