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Title: Somewhere Out There
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - General Series
Characters: Ashura, Fai, Kurogane, Freya
Prompt: 051. Water
Word Count: 1,847
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Trapped beneath the water he hates, all Ashura can do is watch as Fai slowly destroys his life.
Author's Notes: I don't own Tsubasa, RG Veda or Chobits.

Slash abounds. Implied past Ashura/Fai and present action Kurogane/Fai.

Written mostly because I have been dissatisfied with the way most people tend to write Ashura and the Ashura/Fai relationship.

X-posted everywhere. You have probably been spammed.

He had never cared much for water unless it was in the process of freezing into ice. Water was unpredictable, constantly changing, reminding him of everything he hated about life. He had never been able to hold onto anything that was important. Water was essential to giving people life, and the things he cared most about in the universe that gave him reasons for living slipped through his fingers as easily as the water did. He had quite a lot of time to think about how much he hated the water as he lay trapped dreaming beneath a massive amount of it. Fai was the one who had insisted on having the pool in the first place, claiming it would give the inhabitants hope to see so much free-standing water whenever everything else was frozen. He had not realized at the time that pool would be the source of so much torment for him, showing him dreams of past and present.

He should have known the mage was becoming disconnected and detached from reality. The first warning sign should have came when he created that cat girl and began spending much of his time with her. But Ashura had passed it off as fancy, and the man would remember soon enough that there was absolutely no reason for him to be lonely when he had the entire court and the King’s love. If the girl did not set off warning flags, the man’s insistence that the tattoo was no longer strong enough should have. He persistently confided in him that he was worried he was going to hurt somebody again, somebody he cared about. Ashura tried to reassure him that he was being foolish and was too good natured to ever harm anyone. He had eventually managed to coax a smile from the blonde mage and sent him on his way to be pampered by some of the servants, figuring the problem was solved. But the blue eyes grew more distant, and he was slowly pushing everyone else away from him except his strange cat girl, claiming he was incapable of loving any one ever again. Magical creatures could not feel pain, but she could offer him the much desired companionship.

Still, he never thought the situation was getting out of control, even when the man started to pull away from him as well. He had not even noticed the mage had detached from him until he reached over to brush his cheek one day, and the blonde fidgeted out of range. That was when he started to get worried, but his love had blinded him, and he simply let the man slip through his fingers like the water. Because the water could be caught with something else and still grant life. He just needed to find the right container to catch the mage in.

He, like everyone else in the court, had heard about the freak accident caused by some of Fai’s rogue magic that had killed Fai’s sister. The girl the cat girl had been designed to resemble. Everyone knew but no one ever said anything. Under other circumstance, the court would have lived in fear of the blonde. But Ashura was undeniably the stronger magician, and he had placed the tattoo on his back to make sure such an incident never happened again.

Those within the immediate vicinity did not have time to think about what it meant when his magic went rogue again. In fact, most of them had not even known what had happened to them. They had died immediately. Those who survived long enough probably had said horrible, untrue things to the one responsible before they died.

Ashura had been perfectly willing to forgive him, regardless of the circumstances, because deep down he knew that Fai had never meant to kill anyone. He had certainly never meant to kill his sister whose body he had still been sobbing over hours later when Ashura had found him. But one look at the guilt-stricken face of the man who had staggered into the room with a worried cat girl at his side and Ashura knew he would not accept forgiveness. And as he stared at him, remembering the dirt-streaked boy he had rescued from the wreckage the boy himself had unintentionally caused, he knew he would do anything to ease his suffering.

So he allowed himself to be trapped in ice and magic and the dreaded water for his “protection,” knowing it was the only way the mage would forgive himself. If he could protect those he cared about by whatever means necessary, he would do it. They both knew the prison would not last forever, but Ashura had counted on being released as soon as the man had learned to fully control his powers. He was perfectly willing to wait hundreds of years if need be.

He had not counted on dreaming, and as bad as the dreams of the past were, the dreams of the present pained him a thousand times more. He soon learned Fai had no intention of returning to him, and was planning on running away forever. Running away with three strangers Ashura knew he had no intention of getting close to if recent behavior directly before he left was any indication. Since the three of them had essentially become the man’s new court, Ashura watched them to see if they met his approval.

