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09 May 2006 @ 10:36 am
Mutli-Fandom Post  
Title: Rise of Destiny 2/? - The Wolf Princess
Characters: Yuzuriha, Keiichi, Kamui, Subaru, Seishiro, Tokiko, Hinoto, Kanoe, Kusanagi, Fuuma, Kotori, Yuuto, Satsuki, Kazuki, Sorata, Arashi, Seichiro, Karen, Inuki
Pairings: Kamui/Yuzuriha, Sorata/Arashi, Seishiro/Subaru, Yuuto/Satsuki... (In this chapter)
Genre: AU - Drama
Warnings: Moved up to a PG-13 rating, but nothing horrible yet.
Brief summary: After being separated from all he's ever loved, Kamui has to take his father's place and aided by his Seals, must protect his country from the Angels who wish to restore the world to the way it was before the Revolution which destroyed most of the Others.

First chapter here

Now, the Seals must give up their greatest treasure to gain precious time to prepare themselves for the war as the Angels begin to gather.

“Inuki!” She knelt down and threw her arms around the wolf’s neck. He nuzzled against her, causing her to giggle, and she pulled away from her companion while keeping her hands on his shoulders. “Kamui-san said he was going to treat us to sweets again, and he said he’s brining a friend along from school.” She threw her arms back around the wolf. “Isn’t that great?”

She leaned back to sit on her heels and scratch Inuki behind the ears. “He did say the friend asked if he could come along and didn’t really give him much of a choice.” She folded her hands in her lap and stared over Inuki’s head. The wolf whimpered inquisitively at her; she rubbed underneath his chin. “That does seem a bit strange.” Kamui had said it was his class representative, and he had seemed like a nice guy from the brief introduction she had. But just the way Kamui had told her about it with downcast eyes made her just a little bit suspicious.

“Maybe he likes me!” Yuzuriha exclaimed, flinging herself at Inuki. The wolf yelped and pushed back against her. “Sorry, Inuki,” she said, gently stroking the fur on the wolf’s neck. “I guess I’m just a little worried about my future.”

She just sat on the floor for a while, idly petting Inuki, trying not to think. She knew her role in the country’s destiny a little bit better than she wanted to. Inuki stayed next to her, occasionally wagging his tail.

“Yuzuriha? Inuki?” Kamui approached her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Are you two ready?” Yuzuriha looked behind him to his friend who was smiling down at her and the wolf. They had only started school a few weeks ago, and already that young man...

She nodded once and sprang to her feet. “Yup, we’re ready!” Inuki rose and went over to sniff Kamui’s friend; the guy laughed a bit and patted the top of the wolf’s head. Inuki gave him one final sniff before walking back to Yuzuriha and taking his place by her side. “Should we go to the same place we went last time?”

Kamui nodded shyly, casting a quick glance over his shoulder at his friend. “That sounds good.”

Yuzuriha led the way with Inuki by her side, Kamui and his friend trailing behind them. She placed her hand on Inuki’s back obtaining the information the wolf had picked up from Keiichi. He, more than her, was tied in with Kamui’s destiny. Yet she knew he was not one of the Seals. Could he possibly be an Angel? Inuki was convinced he was not. The only other thing she could think of was the false Kamui. Inuki could neither confirm or deny her suspicions. Every so often, she would look back over her shoulder at them. He seemed to be rather talkative and was keeping his rapt attention on Kamui who seemed to be more subdued than normal, only occasionally looking over to his friend, but mostly watching her and Inuki’s heels to follow where they were going.

Once there, she took care of ordering again, choosing a table outside and making sure Inuki sat in between Kamui and Keiichi just in case. Once they were all settled around the table, Kamui’s friend was quite willing to involve her in the conversation as well. “Well, Yuzuriha-hime, Kamui-kun tells me you come from the Mitsumini Mountains.” She nodded eagerly and clasped her hands together. “I hear the mountains are very beautiful, especially at this time of year.”

The wolf princess eagerly nodded and took great pleasure in describing the mountains: the dark green pines, the scent of the rain in the mornings, the glistening waterfall that ran right by her village. Kamui watched both of them as she spoke, a small smile softening his face. She kept her attention mainly on her conversation partner, but every so often she found it drifting to Kamui.

