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03 August 2006 @ 10:54 pm
Fanfic time!!!!  
Title: Passing Snowfall
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Fai
Characters: Fai, Kurogane/Fai, Tomoyo, Souma, Kendeppa, implied Souma/Tomoyo
Prompt: Passing
Word Count: 5,057
Rating: 16+
Summary: Fai struggles to survive in a Japan without Kurogane.
Author's Notes: I don't own Tsubasa. I can only barely read Japanese. Life is good.

Warnings - Character death, slash of both varieties, and overall angst.

He woke up in a room he did not recognize. He could not even recognize the style of the room though it was vaguely familiar but still different, which meant he was on a completely new world. It did not take long for him to realize he was on the floor, which only added to the feeling of strangeness. The temperature was vastly different from what he remembered it being as well. The smell, however, especially coming from the blanket he was under, old and faint though it was, was comforting in its familiarity. He would recognize that smell across dimensions and lifetimes.

“Kurogane,” he whispered to no one in particular, perhaps to the room, perhaps to the blanket, perhaps to ease the ache that had settled across his entire body. A single tear made his way down his cheek.

He heard a light rustling noise to his left, and while he desperately wanted to be left alone with his memories for the time, he involuntarily turned his head to search for the source. A familiar looking girl about the same age as Sakura with long dark hair and violet eyes was kneeling next to him, her hands folded carefully in her lap and eyes glimmering with a sadness he knew had to have been reflected tenfold in his own eye. “Tomoyo?”

The girl started, perhaps unaware that he had regained consciousness, before nodding solemnly at him. “Yes, I am indeed Tomoyo-hime of the Nihon Empire.”

He gave a hollow laugh and rolled back towards the ceiling. He had been secretly hoping he would never have to come into contact with this princess, this girl who had commanded Kurogane’s will for so long. “Kurogane’s princess then?” because just maybe in the universe there was another Nihon with a young princess Tomoyo. Maybe he was only imagining Kurogane’s smell around him because he wanted it so badly.

“Yes, I am the one who sent Kurogane to Yuuko-san.” Really, he should have thanked and worshipped her for that, for he never would have met the broody ninja otherwise. On the other hand, he never would have felt a gaping wound where his heart was supposed to be. This time he really had left his heart behind. “It was Kurogane’s last wish that you be sent here, to his homeland, so that we may take care of you the way we would have when he planned on bringing you back with him personally. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes,” he said bitterly, wondering how Kurogane could have adored this girl so. “Kurogane really is dead.”

“I was merely asking for language comprehension purposes. Yuuko-san said she would take care of the language barrier.”

He had noticed he was understanding clearly everything the princess was saying to him when he only should have been comprehending broken fragments like he had been in Yama. Still, he thought it didn’t do him much good to be able to understand the language when there was nothing in this world for him. And without Mokona, he would have to stay in that world until Yuuko or death took pity on him. Either way, he thought it might be a very long time. “What about Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan? Are they…” He did not want to think about the two of them lying lifeless somewhere on a cold, stone floor.

“They both made it safely back to Sakura’s home country.” Gentle hands pulled the blanket tighter around him, and Fai couldn’t decide if he wanted it to be washed or to keep the ninja’s scent with him forever. “Sleep now, Fai-san. Your heart has recently suffered a great deal of grief. The two of us can talk at some other time.” Time was a word he did not want to think about, at the moment, simply because their time had run out. Yet Tomoyo had mercifully placed a warm hand on his forehead, and he was already drifting into a thankfully dreamless sleep.

The next time he woke up, a quick scan around the room revealed he was alone. He sat up, the blanket falling down to his waist, determined to evaluate his current situation. Starting with the immediate surroundings, he was in a small room, devoid of most ornamentation, sitting on some type of sleeping pallet. Not as strong with the blanket not around him, the smell of the ninja still hung heavily in the air. He still thought perhaps it was merely his imagination wanting to fill the void with something.

Beyond the room, he was in the Nihon Empire, presumably within the palace of Princess Tomoyo. Though he spoke the language, the culture would be vastly different from what he was accustomed to, and he knew no one, only the shadow of the princess. Furthermore, there was no telling how the country’s inhabitants would respond to him. He wondered if fate had been playing another one of her cruel jests when she landed him in Nihon without Kurogane. Then he would have been happy to spend quite a long time in this strange country, but now…

The door slid open, and Fai turned his head to see who would think to visit him. Tomoyo entered, bearing a tray of food in front of her. “I am sorry if I am interrupting you, but I thought if you woke up you might be hungry.”

