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15 June 2006 @ 08:20 pm
Ficcie time again  
Well, my last post seemed a little crazy, even to me, but I blame it on the jet lag. Now that I've had time to rest hopefully this one will make a little bit more sense.

Title: Wish
Fandom: Tsubasa Chronicle
Characters: Souma, Tomoyo, Kurogane, Fai, Yuuko, Mokona, Sakura, Syaoran
Pairings: one-sided Souma/Tomoyo, one-sided Tomoyo/Kurogane, Kurogane/Fai
Prompt: 003. Ends
Word Count: 5,128
Rating: R
Summary: Every day Tomoyo wishes for Kurogane's safe return to Japan, but she has yet to learn to be careful what she wishes for. His homecoming may cause more angst for all of them than she could have possibly anticipated.

Every day had seemed to be as dark and dreary as this one since he had left. The sky was positively gray with no color to be seen, and the palace courtyard was filled with a fine drizzle. Three feet away from her and the world was obscured, twisting and spiraling around itself making vague patterns of demons that no longer existed but were merely a reflection of her heart. A faint breeze ruffled her robes, and she pulled them tighter around herself.

Yes, every day had been like this since she had been forced to send him away. Cold and lonely without his warm presence. Silent, all outside sound cloaked by the tears that rained on her heart. Gray because there was no one else who would dare to upset the peace and order in the Nihon Empire. A false reality; for her the world would never be clear again until he was safely back by her side.


Tomoyo looked over her shoulder at the kneeling dark-haired ninja who wore her concern openly in her eyes. Despite her violent profession, she was refined and delicate; she spoke smoothly, treaded softly, and she always made sure to speak respectively to her princess. In short, she was the perfect ninja and loyal follower. She was everything Kurogane was not. Tomoyo was sure she could draw even less similarities between Kurogane and the rest of the people who surrounded her. At the returned thought of the man she had sent away, she turned back to the courtyard and resumed her diligent watching.

“Tomoyo-hime-sama, please come back inside. It is far too cold for you to remain out here.”

She had to agree with Souma about the temperature. The cold seemed to crawl into every pore of her body, creeping closer to her heart with every passing day that did not deliver him to her. She remembered how his red eyes had burned whenever he looked at her, warming her from the inside, always causing her blood to heat her entire body. “I am sorry, Souma, but I am not finished yet.” She lifted her eyes back to the sky, waiting, waiting for the day when his journey would be complete. After all this time, she would finally be able to make her deepest desire come true.

“Tomoyo-hime…” She did nothing to hide the concern in her voice either. If only Souma did not care so much, or if only she would learn to mask her worries as well as Kurogane. He simply had to come back to her soon, or else she might wilt without his warmth to melt the ice that was starting to settle in around the castle.


He vaguely recognized this world with the obnoxiously tall buildings, the horrible smell drifting from behind him, and the wooden building they landed in front of that smacked of something he would normally want to stay away from. This was the place where he had first met the kids, the crazy mage, and the damn white manjuu that had landed on his head. Sure enough, this was the home of the dimensional witch that had taken Ginryu from him. As predicted, the freak lady stepped out of the building, looking not in the least bit surprised to see the four travelers land once again on her doorstep.

“I’m glad to see the four of you returned safely.” She raised an eyebrow and looked directly at Fai. “Even if some of you are a little worse for wear.” Fai simply tilted his head to the side and giggled. Kurogane hmphed and looked in some other direction.

“Yuuko!” The white Mokona propelled itself from Kurogane’s head and into Yuuko’s waiting arms. “We found all of Sakura’s feathers!”

“Good job, Mokona!” She nuzzled the small white creature. They made it sound like it had been so easy and that it had all been the stupid manjuu’s doing. Kurogane glowered at them, but stayed silent. The last thing he needed was the witch casting some sort of spell on him right before he returned home. She might just turn into something.

“Kurogane?” His whole body tensed as the witch directed all her attention at him. Damn it, he did not want any more special treatment from her. Special preference from the crazies usually led him into a bad situation. “I remember you saying you would come back for your sword.” Ginryu, his family sword she had taken away from him. “I’ll give it to you in exchange for that which has become most precious to you on this journey.” What had become most precious to him on this journey? Was his family sword the most important thing to him still? No, that was wrong. Ginryu was not his family’s sword; it was a replica made by Tomoyo to replace his family sword. It was a fake; anything he had gained on this journey had been real.