“What about your family, Yuzuriha-hime?”

Inuki’s ears perked up and he lifted his head to look at her over Keiichi’s lap. “Well, I just live with my grandmother now; she’s the current leader of the wolf tribe. I never knew my father, and my mother has been forbidden to reenter our clan.” The silence seemed to grow over the table as she spoke until Inuki whimpered at her right before she was about to tell them why her mother had been banished. “Oh, what about your family, Keiichi-san?” She already knew Kamui’s situation, and all things considered, she thought it would be rude to ask him.

“Both my parents are dead.” Yuzuriha gasped and instantly began apologizing. Kamui’s smile was gone, and he was now focusing entirely on the blonde boy. “It’s alright. My father died during the revolution, and the school’s been taking good care of me ever since my mother died.”

The entry requirements for the CLAMP academy were extremely rigorous, and not just anyone could go to the school even if their parents were very wealthy. With no living family, the boy had no way of paying for his schooling. She smiled broadly and leaned closer to him. “Wow, you must be something special in order to have the school take such good care of you.”

“I don’t think so.” He laughed nervously. “I’m certainly nothing like Kamui-kun here.” He smiled at the boy next to him causing Kamui to blush. Inuki was on his feet, growling at the blonde. “Easy boy,” he said, placing his hands out to defend himself.

“Inuki, is there something wrong?” Kamui asked, leaning closer to the wolf. Inuki snapped at Keiichi. To his credit, he didn’t flinch. Much. “Yuzuriha, what’s wrong with Inuki?”

“Inuki, that’s enough!” she scolded. Inuki whimpered, but sat back down, keeping his eyes on the new guy. She tried to discern what had upset her wolf so much, but all she received were vague notions of mistrust and deception. Again, she sent the thought of the false Kamui, but Inuki remained resolutely silent on that point. She sighed. “I think Inuki may have eaten too many sweets and is starting to get a stomachache.” Inuki gave her a disgruntled stare which she promptly ignored. It was his fault if he decided to embarrass himself that way, especially if he couldn’t even explain to her what was bothering him so much.

“Poor Inuki.” Yuzuriha watched disbelievingly as the guy poured some milk into a bowl and placed it on the ground next to the wolf. “That might help you feel better.” What was wrong with this guy? Kamui was smiling at him, but Yuzuriha was finding it difficult to believe that he was reacting so calmly. Did he not realize how dangerous Inuki was and that the wolf had been perilously close to killing him? “A few years ago the school offered a course on learning how to deal with the Mitsumine wolves. I thought it might be useful some day.” Since she had no idea what they taught in the school, she supposed it might have been true. He had not seemed to be the least bit intimidated by Inuki at all until the wolf had been openly aggressive with him.

“Subaru-san is going back to Kyoto today, isn’t he?” she asked Kamui, trying to get her mind off his unnerving friend. Besides, the other Seals were something she and Kamui could talk about without any input from the blonde.

“He left this morning,” Kamui told her with downcast eyes. Yuzuriha felt a little crestfallen herself since she had not gotten the opportunity to say goodbye to him. “He really didn’t say goodbye to anyone,” Kamui reassured, flashing her a gentle smile. She found herself compelled to smile back at him. “He said he had important business to take care of in Kyoto. I think it may have something to do with his sister.” She remembered hearing his sister was pregnant, and she wondered if she would ever get to meet the legendary dreamwalker from Kyoto.

“I’m sure Subaru-san will return to us when we need him.” There were very few things that would be able to keep a dragon from fulfilling his or her destiny.


“You are late.”

Yuuto smiled at the man they had found locked up in the deepest reaches of the Kyoto Prison. “I’m sorry. We got a little lost finding you.” Satsuki had been glad once they got underground and walked over to join Yuuto after choking the remaining guard with the roots of a giant oak they had carelessly left growing by the prison. “I suppose you are Death, or Sakurazukamori?” he asked the man who was still leaning nonchalantly against the back wall of his cell.

“That is correct.” The man opened his eyes and fixated his amber gaze on the two of them. “And you two are the water master and the forest elemental.”