He knew he should thank her, but food had never crossed his mind until she brought it, and now it was there he wanted nothing to do with it but could hardly refuse with the princess present. “No, I was just thinking,” he told her as she set the tray down next to him.

“About Kurogane?” she asked gently. Fai was staring sentimentally at the chopsticks, those silly things he still did not know how to use properly. He had tried to teach on several occasions, one of which Fai had crawled into his lap claiming it was the easiest perspective for Kuro-tan to teach from. “We placed you in his room when you first arrived. If it is uncomfortable, we can easily move you elsewhere.”

So he had not been imagining the smell after all. Kurogane had lived, breathed, slept in this very room. Fai imagined he did other things in it as well, things Fai would have been glad to have erased the memories of by making himself so much better, so much softer, so much tighter, but it didn’t help to dwell on those sorts of things. Kurogane was not there for Fai to prove anything to, and he could not replace the memories of a dead man. “No, this is fine,” he told her, hand unconsciously clutching the blanket around his hips.

“Please, do not hesitate to ask for anything you need. You are our… honored guest,” she finally finished. Fai looked at her curiously, but she offered no explanations.

“You want me to be your honored guest in honor of Kurogane, but others think I should not be?” She nodded solemnly. “Do they blame me for Kurogane’s death?”

“It is far worse than that.” Before she could tell him anything more, Fai knew nothing could be worse than the pain of waking up and realizing he would never see the ninja again. “They believe you are a demon who seduced Kurogane and killed him and has now come for his princess. They say you look too different to be human, and I should kill you before I fall into your trap. They want me to burn you alive to purge our land from your evil.”

Kurogane had once thought he was a demon, and for months he had been wary of all of Fai’s advances, saying the blond would probably use sex to steal his powers and proceed to eat his the skin right off Kurogane’s body. Fai had no desire to convince any other broody Japanese men that he was indeed harmless. Besides, he wanted something from Kurogane that he wouldn’t want from those men. Something he would not want from anybody else for a very long time.

“I have opened your wounds again. I am truly sorry.” She laid one of her hands gently over his. “Please eat and rest yourself. Do not worry about what my people think. Focus only on yourself and healing your own pain. I will come to you again soon.”

She left him alone with his thoughts and the food. He experimentally picked up the chopsticks, but quickly placed them back down on the tray. It just felt too weird without Kurogane there to reprimand him about doing it wrong. Well, if he couldn’t eat, he would not have to think much longer.

He laid back down and pulled the blanket closer around him. He breathed deeply a few times. He shoved the blanket down to his ankles and rolled over to bury his face in the pillow. He tossed to his back and hugged the blanket to his chest. He stared at the ceiling for quite some time, wondering if Kurogane had spent any sleepless nights like this plagued by the past and seeing ghosts in the shadows on the ceiling. He suddenly had a vision of a very young Kurogane in the exact position he was.

Kurogane had seemed very confused at first, unsure as to how he had gotten into such a position, buried deep within the tight embrace of the blonde who was mewling some weird version of his name with every thrust. Fai worried about that expression, wondered if the ninja would change his mind and leave in the middle of things, so he lifted his hips higher and wrapped his legs tighter around the other man’s waist. Kurogane growled something in the language Fai didn’t understand at all yet, and the mage giggled when the Big Puppy buried his face in the crook of his neck. He knew he could get the ninja to come back for more.

Fai opened his eyes to stare at the hand lying next to him that was holding onto nothing at all. The blanket had managed to tangle itself around him awkwardly, and he struggled to get himself out of its clutches. He noticed someone had removed the tray of food which would have been embarrassing in another lifetime for someone to see him in such a fitful slumber. He wondered if Tomoyo would say something about the uneaten food the next time she came to see him.

He crawled away from the futon to sit against the wall, knees bent, arms dangling between them, staring ahead at nothing in particular but for ghosts of his pasts. If he let his mind slip far enough away, he could just imagine Kurogane in his bedroll sleeping naked and sweaty after a playful romp with Fai. If he could forget the present circumstances, he could almost believe it was true.


“Fai- san, you must really take better care of yourself,” the princess told him after she had brought him a second tray of food. Food was coming far too irregularly for him to measure the days by it. He stared down wistfully at the food that had become so familiar to him in Yama, glad they had once again equipped him only with chopsticks. “Kurogane sent you here so you could live. He did not want you to die as well.”

