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14 February 2010 @ 10:35 am
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  
To celebrate, I have three ficlets to share. Many thanks to sparkism for the prompts.

Title: Fuzzy Red Handcuffs
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Larxene/Luxord
Prompt: Fuzzy Red Handcuffs
Rating: M

At least they weren’t pink, Luxord reflected as he tugged experimentally at the fuzzy handcuffs trapping his wrists above his head. The handcuffs in turn were firmly attached to some personal modification to her bed, and, despite clearly being some cheap novelty item, served their function far too well. At least he had plenty of time for reflection while Larxene fumbled around for something on the far side of the room.

“Are these quite necessary?” he asked, knowing she would realize he was referring to the handcuffs as she had left him precious little else to refer to. He remembered a gentle shock, then waking up to find himself on her bed, naked except for the handcuffs she had put on just a little too tightly. They were certainly going to leave marks that he would not care to explain to some of the more inquisitive members of the Organization. Oh, they would ask, and depending on who noted the marks first, would also be sure to make sure everyone else knew about it in short order.

She had yet to pull out a camera to mark the moment for posterity; however, she did stare icily back over her shoulder at him. “Of course not.” He had not been expecting much else, but he still gave another ineffectual tug at the bonds. He was sure there was something he could do to escape if necessary, should her temper prompt her to give him more motivation than he could handle. “But you knew the conditions of our deal long before you lost,” and with a smirk, she resumed searching through her belongings.

It was a game in retrospect, Luxord regretted playing, and if he would have known she was going to cheat and that fuzzy red handcuffs were going to be involved, he certainly would have thought twice before agreeing to her conditions. If he was going to be subjected to her whims, he might as well enjoy it as much as he could. Besides, as long as he managed to survive the next twenty-four hours, he would be able to leave with all but his dignity intact.

Upon finding what she was searching for, Larxene turned around with a triumphant grin and a devious glint in her eyes. It was quite obvious now that she had been shopping, and as he stared at her possession, wondering exactly how she was planned on making that fit and realizing that his personal safety would not be among her concerns, he almost wished she had emerged with a camera instead.

Title: Conversation Hearts
Fandom: Original - HOPSIS
Characters: Bill, Raoul, Rina
Rating: PG

Bill stretched his arms behind his back as he rode the elevator to the penthouse, on his way to share breakfast with Rina and Raoul. The phone call had woken him up, and after he finally registered what Rina was telling him, he barely took the time to pull on a T-shirt before exiting his apartment. He would never dream of keeping them waiting, especially when free food was concerned. He used his key to the penthouse and found Rina waiting alone at the dining table, arms folded on top of it. A bowl of candy and three place settings were the only other adornment, and he found his gaze drawn towards the direction of the main bedroom.

“Nice of you to join me,” she said as he pulled out the chair at the end of the table. “We might have to wait a few more minutes for my brother.” And until Raoul showed up, there would be no chance of getting breakfast.

Still waiting for the host, he absentmindedly reached into the bowl of candy and popped one in his mouth. It tasted like chalk, and he resisted the urge to spit it out. “Is it February already?” he asked, warily eyeing the rest of the hearts in the bowl as if they could somehow jump out of the bowl and violate his mouth again.

“Although I wonder why they felt the need to put them out in time for breakfast,” she said as she began pulling them out one by one and inspecting the colorful text. A pink one seemed to have caught her attention, and she slid it across the table towards him. “Be My Hero. It’s perfect for you.”

With no intention of eating it, he tossed it back into the bowl and started casually glancing at the messages. He picked up a blue one and cleared his throat to get Rina’s attention. “This one’s perfect for you. It says “Mind your own business.””

“Somehow I don’t think they ordered the despair hearts,” she commented as she continued looking through them, dropping the discarded ones on the table. “Love Bug. How quaint.”

“What are you two doing?” Raoul asked as he walked into the dining room. He moved to stand behind the chair across from Bill and looked between the two of them.

“Reading the conversation hearts. Here’s one for you, Heart of Gold.” She picked one of the hearts off the table and tossed it towards him.

“Is it Valentines’ Day already?” he asked as he let the tiny piece of candy go flying by his head.

“No, you still have two weeks left to buy something,” Rina reassured her brother before she resumed sifting through her hearts while Bill stared at her, silently demanding answers.

“I think I’ll make breakfast this morning.” Raoul tapped the back of his chair with both hands a few times before departing into the kitchen.

“When did Raoul get a girlfriend?” he asked of Rina as soon as the other man was gone. He thought he would have noticed if there had been any new women, but it had been months since he had been requested to perform any escort service.