The boy was strong and determined. He respected the mage for his wisdom and fighting abilities, yet he still maintained his distance. He made an excellent knight for the lost lord. The princess was sweet and charming, the perfect feminine companion for Fai to make sure he retained his delicate and refined manners which would have been ruined had he only had male companions. Ashura decided he liked those two, even if they did seem to be gradually pulling Fai’s loyalty, love, and devotion away from him.

The third companion, the dark one, the so-called ninja who was being punished by his princess which only seemed to prove the low caliber of man he really was, Ashura quickly decided he did not like at all. In fact, he soon learned to despise him more than he had ever despised another person before in his long life. The man was too rough with Fai. He spoke harshly to him, publicly cursed him for doing the things that had made Fai so endearing at the Celes court, and consistently pushed him beyond his physical capabilities and the beautiful blonde mage had gotten injured more than once as a result.

For a long time, trapped in his watery dreams, Ashura wondered why Fai had never given the man a lesson on proper etiquette and the correct way to handle a man of his station. So for months he watched and learned and slowly made a revelation that made his stomach turn at the prospect. Fai held absolutely no antagonistic feelings towards the ninja. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the man’s raw intensity, reveled in it almost and thrived, a shine in his bright eyes that Ashura had never seen before. The king eventually learned it was unbridled lust Fai tried to keep concealed for as long as possible.

As for the ninja, Ashura’s blood boiled when he started being gentler towards Fai. People were allowed to admire the mage, perhaps get a crush on him, they were even permitted to lust after him. But absolutely no one was permitted to fall in love with his most powerful mage. When it became apparent Fai was beginning to return those feelings, Ashura began to look for a way to break free of his prison while there was still time to make Fai realize that returning to Celes was his best option. Only to discover that she was always watching, the memory of Fai’s older sister kept alive by the cat girl sent to guard him. So he settled back into the shifting dreamscape, unable to do anything as he watched Fai slowly destroy his life, knowing he would only be heartbroken again should something terrible happen to his traveling companions.

Watched as the mage broke his own promise to never become close to someone. His mind raged when the ninja cruelly pushed the man into the mattress, crushing his weight down on him as Fai meekly struggled, obviously afraid of hurting his companion, pushing fruitlessly against the larger man’s chest. What kind of man could not tell when his partner was being less than enthusiastic or if he did notice simply did not care? It was certainly a man unworthy of spending any time with one such as Fai, let alone attempting to coax him into sex. The man had no right to be touching his Fai at all let alone have his hand splayed on the flawless skin in such an intimate manner.

“Hey,” and Ashura was relieved to see the darker man pull slightly away from Fai, hoping this nightmare would end soon. The poor mage was unable to catch his breath. “If you want me to stop, just tell me, and I will.”

“No, I want this.” He ran a hand down the exposed skin of the other’s chest. “I’ve wanted you for a very long time,” and he leaned up to kiss the base of the other man’s throat. “I’m just…” but the ninja apparently had no desire to learn what Fai’s reservations had been for he had returned to kissing him.

“He’s afraid,” Ashura was beginning to wish that Fai had never adored his sister so, “and it’s all your fault.”

He ignored her; he had no use for ghosts no matter how beautiful they were. That man… He had no right to be touching Fai like that, kissing Fai like that, violating the man’s perfect beautiful body with his sweat, saliva, and weight. How dare the man even think about desecrating the most beautiful noble in Celes with his seed?

“My brother is like water, just like the water entrapping you now. You will never be able to catch him. You were merely a rock in his path to happiness, a rock he has slowly beaten down.” He could not escape the image of his Fai snuggling against another man’s neck. “You were cold and refined in your love; he had always needed something more.” He supposed he always ignored it, but Fai was delicate and deserved to be treated with respect. “And that man has seen how desperately my brother is afraid of your awakening. He will never let him return to you.”

“He doesn’t understand,” and he tried to intimidate the man off of Fai by glaring at him, but neither mage nor ninja could sense his dream presence.

“It doesn’t matter. The raw power of the ocean cares not what gets in its way.” She chuckled, her voice dissolving into the water moving above him. “Eternity is a long time, Ashura-ou, to watch a man who told you he could no longer love fall in love with another man.”

Tags: ashura, ashura/fai, ashura/fai/kurogane, fai's past, fanfic, fanfic100, kurogane/fai
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