“Very perceptive of you, Sakurazukamori-san.” Yuuto smiled at him again. “Or would you prefer we call you Death-san?” he asked as Satsuki retrieved the keys from the fallen guard and unlocked the door. “Or perhaps you would be so inclined as to tell us your real name?” Death remained silent as he stepped out of the cell and adjusted his cloak around his shoulders. He smirked and glanced at Yuuto out of the corner of his eye. “Okay then, Death-san. Would you happen to know if any others are here?”

“Nataku is upstairs,” he responded smoothly as he began to stride from the room.

Satsuki immediately followed him, but Yuuto was having a bit more difficulty wrapping his mind around the concept. “The demon-lord is here?”

Death stopped at the threshold and looked over his shoulder at him. “Of course; they have been creating him here.”

Yuuto and Satsuki had no choice but to follow him as he lead them up through the prison into a wing they had previously ignored because it had been very lightly guarded. The wing looked like any of the others with the cell bars stretching on endlessly on each side of the hallway. Satsuki stepped closer to one of the cells and extended her hand. A black paw shot between the bars and scratched at her. Yuuto immediately pulled her back to his side and inspected her hand. “What is this place?” she calmly asked as Yuuto looked at the hundreds of glowing eyes that now appeared to be staring at them from the dark confines.

“This is the research facility where they created Nataku.” Yuuto wondered how he could be explaining this so calmly until he remembered some of the stories about the Sakurazukamori. Then again, Satsuki seemed to be sharing the same apathetic reaction. “I think they kept it this way.”

They followed Death down the corridor, flanked on both sides by snarling, growling demons that shook the bars of their cells and reached to grab them as they went by. At the end of the hall, Death stopped in front of a metal door with a very small window that was currently closed. “Nataku is in this room.”

Yuuto was still unsure of how he felt about meeting a demon lord, but he grabbed the cold metal handle and pushed the door slowly inward. It took his eyes a while to adjust to the dim light of the interior room, and all he could really see was a silver-haired girl lying unconscious on a table with a few needles lying beside her. The rest of the room was too dark for him to make anything out. “It’s just a woman,” he accused Death. A very scantly clad woman, he noted, but still just a girl most likely younger than Satsuki.

Death seemed to glide over to her, and the girl’s blue eyes fluttered open to look up at him. “Are you Nataku?” he asked, smiling down at her.

“That is what they have called me,” she responded faintly before her eyes slid shut again. Yuuto was starting to wish the rest of the Angels were going to be more like Satsuki and Nataku and less like Death. If they were, he would be the luckiest man in the world.

“Now that I’ve given you Nataku, perhaps you will be willing to do something for me.” Yuuto’s good mood instantly shattered. A request from a man who was known as Death could never be a good thing.


Kanoe counted herself very luck when she found a man driving a horse and cart who just so happened to be traveling in the same direction she was. She thought it more fortunate yet when the man had one day told her about a dream he had recently, a dream that marked him as a dragon of earth. If Yuuto and Satsuki had half her luck, the would have at least secured the allegiance of Sakurazukamori. They only had two more to find now: the demon-lord, Nataku, and the Seer. She also had to make sure the person she was looking for was indeed their Kamui.

At least she no longer had to walk, since shortly after she left Satsuki had informed her that he had changed direction and was now moving away from her. She was confident she would find him eventually, but the search was getting frustrating. The sooner she found him, the sooner everything would begin. She had briefly entertained the idea of initiating negotiations before they found the Kamui. But she knew her sister far too well and knew she would refuse to participate until Kanoe could offer proof that she had indeed found the other Kamui.

“Big brother, don’t you think we should have gotten to Tokyo by now?” Kotori asked as she demanded a rest by pulling her horse over to the side of the road. Fuuma did not respond to her question, and he let his horse dance nervously in a circle in the middle of the road. Kotori frowned; her bother never had problems with controlling horses before, nor did the ever seem to be so afraid of him she though as she noted his mount’s flat ears and wildly-rolling eyes. And where had he gotten that sword from?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the clatter of other hooves and the snap of wooden wheels behind her, and she turned around in her saddle to look. A large draft horse was pulling a cart which contained a rather large man driving and an oddly dressed woman who was somehow unsettling to her.