“No, thanks.” He waved the offer away. He did not know what exactly she wanted from him, but he was not willing to make the trade.

For some reason, his response seemed to please her a little too much and she smiled. Was she going to do something to him anyway? “In that case, I will send you where you wish to go tomorrow. But tonight…” an evil glint filled her eyes, and Kurogane braced himself for the transformation he was sure was about to take place. “Watanuki! Bring the sake! We’re having a party tonight!”


“Party!” The black manjuu joined, jumping in a circle around Yuuko while the white one bounced happily in her arms. Kurogane risked a glance at the three who arrived with him. The kids looked like they would rather not have a party and just rest for the evening; Fai was still wearing that false smile of his, but if Kurogane had any indication, he was most likely looking forward to the promise of alcohol. Well, it would be the last time they would be able to drink together before whatever happened the next day.


“Souma, will you pray with me?” she asked since the ninja had shown no sign of leaving her to her own thoughts. Thoughts plagued with another ninja that Souma could never hope to compare to.

Souma moved forward so that she was kneeling by the princess’s side. “For what, my princess?”

“Every day,” Tomoyo clasped her hands together in front of her, “I pray for Kurogane’s safe return.” She heard Souma shift her position next to her and reach out to touch her gently on the arm. Tomoyo sighed, it was not the comforting touch she was craving. Souma’s touch was far too gentle and light. The other woman quickly removed her hand as if she understood Tomoyo was dissatisfied with it. “I feel as if his journey is almost at an end. I pray he returns to us within the next few days.” She allowed herself a small smile, imagining what it would be like to see him fill the palace again. Soon, she would be able to fulfill her lifelong dream.

“Tomoyo-hime, are you sure Kurogane is going to return to us?”

Frowning, she wished Souma would not be so pessimistic all the time. “Nothing would prevent Kurogane from returning to me. I feel it right here.” She placed her hand over her chest. “He will return to me shortly. Do you know what I am going to do when Kurogane returns?”


One of Yuuko’s little creeps led him and Fai to their rooms, one for each of them right next to each other in some distant corner of the shop, and then left the two of them in the hallway. The thing could not have been gone for more than two seconds before the mage latched onto him, limber arms wrapping around his neck and moist mouth pressing urgently against his. Kurogane held onto the skinny guy’s waist with one arm as they somehow managed to stumble into one of the rooms and shut the door behind them.

Alcohol was not a prerequisite for sex between them, but the warm fuzzies it produced in his brain erased all the previous guilt. Guilt for using him when the mage could not speak to refuse the ninja’s advances. Guilt for not seeing through the mask sooner. Guilt for not protecting him as well as he should have. Kurogane had enough hair pulled from his head to know how desperate and starved for affection the man had become. After a few regular visits to Kurogane’s bed at night , some of the desperation had abated.

Now some of that desperation seemed to have returned as the writhing blonde simultaneously clawed at Kurogane’s shirt and tugged him towards the bed. Kurogane pressed the small frame into the mattress and nipped along the side of his neck. The mage arched up against him, panting heavily, seeming a bit more in a hurry than normal to get to the actual sex.

He stifled a moan as the other man slipped a skilled hand into his pants. Fai was being far too eager for his tastes, and he pulled the other’s wrists and pinned both of them to the pillow above his head. “What’s your hurry?” he asked and nibbled the mage’s bottom lip.

“What’s left for us after tonight?” He loosened his grip on the other man’s wrists. “Are we going our separate ways tomorrow?”

He slid his hands down the pale arms and firmly grasped the mage’s chin. “Now is not the time for you to be thinking about that,” he instructed, leaning down to capture the man’s mouth in a brutal kiss and thrusting against his writhing body.


“I am going to ask him to marry me,” Tomoyo informed the other ninja, promptly ignoring the surprise that had crossed Souma’s face. She could not have been totally ignorant of her feelings for the man. She thought there had been several moments when she had made her feelings perfectly clear to all those around her.

“When I sent him away, he was on the cusp of learning what his love is,” she carefully explained. “I am sure by now he fully understands his own heart. When he returns, he shall be ready to give his heart to me in whatever way he can.”

