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09 April 2006 @ 03:15 pm
Seven Deadly Sins: Takayanagi/Aya: Envy  
Fandom: Tenjho Tenge
Characters/Pairing: Takayanagi/Aya
Prompt: 5. Envy
Word Count: 928
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own none of this. Only a Takayanagi poster that I will protect with my life.
Author's Notes: No spoilers, no warnings only implied sexual situations, but it's not that graphic.

He was never exactly sure how he felt about his older brother. After what he did to the captain and to their father, it was impossible for feel any amity towards him, even if they were still related by blood.

His brother could have been anything to Natsume Maya at one point. She would have done anything for him if he had only asked. She would have given her entire being to him and only him.

Meanwhile, his efforts to gain the ultimate love of a certain Natsume Aya had all proven fruitless. For the most part, he had not been able to secure her undivided affections.

“Ano, Takayanagi-senpai?” Aya asked him tentatively after school that day. She kept looking nervously from the ground to his eyes, her large brown eyes wide and innocent. When was he going to learn that look never bode well for him? She always managed to get him into trouble when she looked at him like that. “Oneechan and I aren’t getting along very well at the moment, and Souchirou-sama and I got in a fight, so do you think it would be possible for me to spend the night at your house?”

He should have asked what had happened this time, if she had suspicions Souchirou was cheating on her with her older sister again, or if perhaps something more serious was going on this time. He didn’t ask her anything though; he just gladly offered her a place to stay for the evening. She walked home beside him, offering to make him dinner in exchange for allowing her to spend the night, and he remembered one of the benefits of having Aya stay over. She was a hell of a lot better at cooking than he was, and at the end of the day, a homecooked meal was the best possible thing. If he didn’t have to make it, that was even better. All he had to do was ignore the voice of reason that was begging him to ask her why she had made the decision to come over to his house.

When she was getting undressed for the shower (not that he was spying on her or anything like that), he started when he noticed a light bruise on her hip. Even then he could not say anything to her. All he could do was sadly look away and slink out of the room, far from the temptation of Aya’s naked body with water caressing every luscious curve. He thought perhaps he should take a cold shower whenever she was done with hers.

Since the last time Aya had spent the night and the other embarrassing incident he refused to think about anymore, he had invested in a spare futon which he set up as far away from his as was physically possible. “Thank you for letting me stay here, Takayanagi-senpai.” She made herself comfortable on her futon. “I’m sorry if I’m causing you any problems.”

“Not at all,” he reassured her. He turned the light off and flopped down onto his own futon. “Goodnight, Aya-chan,” he mumbled, closing his eyes so he would no longer be tormented by the sight of her steadily rising and falling chest that he could just see out of the corner of his eye. He was definitely going to be having those kinds of dreams again tonight.

He thought he was dreaming at first when he heard Aya crawl out of her futon and over to his side of the room. He chose to continue to believe it was a dream until she pressed up against his side, and he realized the flesh beside him was far too warm to be his imagination. “Takayanagi-senpai,” she murmured against his neck, her hand sliding down his stomach and into his pants.

“A-Aya-chan!” he stammered, blushing profusely. He was wide awake now and struggling to resist the urge to whimper at her gentle touch. Still nuzzling and licking his neck, she repositioned herself so she was straddling him, and his hand twitched at his side.

“Souchirou-sama’s always so rough with me,” she mumbled. Takayanagi yelped as Aya bit down particularly hard on the base of his neck and wondered how she could possibly be complaining about Souchirou being rough with her. But, he had always had trouble resisting Aya’s commands, and his hands had already drifted of their own accord to the hem of the loose t-shirt she had worn to bed that evening.

“Then,” she helped him to remove her shirt, “let me show you how it should be done,” he told her as he pulled her closer.

That had been the first time she had come to him, whimpering that Souchirou-sama was being too rough with her and wouldn’t her senpai like to remind her that men really could be gentle? Somehow she always managed to seduce him into his own bed with her wandering hands and attentive mouth.

When he lay awake long after she had dozed off curled naked at his side, he thought about the mess he had gotten himself into. The way he could not seem to refuse Aya’s dangerous advances. How Souchirou would react when he found out Takayanagi had been having sex with his girlfriend. Even though he wanted to, he could not seem to pull himself away from Aya’s web. It was at those times he realized exactly how he felt about his older brother who had been able to escape from the Natsumes.

Whatever else he may feel about him, he certainly envied him that much.

Now here's a question for the world. Is it senpai or sempai? Because I have definitely seen and heard both. ~.~ Anybody know the answer? Is Tokyopop a lying bastard? Or does Del Rey tease us with fancy pages and decides we don't need good Japanese grammer? Will I ever really know which one is correct?
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