“Fuuma, maybe we should just keep moving.” However, her brother continued to ignore her as he had been for the past week or so and kept his horse if not still then at least in the middle of the road. She really wished she knew what was wrong with him anymore. She was certain they had been wandering around in circles for days. The horse drew closer, and Kotori’s mount was beginning to be as fidgety as her brother’s. The man pulled the horse to a stop only a foot away from her brother, and Kotori did her best to remain inconspicuous along the side of the road.

“Kamui,” the woman said, smirking at her brother. He stared back at the woman and nodded at her and the man.

“Kamui?” she accidentally questioned aloud, and immediately covered her mouth with her hands as all three of them turned to look at her simultaneously. Why had that woman called her brother Kamui? Kamui was going to be the Kamui, not her brother.

“And who is this?” the woman asked, turning her full attention back to Fuuma.

“No one important,” he responded, drawing his sword.


“I’m afraid I have terrible news,” Hinoto told them, and his aunt kept looking sadly between him and Yuzuriha, as if she were unsure of which one to pity more. Kamui stifled a yawn as he looked around at the other gathered Seals. All were there except Subaru, and they all looked as tired as he felt. He wondered what time had been when the guards when the guards had roughly awoken them, but he could tell it was still dark even now. Karen was the only one who seemed remotely alert, Yuzuriha was sitting on the floor with her head on Inuki’s shoulder, Seichiro had to keep jerking himself awake, and Arashi couldn’t even glare at Sorata when his head “accidentally” dropped onto her shoulder. Kamui leaned back against the wall with his arms crossed, but he found it difficult to look at the blind Seer, so he watched his aunt’s dilemma instead, trying to figure out what she was upset about.

“My sister has found the false Kamui.” That seemed to bring everyone to attention. Arashi angrily pushed Sorata away, and Yuzuriha stood up though she kept one hand on the back of Inuki’s neck. Kamui realized he had never seen her look so solemn before, not even right after Sorata’s arrival. Kamui wondered if it had something to do with his aunt’s pitying looks.

“He has demanded a gift of good will from us. If we comply, he will delay his attack against us for three months, and the gift is to act as his surety that we will not attack him.” Kamui figured that was why she had gathered them all to determine if it was worth giving the false Kamui his “gift.”

“What does he want?” Arashi asked. Kamui’s aunt seemed to have solved her indecision in favor of Yuzuriha.

Hinoto lowered her head. “He has asked for our country’s most valuable treasure.” There were random gasps from the collected dragons, and Karen seemed to shake her head sadly.

“Give it to him,” Kamui said, stepping forward and earning himself a few disapproving glares. “If it is for the good of the country, we should give him what he wants. A treasure will do us no good if there is no country left.” He thought he was giving them the answer they wanted, but fro some reason they were now all now splitting their sad looks between himself and Yuzuriha.

“Are you certain Kamui?” his aunt asked. “You do not even know what it is yet.”

“I’m certain,” he assured all of them, “I would do anything to ensure the safety of this country.” His aunt seemed to sigh and the rest of the Seals seemed to reached the same decision she had earlier in regards to their pitying looks.

“Yuzuriha-hime, is this,” his aunt paused momentarily to steady her voice, “decision alright with you?”

Yuzuriha straightened herself and tilted her head back defiantly. Kamui caught the distinct glimmer of tears being flung from her eyes. “I am read and prepared to serve my country in any way possible.” Inuki licked her fingers.

Kamui’s aunt sighed and turned to Hinoto. “Very well. Tell your sister if they send a messenger we will give them the wolf princess.” Hinoto nodded.

“What? You’re giving them Yuzuriha?” Kamui yelled at his aunt and Hinoto before turning to look concerned at Yuzuriha. She tried her best to smile at him and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands.

“It’ll be alright, Kamui-san, honestly.” He didn’t know how she could be reacting so calmly to this situation while he was imagining a hundred things that could possibly happen to her in the hands of the enemy. If only he would have known sooner. How could she possibly be their country’s most valuable treasure?

‘There are other treasures than jewels and gold, Kamui. Yuzuriha is the only heir to the wolf clan, our best protection against the northern territories.’

Kamui supposed he understood, but, still, Yuzuriha’s hand was knotted tightly in the fur on the back of Inuki’s neck, and she looked like she was going to be sick. He imagined he would barely be able to stand if someone had just foolishly signed his death warrant.