“Ano, Tomoyo-hime.” Tomoyo scowled, not trusting the ninja’s hesitancy. “How do you know he has not already shown his love to someone else?”

“Nonsense, Souma. From what I understand his current companions are two children and a mage who irritates him.” She turned her attention back to the sky. “He shall return to us tomorrow. I feel the end is at hand.”


His large hands gripped the slim hips of the blonde mage that rode him. One small, pale hand made a stark contrast against his chest; the other pleasured himself as the ninja thrust up into him. “Unh… Kuro-sama…”

Tightening his grip, aware that he was going to leave bruises, Kurogane felt his own release rapidly approaching. There was never enough time. The mage’s fate was still undecided, and perhaps tonight would be all that was left between them. The mage collapsed on top of him, panting heavily, and Kurogane shifted a hand from the man’s hip to tangle in the blonde mass of hair. He bit the other man’s ear as his release followed, and the other arm slunk around the man’s waist, crushing his body close to his. He inhaled the sweaty smell of the man lying on top of him, knowing full well that he may never smell anything like it again.

He only loosened his grip when his breathing returned to normal. The blonde disentangled himself and scooted to the edge of the bed wearing a strangely self-satisfied grin that was still somehow sad. He started to leave, but Kurogane grabbed his wrist. “I thought you didn’t share your bed with your lovers,” he said with a teasing smile.

“I don’t,” he replied gruffly, pulling the man down next to him. Fai wrapped his arms tightly around his neck and started nuzzling him. Kurogane grunted, but he slipped his arm around the mage’s waist. Fai seemed to be quite comfortable in his new position and looked to be close to falling asleep.

“Oi, where are you going to ask the witch to send you tomorrow?” he asked, shaking the mage awake. Wide blue eyes smiled innocently back at him. “Do you have some place in mind?” The back of his hand brushed across the scar on the pale cheek.

“No.” Fai closed his eyes and sighed in contentment as the ninja’s hand traveled down his neck. “I don’t have a country that I can call home.”

Kurogane abruptly removed his hand and turned away from the man next to him. “No one can stop you if you try to follow me to Japan.” For a while, the mage was silent. It wasn’t as if he had ever shown any inclination towards going to Kurogane’s home country. The idiot still couldn’t even use chopsticks. Perhaps Fai would prefer to continue living a solitary existence. Even sometimes when he was in his arms it seemed like the man there felt like he was fundamentally alone.

“Is that an invitation, Kuro-tan?” His voice was light and teasing, but his body language was completely serious as he pressed himself more firmly against the other man’s side and tightened his grip around his neck.

He grunted, and Fai nuzzled back into him. He briefly wondered what Tomoyo would think about him, but dismissed the notion on the basis that she had no say about who he kept in his bed. If he wanted an exotic blonde to entertain him at night, then damn it, he was not going to listen to what his fellow countrymen and princess had to say about it.


As Tomoyo was drifting off to sleep, she mumbled Kurogane’s name. Souma let go of her hand and silently crept from the room. The princess had felt like she was getting a fever. Souma clenched her fist and blamed it entirely on Kurogane. If the princess had not been standing outside all day, waiting to declare her love to the man who had caused her nothing but problems…

Souma wandered the corridors of the palace. No matter where she went, the taint of that man lingered in the air. He killed a man in that courtyard, killed a bunch of assassins on that roof, swore at the princess in that room; Tomoyo had given him flowers in that corridor. No place in that palace was sacred to her anymore. And in one of those many places, she knew she would have to watch her princess’s heart break.

Tomoyo naively assumed Kurogane would continue falling in love with her; she firmly believed he could not have fallen in love with someone else on his journey. Assuming the princess was correct and he had not been given the opportunity to love someone, he had been to many places and would have experienced beautiful, exotic things. Even if he did long to come home, would he ever be able to settle down with plain, Japanese Tomoyo-hime? Even if he did agree to marry her, how long before his heart yearned for one of the exotic fairies he had seen in other lands? She doubted he could ever be completely satisfied with his homeland again. Tomoyo would be unable to keep his heart with hers.