“No, I think he was merely being selfish.” He pushed the tray away from him and back towards the princess. “He wanted someone to make sure his princess was okay and for someone to protect her the way he would. He didn’t stop to think how I would suffer here.”

“I have noticed you do not seem to be happy here, and I am unsure how much of it is caused by the location and how much from the absence of Kurogane.” Of course, everything in this world reminded him painfully of the late ninja, and his dreams were filled with memories of the time they had spent together. He lowered his head to stare at the floorboards next to Tomoyo. A tiny scratch was in one of them. Bad scrubbing job or a young Kurogane losing his temper because ninja practice had gone badly and his instructor had made him look like a weak fool?

“But, Fai-san,” gentle fingers lifted his chin until he was forced to look into her sincere violet eyes, “Kurogane did not have time to think about the consequences of his wish. He just wanted you to survive, and he sent you to the only place with people he trusted enough with your life. In a similar situation, you may have wished him to a place from which he never could return here. Your safety was the one thing he wanted most in the universe,” Fai blinked away a few of the traitorous tears that were slowly filling his eyes, “even more than he wanted to return to this land he loved so much. He gave his life so you could survive. So please, eat something so that Kurogane’s last wish will not go unfulfilled.”

He pulled his face away from Tomoyo’s hand and looked with bleary eyes down at the tray of food complete with chopsticks. Kurogane had made demands of him before, most of which he had fulfilled with nary a second thought, even if the result could be rather painful. He would endure it if it meant the warrior’s approval and continuing unspoken love manifested in little gestures during the day and long hours stolen during the quiet of the night. But the pain this request caused was more than he could take. He looked away from the tray and the princess.

“I am sorry, Tomoyo-hime, but I am unable to use chopsticks,” he admitted tearfully.

“Then, please, do not trouble yourself with proper etiquette at the cost of your life.” She removed the offending objects, and they disappeared somewhere in her robe. “We will try to find some other tool for you to use, but in the privacy of your room, do not worry about such trivial matters.”


The next few days, he started spending more time awake than he spent unconscious. The more he was awake, the more things he noticed started disappearing from the room. The first thing to go was the small elaborate sword that had been mounted on the wall. Then the dagger he had found carefully concealed underneath the futon. Finally, everything with a remotely sharp edge was removed from the room. He also did not fail to notice all the utensils they invented fro him to try were perfectly blunt and without a pointy side. He always looked with mild amusement at the contraptions they invented until they brought him something that vaguely resembled a spoon which he told Tomoyo would work quite well.

Eventually, after discussing it thoroughly with the princess, Fai started wandering the area immediately surrounding Kurogane’s room. Though Tomoyo seemed to have accepted the fact that the room now belonged to him, the mage continued to think of it as the ninja’s room, even with all the weapons removed. Just as long as nobody tried to wash or remove the blanket, he could get use to inhabiting the man’s room. With the scent all around him, it sometimes felt as if the ninja was just taking a long vacation.

At fist, unescorted he would not go five minutes away from the room. Tomoyo would often ask him to accompany her for a while once she deduced Fai was feeling fit enough to walk around. On one of those occasions, Fai was introduced to Souma. He noticed the dark-haired woman wearing all black approaching them, and he froze in his tracks catching a fleeting glimpse of Kurogane. Of course, he had later determined it was because she was the woman who had trained Kurogane in the ninjaly arts.

Tomoyo had left his side to greet her eagerly enough, and though Fai currently had no interest in meeting new people, he did not know how to get back to Kurogane’s room, so he could only watch as the princess led the woman by the hand to him. “Fai-san, this is Souma,” she said with a bright smile. Much more quietly she added, “My other ninja.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the woman said, bowing slightly to him. “Tomoyo-hime-sama has told me all about you.”

“And about my relationship with Kurogane?” he asked candidly. Souma looked a bit surprised but not in the least bit embarrassed. Fai decided he might have liked Souma in another lifetime.

“Yes, that as well. Tomoyo likes to talk to me about the things she cannot tell anyone else.” Fai tried to smile at her, but somehow it felt more hollow than all the fake smiles Kurogane had berated him about. “Before you ask, she told me everything, no details omitted… about Yama… about his final wish… about the nicknames…even about your eye…” Silly thing, that eye, which had caused Kuro-sama an untold amount of guilt. “It really is a shame he could not return to us.”

Tomoyo made a small noise of agreement and placed her hand on the ninja’s arm. Fai watched them with a small twinge of jealousy. He would never feel Kurogane’s hands on his skin again.