“Now that the decision has been made, you may all return to your rooms.” Kamui was unsure if he any of the others would be able to get any sleep the rest of the evening, especially Yuzuriha. He made a move to go to comfort her, but Karen and Arashi cut him off, the older woman wrapping her arms around the wolf princess’ shoulders. Since he didn’t seem to be needed for Yuzuriha at the moment, he gave a sad sigh and headed off to his own room. Not that he really thought he would be able to sleep, but at least he would not be interfering with the women’s comfort of Yuzuriha. Maybe he wasn’t responsible enough yet to take control of the country. Maybe he had just condemned Yuzuriha to her early death; no matter what they said about her fate, he had made the choice.

And maybe he was afraid of losing the one person in Tokyo he was starting to care for.



Subaru jumped and clutched at his ear, still feeling the deep vibrations the main’s voice had sent coursing through his body. “Seishiro-san!” Subaru scolded, turning around to face the guilty party who merely smiled at him. “You really shouldn’t sneak up on people like that,” but the accusation was half-hearted and they both knew it. Subaru struggled to get his racing heart back under control, constantly repeating to himself it was from the shock he had just received and not from the older man still looming behind him close enough to be inhaled. He turned his attention back out the window.

“What are you thinking about, Subaru-kun?” Seishiro moved to stand beside him at the window, brushing their shoulders together. Subaru ignore that and choose to stare at the obnoxiously blue cloudless sky instead.

“Fate,” he admitted, and he felt Seishiro shift beside him. “I wonder if we have any control over our lives, or if everything is already predetermined.” He knew about the prophecy of the two Kamui, and he firmly believed he did not want to be part of a war that would spill the blood of so many.

“Fate is not always a bad thing.” Subaru cast his eyes down, still trapped within his own thoughts. This time would be much worse than the revolution that killed his parents. “After all,” one of Seishiro’s arms wrapped around his shoulders, and his other hand cupped his chin to force him to look him directly into his eyes, “I believe it was my fate to meet you, Subaru-kun.” His thumb ran across Subaru’s lower lip.

“Seishiro-san!” Subaru blushed and frantically pulled away from the other man, wishing he could just disappear into the stone next to him.

“But, I’m just an ordinary man, so what do I know?” Seishiro’s laughter rang in his ears even though his eyes were closed.

When he opened them again, the world was gray and a light drizzle covered the world. He had fallen asleep under a tree when his caravan had stopped to give the horses a brief rest. One of the guards knelt down in front of him. “Sumeragi-sama, are you feeling alright?”

He nodded, brushing his wet hair off his face as the guard walked away. He heated the dreams, and they had been coming increasingly more frequently. Things he thought he had forgotten haunted him every time he closed his eyes. If only he could ever prove Seishiro’s innocence, but it had been over a year since he had the opportunity to try. The Kamui’s slow decay had made sure of that.

Standing up, he felt resting under the tree was no longer safe. He might fall asleep again and enter a dream from which he would not want to awake.


Kamui did not know how to approach Yuzuriha. Hinoto kept them informed when the false Kamui’s messenger would be coming to collect the wolf princess. So he avoided her as best he could, which meant spending a good bit of time with Keiichi on the campus. If he did happen to see Yuzuriha, he tended to make the conversations short, always hating himself as he walked away. He managed to keep this pattern up until the day before Hinoto’s prediction date for Yuzuriha’s departure.

At which point Sorata and Arashi pulled him aside claiming they had to talk to him about a very grave matter. Somehow he instinctively knew they were going to be talking about Yuzuriha and his recent avoidance of her.

“Now, Kamui-kun,” Sorata said, placing his hands on his shoulders in a very brotherly fashion, “I’m sure you know Yuzuriha-chan will be given to the Angels tomorrow.” He nodded, wondering why he needed both of them just to remind him of that fact. “I’m also sure you’re well aware of the full dangers she will be facing.” He had tried to push those possibilities out of his mind, but every once in a while they crept into his mind at some of the worst possible moments. “It would be a real shame for a sweet girl like that to experience such a rough first time, and Yuzuriha-chan really seems to trust you, so…”

At first, Kamui wanted to believe he had misheard the other boy, but he had to let that idea go when he noticed the other two were refusing to look him in the eye. He could scarcely believe one of them would even think about such a thing let along discuss it with each other. Disbelief quickly turned to anger. “How could you two even think about such a thing?” For some reason he did not get the guilty reaction he would have hoped for. “I would feel guilty of taking advantage of her, and she might come to hate me in the future.”