Rina dropped the candy heart she was holding back into the bowl. “My brother has a girlfriend?” she asked incredulously, though careful not to let her voice raise enough so her brother could hear her in the next room.

“But you just told him he still had two weeks left.” The implications, he thought, had been that he would still have time to buy gifts and make plans.

“Oh, that.” She diverted her attention back to the candy hearts. “Had I not corrected him on the date, he would have gone around wishing everyone Happy Valentine’s Day, and we couldn’t have that. Far too embarrassing.”

“Of course,” he said, slouching back in his chair and trying not to stare at the heart on the table in front of him.

“Why?” she asked, dropping another candy heart on the table. “You don’t presume he should be shopping for you, do you, Top Dog?” She tossed another one of the candies at him.

“Who comes up with these anyway?” he mumbled, carefully avoiding any acknowledgment of her question as she had known quite well he would. The conversation hearts, disgusting though they were, did at least provide some amusement, and gave Rina something to investigate besides him. Every so often, she would snicker, but he did not bother asking her why, as he was sure she was making some embarrassing connection to him.

Eventually, Raoul came back with a tray with pancakes and syrup, and though Bill suspected they had been prepared by someone else, he and Rina both thanked him heartily and told him how wonderful it was. And, for the moment at least, Rina was ignoring the candy hearts to focus instead on her breakfast.

“What does ‘WUV U’ mean?” Raoul asked, and Bill looked up to find his boss had picked up one of the pink hearts and was inspecting it carefully.

“I’m sure our expert on all things romantic here knows,” Rina suggested, turning to him with a smile as sweet as the candy hearts. The heart in question disappeared in Raoul’s fist as he diverted his attention to look expectantly at Bill.

“I think it’s supposed to be cutsey talk for ‘I love you’,” he half-mumbled, thinking next time he might just fend for himself for breakfast.

“I knew you were good for something,” Rina said with a triumphant grin before returning to her breakfast.

“Speaking of,” Raoul added, “they modified the suit and they need you to test it out.”

“It never works,” he muttered, certainly not loud enough for the other two to hear. Every few months, the scientists would make some new additions to “the suit,” what they thought was the future of biochemical weaponry, and he would be required to test it out, usually against live, very dangerous, and often large bioweapons. The problem was, the damn suit had never worked in the first place, and instead of fixing the root problem, they just kept making new, pointless adjustments. Still, it was one of the less savory parts of his job, and once he finished his breakfast, after a quick stop in his apartment to get fully dressed, he made his way down to the basement labs to see what they needed to test.

After a grueling day of getting his ass handed to him by horrific creatures, followed by some adjustments to the suit inevitably followed by more testing sessions, he did not even call Rina or Raoul to see if they needed anything else that evening, but went straight to his room with the intention of collapsing straight to his bed.

When he turned on the light, he noted a small yellow speck on his pillow. After sitting down on the edge of the bed and running his fingers through his hair, he picked it up for further investigation. It was another one of those conversations hearts, this one texted with the words “Dream.” He turned it around a few times, the cheap sugar rubbing off on his fingertips, and he contemplated throwing it into the garbage.

The only others with a key to his apartment were Rina and Raoul, and he could think of several reasons as to why either of them would place the heart there, and not all of the reasons were surrounded by good intentions. Then again, it was always possible that it had been left there for the very purpose the candy had been invented for. It did not do well for his heart to hope, and he threw the message into the wastebasket before collapsing fully onto the bed.

Title: Leftover Candy Canes
Fandom: Lilo and Stitch
Characters: Nani/David, Jumba/Pleakley, Lilo, Stitch
Rating: G

Since David had asked so nicely she take the day off work so their Valentine’s Day date could be completed without any major glitches from that department, Nani was left at the house with very little to do except think. She would have cleaned up, but lately Pleakley had been keeping the house obsessively clean. She didn’t know where any of the others were at the moment, but if the whirring noises were any indication, Jumba was busy working on something in their room. As for Lilo and Stitch, she thought they were somewhere in the house, but if they were, they were being quiet, far too quiet for her not to worry about what they might possibly be up to. She would be worried about it, but the silence implied that they had not caused mass destruction yet, and she had more pressing concerns on her mind. Like the fact that she had a Valentine’s day date with David. On Valentine’s Day. Which meant things were getting serious. She groaned and slumped her head down on the table. Things couldn’t be getting serious; she had to work and take care of Lilo and make sure those aliens squatting in her house didn’t destroy it again.

