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03 July 2006 @ 09:33 am
Title: Sloth
Characters: Kurogane/Fai
Prompt: 7deadlysins - Sloth
Word Count: 606
Rating: G
Summary: Kurogane reflects on how he doesn't know how to act towards Fai.
Author's Notes: I actually wrote this first week of May, subsequently lost the notebook in the process of moving back home, found it the other day when I finally finished unpacking everything and typed it. Somehow works as a response to 120. But since that's not what it was originally for, no spoilers!

Kurogane had always been a man of actions. He had never been very eloquent with words, but he determined he could use his body to much better effect of relaying messages than he ever could with speech. If assassins were coming after Princess Tomoyo, he would kill them and forgo asking questions. That stunt had frequently caused conflict with Souma and Tomoyo who insisted if they took prisoners they could find out who was sending them and stop the assassination attempts at their source. While Souma would scold him with the occasional sad input from Tomoyo-hime, he would roll his shoulders and walk away from them, his signal that he did not care about their concerns because he was confident he could easily kill the next batch that were sent.

When palace guard trainees got into petty squabbles, all he had to do was flex a little bit and the instantly reached a compromise. A well timed glance could silence any protest against any of Tomoyo-hime’s decisions. For him, actions were so much easier than words, and he always made sure to act quickly so no one could be confused about what was on his mind.

His emotions, however, he found much more difficult to show because he had had very little practice with them ever since he had started serving Tomoyo-hime. He was a man of passion, certainly, but that passion had generally been attached to a thing or ideal, never another person.

So when he had felt the first stirrings of what may have been called passion towards the thin, blonde wizard traveling with him, he didn’t know how to respond to it. For the first time in his life, he had been unsure of how to act. So he didn’t, and he realized his indecision must have made him seem cold at times. Without knowing how to act, he simply watched, both the person who caused his indecision and his own feelings as they fluctuated with time and the world they were currently residing in.

And now, he had been silent for too long. Fai, thinking the ninja hated him, just had to go off and do something stupid in an attempt to prove his worth to Kurogane. Saying things had not gone so well for all of them as result was an understatement.”

“Idiot, you knew something like this was going to happen, didn’t you?” he accused once the man regained consciousness. He turned his face so the left side was hidden, wearing a guilty expression that was all the answer Kurogane needed. “So why did you have to do it this way?”

He clenched his fist, waiting for the accusation he knew he deserved, knew it was all because of what he said. That was exactly why he always acted instead of spending a lot of time figuring out what to say.

“Because he might have killed Kuro-sama.” That was not the answer he had been expecting, and he stared questioningly at the man. “It may be rather selfish of me, but I don’t want you to die.” He shrugged. “The odds of my survival weren’t much better, but I thought I could be happy knowing that Kuro-chan was still alive and managed to return to his princess someday. I thought it might be easier this way.”

Kurogane grabbed the mage’s face and turned it so he could see all of it, enjoying the look of shock that crossed the pale face. “Idiot, did you really think I would enjoy seeing you die?” He leaned forward and crushed the mage’s lips beneath his own, vowing never to be so indecisive again.

Random fandom ranting: Okay, I've seen Kurogane/Fai fics, I have seen Kurogane/Syaoran fics, and I've seen Syaoran/Fai fics.

So where the hell is my threesome fic?!

And, oy, the response to CLAMP's statements at Anime Expo are driving me up the wall. It's like they decided to throw all the shippers into one room without food and water and the wars have begun in earnest.

Though one person in response to the ninja protecting the princesss big brother little sister comment said something like "its more like ninja protecting the miko, or did you miss the reference to him and his father and mother?"

At which point I go, "Yes, a crippling Oedipel complex is so much healthier than a homosexual relationship. You make me want to ship your couple."

Also they said that Tomoyo's very existence destroys the "Tomoyo's a lesbian and therefore her special person must be a woman" since Tomoyo's mother felt the same way about Sakura's mother and still got married. I must bring up Saya, who was in love with Tohru but got married to a man because that's the thing to do. She decided to say screw my children and husband and sacrificed herself for Tohru. Her husband was quite obviously her special person.

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asdhjfbciwu3487 on July 3rd, 2006 04:11 pm (UTC)
I loved the fic!

And in response to people saying that Tomoyo's mom acted towards Sakura's mom the same way Tomoyo acts towards Sakura... Tomoyo TELLS Sakura flat out that she "Loves her" and Sakura says she loves her too but Tomoyo responds that she loves her in a different way, and when Sakura is confused she says she'll explain it to her when she is older. Um, hello. You'd have to be DENSE not to see that (or not have read the manga at all and basing your opinions on the anime, which is an adaptation).
E'ka: Good Doggieekas on July 5th, 2006 05:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading!

And whoot for Card Captor Fuuma!

(It should be CLAMP's next series.)
Melopsittacus undulatus: TRC - Fay (♥)wetheril on July 5th, 2006 05:42 am (UTC)
Aww...I love your fic. :) I wish I could have been there at the Clamp panel to hear what else they had to say.
E'ka: KuroFyeWayekas on September 6th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
I know. I really wanted to go to Anime Expo but I couldn't afford to go because I went to London in late May/early June of this year.

Next year I get to go to Otakon though. ^.^ Which is fairly big since my hometown con is Tekko.