“Besides, I really would have enjoyed using some of those nicknames. He got away with calling me an old hag far too often.” Fai knew under other circumstances, he, Tomoyo, and Souma would have been the best of friends, driving poor Kuro-rin crazy with their antics. But Kurogane was dead, and Fai wanted nothing to do with people who had spent the better part of their lifetimes with the man. His time with the man was like a second in comparison, the worst possible kind. One of the seconds in your lifetime in which you blink.

Some days he enjoyed spending time with Souma and Tomoyo, asking them questions about a young Kurogane. Most days he just wanted to be alone, sometimes sitting in the room staring blankly into space, others roaming the palace and wondering what sorts of things Kurogane had done in various locations. On such an occasion, he had the ill fortune of running into a few men who called him demon and other things he didn’t understand but could tell they were bad. They accused him of doing things to Kurogane, not the least of which had been personally killing the ninja in a most foul and gruesome manner. After throwing as many insults and curses at him as they could think of, they began throwing anything they could pick up at him, herding him back towards Kurogane’s room where they were forestalled by Tomoyo, guarded closely by an angry looking Souma, who had just been coming to find him. The men mumbled their apologies to her and walked away. After that, Fai never spent any time outside the room without the accompaniment of the ninja or the princess, though he usually preferred both to just one. Tomoyo seemed to instinctively understand; once she had introduced him to Souma, she never came to visit him again without the other woman present. If he would have had the motivation to think about it, he would have been able to put things together much faster. But without Kurogane there, everything just seemed to shut down.

Still, some small part of his brain tried to tell him something was amiss when Tomoyo came to the room one day unaccompanied by Souma. He just could not hear it until almost an hour after she arrived, and it took another half hour for him to ask her about why she seemed so distracted that day.

“The people are becoming more insistent in their demands that I burn you alive and perform a spell to purge the land of your evil. They do not want their beloved princess to suffer the same fate Kurogane did. They have threatened to try to kill you themselves if I continue to refuse.”

Fai smiled sadly, figuring it could not be so bad to burn to death. After all, it would be the closest he could ever get to feeling like he had with Kurogane again. “Something else is troubling you more,” he accused gently, and she gave a sad sigh. “Where is Souma?”

“Souma has been requested in the north to help a small village with an uprising of demons they have had recently. She will be gone for at least a month.” She sighed again, and Fai placed a hand gently over hers, just like she had done for him in the earliest stages of his grief. “She is not young. I fear she may never return to us.” Just as Kurogane never had.

“I’m sure everything will be fine, Tomoyo-chan. Souma knows you are waiting for her to return safely.“ For a brief moment, he felt he had been offered a small glimpse into what their relationship would have been like had Kurogane still been with them. However, the moment was fleeting, and in the next instant, Tomoyo was excusing herself from the room, promising to visit him again later in the week.

While Souma was gone, Tomoyo came to visit him far less frequently and only took him for the occasional walk. Since he could not leave the room safely without her presence, he resumed his earlier habit of flitting in and out of consciousness, subsequently losing all track of time. He never knew whether it was night or day, or when he could expect to see food brought to him again.

He also began thinking more consistently of the late ninja; he was starting to prefer not thinking at all. Kurogane was always there, sometimes giving Fai the feeling that any day he would show up and demand his room back, scolding him for spending so much time mopping and not doing anything constructive. In his mind, Kurogane was next to him, holding him, on top of him, stroking him… A well-muscled thigh grazed against his straining arousal, and Fai mimicked the movement with his hand. He could imagine it was Kurogane’s strong hand gripping him and not his own.

The door slid open; Fai reflexively pulled his hand out of his robe, pulled the blanket a little higher, and turned to greet and apologize to Tomoyo, hoping the young girl had not noticed too much. Not that he enjoyed looking her in the eye too often to being with, fearing some time he would discover whether it was guilt or accusation she looked at him with, but at the moment he was finding it near impossible to even look in her general direction.

“No, I should apologize. I should have knocked first; I should have realized you had other things to do with your time than spend it with me.”

An awkward silence filled the room between them. Fai attempted to brush some of his unruly hair out of his eyes, but was secretly grateful it fell back down. He must have been there longer than he had originally thought. His hair was longer than he ever remembered it being before. He had not seen himself since he arrived, but he was fairly certain he was starting to look like the demon Tomoyo’s people accused him of being.

“At the very least, I am sure it is a good sign you are starting to think about Kurogane in a sexual manner again. It is probably healthy for you, and an indication you have grown more accepting of the situation.”