“I am sorry, Tomoyo-hime, but my prayer is different from yours.” She stepped outside into the garden Tomoyo had been praying at earlier. “Every day I have prayed that he may never find his way back to this country. “ She sighed and looked in the direction of the princess’ room. “You say he will return to us tomorrow, and so my prayers have been fruitless.” The rain drenched the earth forcing the ninja to move back inside. “Yet your prayers will prove to be the more fruitless once he returns. Kurogane can never love you the way you want him to. And so, there is nothing left for any of us but bitterness. Unless Kurogane brings something back with him to ease his longings, perhaps he has found someone to love despite his disposition. Then Tomoyo and I die together. For she will not out live her heart, nor can I mine.”


The farewell scene they were creating was becoming far too sentimental for Kurogane’s tastes. The princess was crying, the boy looked as if he were on the verge of tears which was no way for a man to behave, and the both kept hugging the damn mage. They hugged the stupid white manjuu as well, though Kurogane could hardly see why. It had caused more problems than it had solved. As far as the other two went…

He had been trying to stay as far away from them as possible, not wanting to be part of their overemotional parting. Sakura pulled herself away from Fai’s embrace for about the fifth time and timidly approached the warrior. She grabbed his hand in both of her small ones and smiled up at him with more unshed tears brimming in her eyes. “Thank you for everything, Kurogane-san.” She threw her arms tightly around his waist.

He froze and let his arms hang stupidly at his side. “I’m glad you’ll finally be able to go back to your princess,” she whispered, “but I’m going to miss you.” She rushed back to Syaoran’s side while he was still recovering from the shock of her sudden show of affection. Damn these people; why couldn’t they just do goodbyes like everyone else: quickly and without all the tears and displays of affection.

“Kuro-sama’s still shy.” Fai had finally extricated himself from the children and white ball of fluff and stood beside him. “He just doesn’t know how to deal with goodbyes.”

“So, Syaoran and Sakura are going to return to Sakura’s home country of Clow.” The dimensional witch switched her attention to the older pair. Kurogane bristled under the glance; she almost seemed to be taunting him about something with her contemptuous look. “And Kurogane and Fai wish to go to Kurogane’s home country of Japan.”

“Fai-san!” Both children stared incredulously at the mage until Fai giggle, and they both started smiling. “Make sure to keep an eye on Kurogane-san.”

“Are the four of you ready?” Sakura nodded and grabbed nervously onto Syaorans’s arm. Syaoran nodded in his usual gravely determined manner. It really was the end for the four of them. But the pressure of the light body pressed against his arm was an insistent reminder that not everything was over.

“Sayonara, Sakura-chan, Syaoran-kun,” and the pressure on his arm increased.

The kids shouted their final goodbyes to them, giving their thanks even as the scenery around them began to change. It wasn’t like the first time when Tomoyo had sent him away, nor was it like the other time when they had traveled through the white manjuu. The world around them slowly dissolved and when everything cleared again, they were in one of Tomoyo’s gardens.

Souma jumped, quite obviously surprised to see the banished ninja and some very strange looking human standing next to him suddenly appear in one of Tomoyo’s private gardens. “Kurogane!” She looked highly unpleased to see him, and he glared back at her, wondering how she could have come to hate him so much while he had been gone. “Who is that?” she asked, narrowing her eyes on the blonde mage.

Kurogane pushed Fai slightly behind him, and put his hand on Souhi as a warning to the other ninja. He knew Fai was quick, but he also remembered how fast Souma was, and he did not want to test their speeds against each other. Didn’t she realize if he was bringing a stranger inside he was no threat to Tomoyo, no matter how strange he might look? Souma looked as if she was going to kill one or both of them.

“Souma? Did you call Kurogane’s name?” Tomoyo stepped out of the palace and onto the porch. She looked the same as he had seen her in that one world, only after so long it was finally his princess again. “Kurogane.”

Souma stepped to the side and bowed to the princess. Kurogane removed his hand from his sword. Tomoyo would certainly ensure their protection. Besides, Souma would never shed blood in front of their princess, especially while she was looking so innocent before them, a young child holding on to the pillar and staring out into her secret garden.

She left the safety of the porch and went running towards him, stopping short a few feet away, a slight look of puzzlement crossing her face. “Kurogane, who is he?”

The blonde stepped out from behind him and bowed to Kurogane’s princess. “I am Fai D. Flowright. I was one of Kurogane’s companions on his journey.” Kurogane turned to stare at the mage, unsure to be surprised more at the proper use of his full name, or the mage’s fluency in his language. He had taught him a few phrases before when it was absolutely necessary, but he had never shown any talent for it. Something else had to be going on, but he would have to ask later. Right now, they had to explain the situation to Tomoyo in the gentlest way possible.