She was sure the floor could always use another sweep, because no matter how often you cleaned it someone always brought more dirt in, and with a goal in mind, she made her way to the supply closet to get the broom. As she opened the door, a bunch of boxes fell out, some hitting her and the others tumbling to the floor.

“Pleakley!” she yelled, knowing full well that he was the only other one to go into the supply closet. She picked up the first box and discovered it was a box of candy canes. They were all candy canes. The entire supply closet had been filled to the brim with candy canes and it was February. “Pleakley!” she called again, this time much louder and the alien actually showed up with Lilo and Stitch following closely behind.

“Why are you yelling?” Lilo asked. “Is it another alien?”

“Pleakley, why do we have so many boxes of candy canes?” she asked, indicating the boxes at her feet while a few more slithered out of the closet.

“They were a good deal,” Pleakley meekly protested, inching very slowly back towards his room.

“Good deal?” That would imply that they had been on sale when he had decided to buy all of them. “You bought all these candy canes after Christmas was over?”

“Yeah, so?”

“No one ever needs this many candy canes,” she tried to explain in an exasperated tone as she ineffectually shoved a few of the boxes back into the closet. “Just make sure these are out of here before I get home tonight.” It was as good of a time as any to start getting ready and she gingerly made her way out of the pile of boxes.

“Don’t worry about Nani,” Lilo said once her sister was gone from the hallway. Stitch picked up one of the boxes of candy canes and dropped the entire thing into his mouth. “She’s just nervous because she has a Valentine’s Day date with David.”

Instead of getting rid of the candy canes, Pleakley started stacking the boxes back up in the closet. “Valentine’s Day? Which one is that?” Pleakley asked as Stitch devoured another one of the boxes. “Is that the one with the little green man and the pot of gold?”

“Nope,” Lilo said, taking a box of the candy canes before Stitch could eat it and placed it on top of the other ones still stacked in the closet. “It’s the one where you give people flowers and chocolate.” She noticed that some of the candy canes were different flavors, although Stitch seemed to be developing a tendency for the traditional peppermint variety. “Pleakley, why do we have so many candy canes?” Even with all the eccentricities of the household, this seemed strange, even for them.

“Oh, right,” Pleakley said as he placed the last of the boxes in the closet. “Valentine’s day is the one where insecure earthlings go to extreme measures for glimmers of evidence that someone loves them.”

“Something like that,” Lilo conceded as Stitch sniffed along the floor in search of crumbs that may have broken free from the packaging. She also noticed that Pleakley had managed to avoid the issue of the candy canes.

“Is that today?” Pleakley asked, shutting the closet door. “I had no idea.”

“Just remember that you and Uncle Jumba have to babysit me tonight!” she called to his retreating form as he disappeared back into his room.

It was several hours later when, red ribbon in hand, Pleakley snuck down to the supply closet to pull a box of candy canes out. He inspected it through the plastic, making sure none of them were visibly broken from their little tumble earlier. It was absolutely perfect, but he wasn’t going to let the others know. After all, his studies had shown that Valentine’s Day gifts were the work of true desperation.

“Pleakley!” Nani called from the front doorway, and stashing the box of candy canes and ribbon in a nearby drawer, he scrambled to the door. She was wearing a dress that she had kept hidden from him and quite frankly it was the wrong color on her, but telling her that now would only delay her departure. “I’m leaving now, and I need to know that I can rely on you to keep an eye on the other three.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said over-enthusiastically seeing as how Nani’s date fit in perfectly with his plans. “I promise that Lilo and the little monster will remain under my careful watch.” Until such a time that he could whisk them safely off to bed with the help of an all natural sleeping aid drink he had discovered.

“And Jumba too,” Nani added, brushing her hair back over her shoulder. “I think he’s been working on something again, and I want the house remaining in one piece for more than two months this time.”

“Of course. Everything will be just the same when you come home from your date tonight,” he promised as he had discovered certain methods of keep the other three sufficiently occupied for a few hours at a time. “I’ll even have the little ones in bed by the time you get home.”

“Don’t try any miracles,” Nani mumbled.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” he said, gently ushering her through the door and onto the front porch. “You just enjoy David’s final desperate attempts to get you to love him.”

“What?” she tried to ask, but Pleakley had already shut the door. He had a plan, and quite frankly, his plan was none of Nani’s business, even if it did involve his babysitting methods of her younger sister. Besides, it was all natural, so it couldn’t possibly be hazardous to her health.