He was only half-listening to what the princess was saying. He was too preoccupied with lack of passion causing bad hygiene and demons eating people and demons using sex as a method to steal a person’s soul. “Tomoyo-hime, would you please cut my hair for me?” because the thought came to him that letting oneself look ragged as a result of grief was a very human thing to do. He wanted the people of this country to hate him, blame him for the very things he blamed himself. More than that, he wanted things to change as little as possible. So he had Tomoyo cut his hair until it was back to its previous length. She wanted to cut it shorter, something about personal hygiene and lice, but he told her if she tried he would be forced to take the knife and hide if from her somewhere in Kurogane’s room. She became much more cooperative under threat of him possessing a sharp object.

Another day after she had cut his hair, he requested new clothes, and she presented him with a silky blue kimono with a silver bird which he was sure she had started making for him as soon as she had learned of his existence. Cleaned up and in fresh clothes, the people avoided him even more and even he started to hear the rumors that he was being far too successful in his attempts to seduce the princess. Tomoyo looked troubled; Fai merely smiled and hoped perhaps one day the rumors would have carved enough doubt into her heart so she would begin to think him a demon.

The only one who seemed completely unfazed by the rumors and his appearance was Tomoyo’s sister, whom he met completely by chance on a day which would eventually prove to be quite fortunate for him. She had come in search for her younger sister during a moment he just happened to be walking with her to inform the princess the warriors were returning from the north, and she was requested to welcome them home. Fai was invited on the principal that he had been standing with her at the moment. Besides, he knew he could easily sneak away the instant Tomoyo was reunited with Souma.

Suddenly he found himself standing in the rain next to the two most powerful women in Nihon as they weary warriors marched back to their homes. And when the dead were presented to the Empress for her to grant them her final blessing, once clutched at his waist, sobbing into the front of his kimono. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around her, patting her awkwardly on the top of her head as she cried her heart out with her face buried against him. He thought nothing could affect him anymore, but he had to turn to watch Tomoyo’s older sister, unable himself to look at Souma’s lifeless body. He wondered if the most powerful miko in Nihon was so in tune with her land that it grieved with her, drawing them all into her sorrow.

Once the plaza was clear, Tomoyo’s older sister approached them, and Fai loosened his grip on the princess, unsure of how the empress would respond to him. She reached out as if to touch her on the back, but hesitated and pulled her hands away. “I will have to appoint you new ninjas for your protection,” she said so softly Fai could barely hear her over the rain.

“I don’t want any more ninjas,” and she clutched tighter around his waist. He wondered if the empress cried herself when she was alone.

Fai ended up blaming himself for Souma’s death as well, because if Kurogane had still been alive he would have gone to fight the demons instead, and probably would have returned like all the other younger warriors.

Over the course of the next few days, he heard nothing from Tomoyo, and without her to remind them, people also conveniently forgot to feed him, though his supply of water did not diminish. He was honestly surprised they had not come to the room with torches yet, so he stayed on the futon with the blanket pulled tightly around him and waited. Maybe they would be kind enough to burn it with him.

When Tomoyo finally did come to visit him again, she was bleary-eyed and refusing to make eye contact with him. “We will bury you with Kurogane’s family,” and the small sword that was the first thing to disappear from the room was pushed across the floor to him. “I will tell them you ate Kurogane’s soul, and this is the only way to return it to his family.”

He took the sword from her, and she looked glad to be rid of it as if she did not trust herself with sharp objects at the moment. “Tomoyo-chan, I’ve been thinking. If there is more than one copy of a soul in various universes, than does it not follow that each world has its own afterlife so the souls remain separated from each other. In which case, even if I die I won’t be reunited with Kurogane. So either way I’ll spend eternity in sorrow.” Maybe it was Kurogane’s way of ridding himself of him for good.

“Not unless you believe in reincarnation.” Kurogane had mentioned the concept to him once, but Fai had paid little attention to the ninja and tried to get him involved in other, more pleasurable pastimes that did not include talking about death. “Perhaps there are not many of the same soul, but one being reincarnated in different dimensions. I feel in another lifetime you and Kurogane would make good teachers. If it is hitsuzen you four were together in this lifetime, then surely you will all meet again in the next world as well.” She sighed, but all Fai could think was why he had not paid earlier attention to this reincarnation theory. “I have my duty to this land as princess, and thereby must live with my sorrow. However, I shall not detain you in this world any longer. I am sure Kurogane would understand. Goodbye, Fai-san.”