“Don’t you think we’ve thought about that?” It was Arashi who assumed the role of older sibling. “We’ve talked this over with Seiichiro-san and Karen-san already and they both believe this is the best option for Yuzuriha-hime under the circumstances.” He did not know which he found more appalling: the fact that they had all reached the same decision or the fact that they collectively had decided to run his sex life behind his back. He knew the Kamui’s life was dictated by the country’s needs, but this was going a bit too far. “Think about what will happen to her mental state if she is raped, and she thinks all sex is like that. It is much better for her to know what it should be really like before she goes.”

“Why does it have to be me?” he asked, not wanting to look at either of them anymore. They might just see how angry he was at the entire situation.

“Well, Subaru-san’s gone, Seiichiro-san’s too old as well as married, and I’m saving myself for my special lady.” Kamui wanted to question why he was the only one who got to “save” himself, but Sorata continued rambling. “Like I said before, Yuzuriha-chan trusts you, and I don’t think she would hold something like this against you if she knew why you did it.” Kamui was growing more and more annoyed at the sound of the other man’s voice. “Besides, once you meet your guardian having sex with that one special person will be the last thing on your mind.”

There was that word again. His aunt had called that shadowed boy his guardian. “What exactly is this guardian thing about?”

Sorata blinked a few times and let his hands drop from Kamui’s shoulders. “I’m not exactly sure. Missy, do you know?” he asked turning to look at Arashi. She shook her head. Kamui thought the two of them were becoming increasingly useless. “All I know is every Kamui has one, and it seems to me that with all this business of a false Kamui you’re going to use yours a lot.”

“You don’t even know what they do,” an irritated Kamui pointed out.

“Listen. I’ll tell you all the information the monks have about the guardians, but its not much because the royal family refuses to give their identities or purposes to the general public. The monks only know that the Kamui’s guardian is the guardian of the land and not the person.”

“Why do they call it the Kamui’s guardian then?”

“The guardian is to protect the country from the Kamui.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Kamui told her.

Sorata shrugged. “Maybe not, but most Kamui’s never even learn who their guardian is. They just know they have one somewhere.”

Kamui started to walk away from them. He was really starting to hate this place and the position he had been thrown into. And he was becoming highly suspicious that this guardian, whatever it was, really was just another way to control him.

“Hey, wait!” Sorata called after him. “Are you going to take care of Yuzuriha-hime?”

“Don’t speak about it so grossly,” he snapped back over his shoulder as he continued walking. He was still appalled they would even think about the wolf princess in such a manner.

Still, he did end up going to Yuzuriha’s room; he had wanted to say goodbye. Time was running short, the sky was turning red. He thought about the other Seals’ request on the way there. Would Kotori blame him if she knew the circumstances? Would she even care? Did he honestly believe he would ever see her again?

He sighed as he knocked on the door to Yuzuriha’s room, still not knowing what he was going to do. Maybe just coming to say goodbye to her would turn out to be a huge mistake. He would feel horrible if he just let her leave without a goodbye, especially since he may very well never see her again. “Come in.” He was amazed her voice sounded so strong; he never would have been able to pull off that illusion.

He stepped silently into her room and pulled the door shut behind him. Yuzuriha was sitting on the edge of her bed, one hand curled in the fur on the back of Inuki’s neck, the wolf sitting obediently at her feet. “Oh, it’s you Kamui-san,” she rubbed her bloodshot eyes with the back of her arm. “I wasn’t expecting you.” He figured her accusation was only fair in light of his recent action towards her. She offered him a place to sit on the bed next to her which he took quite hesitantly and not without a slight blush that the wolf princess seemed not to notice. “I’m glad you are here though.” She sniffled and wiped away a few more traces of her tears. “If I was alone I would probably be crying all night.”