“I see.” Tomoyo looked relieved, as if a great worry had been lifted, and gave Souma a brief superior glance. All of which Kurogane noted and wondered what had happened in his absence.

“But why have you brought him here?” Souma asked, completely ignoring Fai. Even more disconcerting was the scowl that Tomoyo gave the other ninja. He never would have they thought those two could not keep peace without him there.

Before he could reconcile the two of them, however he had to make sure Fai was welcome at the very least by those two. Everyone else would treat him worse, not knowing what to make of his pale skin and unidentifiable hair and eye color. But if they saw their princess treating him kindly, perhaps they would follow suit. “He cannot go to his original country and was instrumental in my return here.”

Tomoyo smiled at both of them. “For aiding Kurogane in this most welcome return, I thank you.” She inclined her head towards the mage, and he relaxed, knowing the princess would now extend her protection to him as well. “You may stay in our palace for as long as you like. We will provide you with rooms and everything you could ever want.”

“I thank you, hime.”

Tomoyo looked again at the man Kurogane had brought with him. He was so pale, she wondered if perhaps he was ill, and Kurogane had been taking care of him merely until he died. His eyes were blue, like the empty sky. And his hair, she simply did not know what to think about it, not having a word to describe it other than a sort of strange yellow. Where exactly had Kurogane found such a man and how many more like that had he met?

“I’m going to the hot springs,” Kurogane announced before walking off, the strange man he had brought trailing after him. He was probably tired from his long journey and just wanted to rest the remainder of the day. Once he was settled back to life in Japan, he would be more willing to talk to her. She would be able to unfold her heart before him.

But first, she turned to the other ninja. “Souma, what do you think of that man Kurogane brought back with him?”

“I think he is quite exotic, Tomoyo-hime.” She had seen that herself. He had reminded her of the pixies that ensnared men deep within the mountains. Her mother told her stories about them all the time, and how no ordinary man could resist their charms. But pixies were just a legend, and Kurogane had never shown an appetite for any other than the traditional.

“I also feel Kurogane has not told us the entire reason why he has brought him here.”

“I am sure Kurogane has his reasons.” She would have to trust his judgment in the strange man. After all, that man was part of the reason that Kurogane was able to return to them. “Still, watch them Souma, and see what you can learn.” She would know Kurogane’s purpose, for if he was to be her husband, he should never withhold information from her. And if he did, it was her right to learn through whatever means necessary.


He had forgotten how nice a hot spring could feel after a long day, and he gladly allowed the soothing waters to heal his sore muscles. Fai had been delighted on his first arrival to the spring and had eagerly crawled into the water. At the moment, he was leaning back against the opposite wall, looking up to the sky. “Do you think Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun made it back to their homeland safely?”

“I’m sure the witch knows what she is doing.” She could have sent them to wherever they wanted to go in the first place if she had wanted to. And then in the long run, neither one would have gotten so attached to the kids. He followed the mage’s lead and looked to the sky. Would they ever learn the fate of those two or were they never really going to speak to them again? He sighed and closed his eyes.

“Our happy little family has broken up. Our children have grown up and left the nest.” He heard the gentle whisper of water sloshing. He didn’t want to think about the children just yet. He had never dealt with loss very well, and it was better for him just not to think about it at all.

The thin blonde had crawled into his lap and wrapped his long arms around his neck. “We’ll never have to protect our little children again.” Kurogane rediscovered an intense interest in the mage’s neck. He didn’t want to think about what he had lost when he managed to hold onto one thing from his journey. Besides, it was obvious Fai did not want to remember at the moment, or else he would not have created a distraction for the ninja. A naked Fai in his lap was a very good distraction indeed, and he ensnared his hands in the distraction’s tangled locks.

“What is this?” he asked, fingers caressing the object marring the mage’s ear.

“Yuuko-san gave it to me for a translation device.”

“You got it from the dimensional bitch?” he growled, pulling the other man closer to him. “What did you have to give her in return?”

“Nothing important.” He leaned down to kiss Kurogane, parting his lips to allow the other man full access to his mouth.

