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29 September 2006 @ 09:25 pm
Bad Habit - Secret X fic that you will only find here!  
Fandom: X/1999
Title: Bad Habit
Author/Artist: ekas
Theme: 13) Bad Habit
Pairing/Characters: Seishiro/Kamui
Rating: Teenish
Disclaimer/claimer: CLAMP owns them, not me.
Notes/Summary: Kamui reflects on the bad habits of the people he cares about and the one habit he shares with Subaru.

Kamui always noticed the bad habits of the people around him, always painfully obvious to his eyes. Yuzuriha ate ice cream at a rate that would make the young girl extremely fat if she survived the end of the world. Keiichi touched him lightly every opportunity he could when Kamui really just wanted to be left alone. Karen twirled her hair when she thought no one was looking. Sorata had a rattling snore that could keep someone up all night. Seiichiro left dirty dishes in the sink. Arashi left her hair in the shower. Subaru smoked.

Well, no, smoking was not Subaru's bad habit. Seishiro had been Subaru's bad habit, still was. After talking to him about his smoking, the real problem became clear to Kamui. Now whenever he looked at Subaru, all he could see was the bad habit hovering behind him. He knew, could always see it, because it was his bad habit too.

It had all been a rather unfortunate accident. He had unwittingly run into the Sakurazukamori one day after school. Of course, he had not known it was the SAkurazukamori, it wasn't as if the man walked around with his cherry tree behind him or he handed out calling cards to random passerby. At the time he had just found him to be a cheery man in a suit, someone to talk to who was not preoccupied with the end of the world while not being nearly as overpowering as Keiichi. A breath of fresh air, except for the thin trail of smoke wafting from his cigarette. It reminded him of Subaru in some ways, only without the angst.

The next day he just happened to run into the man on his way home from school again. He didn't seem to mind. He smiled, called him Kamui-kun, and offered to buy him ice cream. They had talked some more on a wide variety of topics, and Kamui was amazed by the ease with which he could talk to this gentleman. On the third day, he was starting to realize he was feeling something for the older man, and he began to look forward to his daily sessions with the stranger.

By the time he learned the man's name was Sakurazuka Seishiro, it was too late. He was already on the verge of being coaxed into the man's dimly lit apartment, where he eventually wallowed in sin with the man Subaru was in love with.

The next morning he looked at Subaru with a mixture of pity and understanding as he sat on university grounds, looking to the sky with a cigarette dangling from his fingertips. He understood perfectly now, because Subaru's bad habits were his bad habits. Subaru did not seem to notice him there, and if anything the event should have brought the two of them closer together, but at the moment, he felt like he could not approach the college student. He walked to the back to the bio building and slumped against the back of it. He pondered the pack of cigarettes he had picked up. Seishiro-san would be a difficult habit to get rid of. Already he was looking forward to "accidentally" running into him on his way back from school. He pulled the lighter out of his pocket and watched the bright flame ignite the end of the cigarette.

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