Even as she tried to smiled him, the tears were starting to refill her eyes. He gently reached out and wiped them away with his thumb. “It’s alright, Yuzuriha-hime. You can cry if you want. You don’t have to be brave for me.”

He was not expecting her to fling herself against his chest, clutching at his shirt. He wrapped his arms around her shaking shoulder, pulling her closer, and he wondered if he was going to regret every decision he was going to make as Kamui.


He escorted Yuzuriha to the gate the next morning where all the other Seals, his aunt, and surprisingly Keiichi were already gathered. He had wanted to glare at Sorata and Arashi, daring them to say anything, but the shock of seeing his fellow classmate there preceded any other facial expression.

“Keiichi-san, what are you doing here?” Yuzuriha asked, running up to him and effectively leaving Kamui’s side. Inuki looked highly disgruntled.

“Tokiko-sama told me you were leaving today. I couldn’t just let a cute girl like you go away without a goodbye.”

She giggled, and Sorata sidled up next to Kamui. “She certainly seems lively today. What did you do to her?”

Before he could even think of an appropriately angry response, Arashi smacked the monk on the backside of the head. “Don’t ask him about that!”

“It looks like we’ll finally get to see one of the Angels,” Karen said, pointing to a cart pulled by a single draft horse that had just come through the gates. The guard’s had been given strict orders not to let anyone through that morning unless they came in the name of the Dragons of Earth. Everyone suddenly became grimly determined and silenced, except for Keiichi who smiled oblivious through it all. Kamui envied him again.

Time seemed to move so slowly as the lone cloaked figure steered the cart ever closer to them. Kamui could feel the tension sparking in the air, and Yuzuriha moved back over to him to cling onto his arm. The figure stopped his horse directly in front of them.

“Are you one of the seven Angels,” his aunt asked, boldly stepping forward.

“That I certainly am,” a deep voice responded, and the figure pushed back the hood of his cloak. “My name is Kusanagi. Kamui sent me to pick up the wolf princess.” Inuki seemed to have wrapped himself around Yuzuriha’s legs and stared up at the stranger. “And I have this for your Kamui.” He dropped a medium-sized crate on the ground at their feet.

Inuki seemed a bit more disturbed by the box than he did by the stranger. “That’s a cute wolf you have there, little lady. A bit strange maybe…” Inuki looked up as if he understood the man was talking about him.

“Are you ready to go, miss?” he directly addressed Yuzuriha. “We have a long way to go today, and I wan to make sure you get an ample rest for lunch.”

“It’s okay, Yuzuriha,” Arashi whispered, gently pushing her forward. The large man reached his hand down to help the wolf princess onto the bench next to him. Inuki jumped into the back of the cart and made himself comfortable in the hay. Kamui was still very reluctant to let her go, but he knew she was strong enough to survive anything the Angels could do to her.

“Don’t worry, miss,” the man reassured her. “You’ll be safely back with your friends in three months. In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about. I’m quite the animal lover myself.” That was the last thing he heard before the two had gone completely out of earshot. He turned his attention to the crate that had been delivered to him.

Sorata poked it gingerly with his foot. “I wonder what this is?”

Kamui stepped closer to it and everyone else circled around him, Keiichi directly beside his shoulder. His eyes narrowed as he recognized the scent emanating from deep within the wood. “I smell blood…”

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Next time – Death: Subaru returns to Kyoto to find Seishiro waiting for him, claiming the prison found him not guilty on all accounts. The final Angel is found, and Yuzuriha adjusts to her life among the Dragons of Earth. Kamui as well adjusts to his new life as a student of CLAMP campus.

Seishiro/Subaru fans – This next chapter is for you.

Tsubasa Music Video: One report said it was odd. I shall let you decide.

Kurogane and Fai to Howie Day's "Collide"

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the uninformed: kuroganeuninformed on May 9th, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC)
Oh Fai, you don't know when to shut up ^_^;; I like that Kuro-chan was killing off palace staff. I also like that Fai assumes that Kuro-chan deflowered Tomoyo ^_^
E'ka: Good Doggieekas on September 6th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC)
XD You are the only one who ever reviewed this story. I love you for that, really I do. ^.^;

I think I need to go back and start pimping some of my old fics again.