Kurogane’s hands roamed over the lithe body straddling him, stalling in places where the mage’s whimpers and moans were the loudest. He could barely restrain himself, especially with the blonde thrusting against him the way he was, begging for Kurogane’s touch where he wanted it most.

“These hot springs are public,” he informed the other while Fai was busy nibbling his bottom lip.

“We’ll just have to move to a more private place in order to take care of you, won’t we, Kuro-tan?” he panted in the ninja’s ear.

A quick stroke of Fai’s hand and he needed no further persuasion. As soon as they were robed, he led the man urgently to his room.


Tomoyo, after waiting patiently for Souma’s return for a few minutes, decided her time could be much better spent preparing her confession to Kurogane. If she waited in his rooms, she could tell as soon as he returned from the hot springs. Or perhaps he had finished already and was meditating in his room. Maybe was waiting for her so he could tell her about what had happened during his journey. Resolved, she made her way to Kurogane’s room. She absolutely must tell him. She could not contain her heart anymore. He simply could not refuse her; she had seen the restrained fire lurking in his eyes before he had left, sometimes when he thought she was not looking. Surely while he had been away from her he had learned how to release that passion from its prison.

She quickened her pace, eager to get to his room as quickly as possible. She felt he was already there, waiting for her to come to him. She slowly opened the screen and peered in through the crack, trying to see if her ninja was in his room.

She gasped and held her hand to her mouth, tears filling her eyes yet she could not turn away. Kurogane was in his room as she had expected, but the man he had brought with him was in there as well. They were both naked on his futon, Kurogane entwined within the pale man’s limbs. Kurogane’s strong hand smoothed along the pale hip and gripped the back of the man’s thigh. “Unh… Ku…ro…ga…ne…”

If only she could imagine he was only doing it for the sole purpose of the sex, except the fire in his eyes had been too fierce. She had never seen the fire burn so brightly before. That particular fire had never burned before, not for her.

She pushed herself away from the door and ran down the hallway. She just wanted to keep running, run away from the sight she had just seen. If only she could run fast enough, she could leave it behind her forever. She could push it far from her mind.

She would have kept have kept running until the palace itself was a distant memory had someone not grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her close. “Tomoyo-hime-sama.” Souma was quite possibly the last person in Japan she wanted to see at the moment, save the strange man Kurogane had brought back with him. Souma would most likely try to pity her, and she did not want someone’s pity. She just wanted to forget.

“Kurogane,” she sobbed, clutching at Souma’s waist. “I saw him with that man…” She broke off and buried her face at Souma’s stomach, tears pouring freely from her eyes.

Souma wrapped her arms tighter around the younger woman. “This is why I prayed he would never return. I knew he would only hurt you.” A single tear rolled down her cheek and landed gently on her princess’s head.

Author's Notes: This was the first time I got to write Yuuko! It was fun. I'm not sure how I feel about Tomoyo in this one. She seems a bit too whiny. But I like giving Souma a soliloquy. Blame the three week intensive course on theatre.

Remember to leave the starving author a review, even if you didn't like it. I'd like to hear what you think.

Oh, and are there any other Souma/Tomoyo fans out there by any chance?

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ahiru_duck on June 16th, 2006 05:28 am (UTC)
I'm a fan of Souma x Tomoyo. ^-^

I loved this story, very earthy. I was able to picture everything that was happening (which is a good thing--Hehe).
E'ka: KuroFai Scarekas on June 17th, 2006 01:38 am (UTC)
Woot for another Souma/Tomoyo fan! We will convince everyone else eventually. Thanks for the review!
ahiru_duck on June 17th, 2006 01:41 am (UTC)
We will convince everyone else eventually

We shall, MAHAHAHA!!!!

^-^ And you're welcome.
E'kaekas on June 17th, 2006 01:45 am (UTC)
Oh, if you're interested I have a claim for Souma/Tomoyo fanfiction at 7_virtues so you might want to keep your eyes open for those fics whenever I post them.
ahiru_duck on June 17th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
Oh! Okay, thanks. ^-^
Nikki Aino: Stretch Kurogane!nikki_aino on June 16th, 2006 09:13 am (UTC)
Ah, KuroxFai and Souma/Tomoyo! <3

This part I just loved more than anything else:

“You say he will return to us tomorrow, and so my prayers have been fruitless.” The rain drenched the earth forcing the ninja to move back inside. “Yet your prayers will prove to be the more fruitless once he returns. Kurogane can never love you the way you want him to. And so, there is nothing left for any of us but bitterness. Unless Kurogane brings something back with him to ease his longings, perhaps he has found someone to love despite his disposition. Then Tomoyo and I die together. For she will not out live her heart, nor can I mine.”

