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Souma/Tomoyo and Kurogane/Fai ficlets

Look, ma, I did a multific post, and they're both from the same manga!

Big damn table here.

Title: Kiss The Rain
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - General Series
Characters: Kurogane/Fai
Prompt: 066. Rain
Word Count: 593
Rating: PG
Summary: Fai muses about the rain.
Author's Notes: I don't own them. I merely like to play with them.

The rain seemed to fall every day on this world, and Fai spent as much time as he could in it, standing a good twenty feet away from the cabin that served as their shelter currently keeping the other four warm and dry.

There had been no rain on Celes, only snow, which stuck to everything, benefited no one, and froze the hearts of everyone it touched. The rain gave life to the things it touched, it cleaned anyone who was willing to let it discover everything about them. He stood in the rain, allowing it to caress his skin. The water soaked his hair and clothes, but neither obstacle deterred it, and it soon slid to the ground. He liked the rain; he liked the way it slid over his skin, cleansing him, caressing him. He looked up to the gray sky, watching the rain cover the world, protecting it.

“Hey.” He must have been thinking too hard, lost somewhere in the drizzle on the horizon; he had not heard Kurogane leave the cabin and approach him. He blinked and brushed his wet hair away from his eyes, and he turned to face the ninja with a lopsided grin.

“Nyah~! Is Kuro-sama coming to check on me?”

“The kids and the pork bun were getting worried.” The smile was chased from his face as the larger man’s black cloak was thrown around his shoulders and over his head. “You’re getting soaked. I don’t want you getting sick, because I’ll be the one who has to take care of you”

“But now Kuro-tan is getting wet,” he reached up to grab the cloak with one hand, pulling it closer, “and he has no guarantees that I’ll be going inside any time soon.”

“You better haul your damn ass inside soon,” Kurogane growled in a semi-threatening manner. The water was starting to drip off Kurogane now, making his hair and clothes stick to his body.

“I stick with my earlier assessment. You look handsome with the water dripping off you.” He giggled and turned his attention away from the visitor. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw the ninja glowering. “Just a little longer, Kuro-pyon, please.”

He expected the ninja to go back to the house and wait for him there, especially since he had given him his only protection. He tried not to let his surprise show when Kurogane remained stoically where he was, folding his arms across his chest, presumably to block the chill of the rain. “What are you doing out here anyway?”

“I just really like the rain,” he said, holding out his hand and watching the water drip from his fingertips. In many ways, the rain was better than taking a shower. He heard the ninja shift and sigh beside him, and Fai was grateful he didn’t choose that moment to pry any further.

He noticed when Kurogane stepped closer to him, but he didn’t think much of it at first. The ninja’s large hand came up to cup his cheek, fingers tangling in his damp hair. Before Fai had much chance to think about it, a warm mouth closed persistently over his. Blue eyes widened slightly in surprise before sliding shut, and he pressed himself up into the ninja’s kiss. He could feel the rain on Kurogane’s lips, and his tongue darted forward to taste it. Kurogane’s hand tightened unconsciously in his hair. And Fai decided as much as he liked the rain, he liked it much better when Kurogane kissed the rain away.

Title: Wish on a Shooting Star
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Tomoyo, Souma
Prompt: 046. Star
Word Count: 649
Rating: G
Summary: Tomoyo thinks about life and love watching the stars one evening.
Author's Notes: There is no Souma/Tomoyo community. Life is sad. Then again, I would probably be the only one contributing so it's most likely for the best.

For disclaimer, see above ficcie.

She stood in the courtyard underneath a bare sakura tree staring up at the violet sky speckled with tiny pricks of silver light. She wondered if the stars looked the same from every world. Perhaps even someone on a different world could be looking up at the same stars she was at the exact same moment. Another version of herself. Another version of him. Another version of Souma. She felt perhaps looking at the stars was something people did in every universe. She just wished she had someone special to share the beautiful night sky with.

Perhaps Kurogane was even looking up at the stars somewhere with someone he had grown to care about. She smiled a little at the thought of the gruff Kurogane sharing a romantic evening with someone. She wondered who could ever turn an evening with him into something romantic. Then again, she had always believed there was somebody for everyone out there in the universe. It was just possible Kurogane had found his special someone on one of his dimensional travels. She giggled as she imagined Kurogane attempting to be romantic with anyone. She supposed someone would one day love him enough to find any miserable attempts of his to be a romantic positively endearing. She, on the other hand, would always find them miserable and would have to fight not to laugh every time she thought about it.

She leaned back against the tree, looking up through the bare branches to the sparkling sky. She honestly did hope that Kurogane had found someone special to him. Someone who he could spend the rest of his life with. Someone he could laugh with, or at least someone to teach him how to laugh, someone to cry with, share every little secret with.

She wanted to find someone like that, someone she could dedicate her life to. Someone special just for her. She was starting to think that person did not exist for her in his world. If they did, Tomoyo certainly had not found that person yet.

She saw something flash through the sky, and she pushed herself away from the tree. Had that really been a shooting star? Just to be safe, she clasped her hands together and made a wish.

“Tomoyo-hime-sama, are you cold?” Souma asked, carrying a blanket towards her. She had not even noticed the ninja coming into the garden, but she smiled warmly at her, and allowed her to wrap the blanket around her shoulders.

She reached up to grab one of Souma’s hands in hers, pressing it against her shoulder. “Souma, do you think it is childish or foolish to wish on a shooting star?”

“Of course not. Relying on the stars is merely another form of hope and faith. No matter how old or intelligent one may be, we always need something to believe in.”

“Hmm…” She wanted Souma to stay; she no longer wanted to be alone with her thoughts. “Would you like to know what I wished for?”

“If you tell me, then your wish won’t come true.”

“That is just a silly superstition.” She let go of Souma’s hand, but the ninja left it on her shoulder. “I wished for yours and Kurogane’s happiness.”

“I suppose you wished nothing for yourself.” Souma’s hand slipped from her shoulder, and Tomoyo turned to her. Souma had closed her eyes and had clasped her hands together in front of her.

“Souma, what are you doing?” she asked, blinking her eyes in puzzlement.

“Making a wish for your happiness on every star in the universe and for the happiness of all those who share your soul.”

Tomoyo smiled at her and reached over to take on of Souma’s hands between hers, skin hardened by battle tickling her much smoother, silky palms pampered by court life. “Souma, would you like to stay here and watch the stars with me?”

Tags: fanfic100, fic, kurofai, souma/tomoyo
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