She left him, and he figured she would give him at least a few hours to make his decision. He picked the small sword up and removed the blade, staring intently at the sharp edge. He had always liked shiny things, and Kurogane had taught him how to use a blade, though he was fairly sure the ninja had never intended him to use one for this purpose.

He raised the sword and placed the cold steel against the exposed skin of his neck. “Kuro-tan-sensei, eh?”

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Sozuki: Tsubasa Chronicle -- KuroxFai  -closer-sozuki17 on August 4th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
OMG~!! T____T So sad~!! But yet so hopeful!

Sequel? XD
With them as teachers? XDD
E'ka: KuroFyeWayekas on August 10th, 2006 02:01 pm (UTC)
You could always use the chocolate Fai!seme smut as a sequel if you must.
ex_tsukihan on August 4th, 2006 03:02 pm (UTC)
Kami... This had me sobbing for the longest time. It was so sorrowful that my stomach is tied into a pretzel... And I think I need to go out and buy more tissues.

My only complaint: Just post a warning that we need a tissue box next to the computer next time.

I'll look foreword to future works! ^w^
E'ka: KuroFai Scarekas on August 10th, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC)
Re: T-T
Sorry, I didn't know it would be sad enough tow warrant a tissue box.

But thanks for reviewing, and I hope the next ficcie isn't as sad for you.
E'kaekas on August 10th, 2006 02:09 pm (UTC)
Re: T-T
^.^; I guess I just got too close to the work to be affected by it.
Ho-chan: Ishida O_Ohoneko on August 4th, 2006 07:48 pm (UTC)
So....SO sad! T_T

ECK: *Angst*evercool on August 8th, 2006 04:46 am (UTC)
Well if your mission was TO MAKE ECK CRY A FRIGGIN RIVER then you succeeded XD

I can just be happy thinking about how they get to be teachers, or whatever, in anotehr life XD
E'ka: Good Doggieekas on August 10th, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
Actaully, no, my mission was just to write a fic where Kurogane dies instead of the other way around since my one friend was so convinced Fai was going to die.

I always figured that if Kurogane died first, which he most likely would since I'm convinced Fai's lifespan is hundreds of years, Fai wouldn't last much longer.

And now it's actually true.... O.o...

dianetheral on November 12th, 2007 06:59 am (UTC)
I had noticed all the other reviews were from last year so I was like woah, I'm way late on this one...eh. I hope you get this. I hardly ever review anything, so it feels nice to finally get my feelings out on this.

Okay, second time I've read this. ((I've read like...all your KuroFai fics two or three times. <3)) It seems to have made me cry even harder the second time as well. Fai was in character like woah. He seemed just the right bit of angst for this one. And Souma was made of so much win, it's not funny.

So, the first thing I went to when I saw your LJ again was the Horitsuba section you had. And I was happy to find that this was what came before that series started. So really, I end up being happier in the end because this prompts the whole other setting, story, etc.

So fwee for you. Your my favorite fic author by far. ((I even brag about you to my friends. :3)) And I've been wondering about that fic where Fai first meets Kuro-pin's parents. I can't seem to find it, and that was one of my all time favorites... D:

To the greatest KuroFai writer ever,
Jilly~: kuro-pon sexyuui_nyanko on February 24th, 2008 08:13 pm (UTC)
wow... i'm a bit late with the commenting XD

this is the first fic in a while that has actually made me cry. i agree with the other reviewers about the tissue box thing XD

i love all your kurofai fics, you have them both perfectly in character and none of it is cliched or predictable or anything, its a nice refresher.

i had a WOAH moment when tomoyo gave fai the sword. it seemed so completely not like her, i guess the mix of kuro's and souma's death and the pressure of everyone else just got to her. i also loved the idea of fai only really feeling safe with the blanket, in kuro-pon's room; it gives the impression almost that the ninja would protect him even in death <3
siberianchansiberianchan on November 9th, 2009 11:20 am (UTC)
Oh god...
this was horrible. In some good way I mean...
Seems Fyes attempts to die wothout commiting suicide(on his own choice) bear fruit in the end, huh?(Kurogane will punch him for that)

Still I find it very positive how you drew out his mourning and his feelings over losing someone so precious to him...

Still, I could not keep myself from crying at the end.
He WILL do it, wont he?

Also I like how you left out what made Tomoyo decide this. Did she also begin to believe Fye's a demon? Had the pressure become too strong? Does she try to get rid of what reminded her of Kurogane? Or did she notice that it was fruitless trying to keep Fye alive?(maybe cause she now REALLY understands how he feels?