Speaking of prayers, I pray everyday TomoyoxKurogane will never be canon. Ye gods, I'd die XD

Great job on writing Souma by the way ^3^
E'ka: Good Doggieekas on June 17th, 2006 01:42 am (UTC)
You have not idea how happy I am to find other Souma/Tomoyo fans. They don't get enought love.

Speaking of prayers, I pray everyday TomoyoxKurogane will never be canon. Ye gods, I'd die XD

So would I. XD

Great job on writing Souma by the way ^3^

Thanks a lot! I always get a little nervous when I'm writing Souma because I've only read the first three chapters of RG Veda, so my knowledge of Souma's character is limited to her small appearances in Tsubasa.

Still, I don't get the people who write Kurogane/Souma. They don't seem like that would make a good personality match.
Nikki Ainonikki_aino on June 18th, 2006 06:10 pm (UTC)
There actually are people that write Kurogane/Souhma? :0
Excuse me while I go sit in a corner and wonder where it went wrong with this world...*shakes head*
RubyChan05rubychan05 on June 16th, 2006 09:29 am (UTC)
That was brilliant....better than that even, except I can't find the words to show it.

That's almost exactly how I imagined it could be....and I'm so happy Tomoyo and Kurogane didn't get together - that creeps me out!

Although for some reason I ended up hating Tomoyo when reading it....weird. But I suppose she DID want to take Kuro-tan away...
E'ka: KuroFyeWayekas on June 17th, 2006 01:43 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^.^
BB: Jon Stewart - ROCK ONthe_beanmaster on June 18th, 2006 12:51 am (UTC)
Felt bad for Tomoyo, but loved the fic. :) Great job.
ECK: <3 *smooch*evercool on June 18th, 2006 03:20 am (UTC)
And of course I loved it XD I'm a kurofai fan and a soumatomoyo fan btw!

The only thing I didn't agree with in the story is Tomoyo-->Kuro because deep in my heart I'm STILL convinced Tomoyo is a lesbian XD That's my old CCS fangirl talking. Which is why I can see her with Souma so easily also I'm sure. I read Tomoyo/Kuro fics too but I like the serious and angsty ones, non-romantic XD

I think you did Souma wonderfully too ^^ Especially about her not wanting Kurogane back ♥ Uwaaaa

*hugs you* I love your fics, hohoho ♥

E'ka: Good Doggieekas on June 20th, 2006 01:31 am (UTC)
Tomoyo will always be a lesbian in my mind too. I think that was one of the reasons why I had such a difficult time writing her in this. I actually have a Tomoyo/Kuro fic planned. But of course it's rather angsty.

Of course Souma doesn't want Kurogane back. Don't you know he was cutting in on her precious alone time with Tomoyo?

*hugs back*

Your birthday fic is almost finished btw. Actually, it is finished, it just needs to be typed. But that's rather difficult to do when the parent is constantly peering over my shoulder asking me what I'm doing. My mom's a bit religious and telling her "Writing smut" is not the best idea if I want a house to live in for the rest of college. Hopefully next week on my day off I'll be able to get it typed.
NdRnaderegen on June 21st, 2006 08:06 am (UTC)
both souma and tomoyo are too lesbian for words in their original stories, so of course they match very well. what am I saying? I can't imagina tomoyo falling in love with a guy really XD;; kuro/tomoyo scares me. souma/tomoyo make me happy

and i love the fic btw :3 however I have to say tomoyo appears like the kind of person who would accept onsided love ? at least in ccs, i dunno how they altered her personality. then again, even tomoyo in ccs would be shocked if she found akura and syaoran getting at it XD lol

anyway, yay :3
E'kaekas on June 21st, 2006 02:46 pm (UTC)
Give her a few minutes. I'm sure she'll get over it once she realizes how nice and soft Souma is.

gonriegonrie on January 24th, 2008 02:13 pm (UTC)
Wow...that was pretty good!! LOved it!!