“Who wants to watch Mummies VS. Vampires in The Jurassic Age Part II?” he called, and sure enough, Lilo and Stitch arrived long before he could figure out where they were coming from. Before they were allowed to watch the movie, they had to eat their dinner and he made sure to give them their special drink, telling them that it would give them werewolf hunting abilities. Jumba tried to pour himself a cup as well, but Pleakley snatched the teakettle away from him, and informed him that it was intended for little girls and little monsters only. Not that he expected Jumba to listen to him, but maybe if he only had one cup, it wouldn’t affect him the same way it would the other two.

After dinner was finished, he ushered the other three into the living room for the movie. Lilo and Stitch sat in front of the tv while he joined Jumba on the sofa. He was unsure if these movies had any plot and suspected they were slowly killing the human population through brain degradation, but the other three seemed to enjoy them, and it was a good way to keep them occupied for at least an hour and a half.

About halfway through the movie, he excused himself and went back to the hallway where he had hidden the box of candy canes. He carefully wrapped the red ribbon around the box as he understood that was the earth custom on these holidays, then stashed it back into the drawer before going back to the others.

“Whose winning?” he asked as he flopped on the far end of the sofa from Jumba.

“The dinosaurs,” Lilo said in a monotone as a Utahraptor bit into a strange bandage trailing from a mummy.

Fascinating. He picked up a magazine up from the end table, one of Nani’s subscriptions, and started leafing through it. It was appropriately Valentine’s Day themed with ideas for gifts, where to go on dates, what type of makeup would accentuate the mood best, and what to do after the date upon bringing the man home. Humans had strange notions about things, and the more he read, the more flustered he became. He had just reached number seven in “25 Tricks Sure To Please Your Man” when he dropped the magazine on the floor.

“Oh no! Not happening! That is entirely unacceptable!” he blurted out before he realized his embarrassing mistake, and he looked at the other three, expecting them to be staring at him.

“I agree,” Lilo said, gaze still riveted on the screen. “There is no way a T-Rex can kill a vampire by stepping on it.” Jumba didn’t seem to have noticed he said anything at all, and Stitch was snoring softly on the floor? But Lilo was still wide awake.

As the ending credits started to roll, Lilo stood up and stretched. “I still think there is no way dinosaurs could stop mummies and vampires, but it was okay. Much better than Part I.” Pleakley hadn’t watched part one. “What do you think, Stitch?” she said, turning to her pet who did not respond. “Stitch?” she repeated, prodding him gently with her foot. He snored quite loudly and rolled over onto his back.

“The little monster must have fallen asleep,” Pleakley said nervously, wondering why Lilo did not seem in the least bit sleepy. What if his all-natural sleeping aid had somehow interfered with his bio-genetic programming? Even worse, what if Jumba found out it was his fault?

“Ah, little white earth flower found in delightful hot drink makes him to be falling asleep.”

“So that tea Pleakley made for us is like a knockout pill for Stitch?” Lilo asked innocently and Pleakley worried that she might suspect he had given it to Stitch on purpose.

“Something like that, yes.”

“Jumba, why don’t you carry Stitch upstairs for Lilo,” he said before she had much time to think about it.

“Okay. I guess I can go to bed early just this once since Stitch is so tired,” she conceded. The sofa creaked as Jumba vacated it and scooped Stitch up in one arm. Once they were on the lift, Pleakley went to the hiding spot and moved the candy canes with him to the living room. He picked up another periodical, one that did not belong to Nani and pretended to read it intently until Jumba returned. Hopefully, Lilo would remain upstairs for the evening, and he heard no sounds from them as Jumba sat back down on his side of the sofa. He put the magazine down on the table and tried to slide casually closer with box in hand.

“I found something for you,” he said, trying to casually pass the box over because it was in no way supposed to be a Valentine’s Day present because that was the sign of the desperate and he was anything but desperate. He just thought simple gifts could be given any time of the year, and Nani had told him to get rid of the candy canes. But it was not a Valentine’s Day present. Not really, despite what the red ribbon suggested.

“Ah, delightful hard earth candy shaped like small weapon,” Jumba said as he gladly took the box off of him. “But bigger girl said sold only during earth holiday with tree and lights.”

“I have my connections,” Pleakley said as Jumba unwrapped one of the candy canes and tossed the entire thing into his mouth. “Besides, you liked them so much I thought it was such a shame they only sell once a year.” He would have to move the rest of them to a new location later, and then he was going to have to have a stern talk with Nani about her choice in reading materials. Not only should she not be reading those sorts of things, but what if Lilo got ahold of it? But for the moment Jumba was enjoying his treat and Pleakley leaned back to finish reading his magazine.

When Nani returned from her date with David, she was pleased to find not only was the house still standing, but there were no screams of terror coming from within.

“Thanks for seeing me home,” she told David as he walked her up the front steps, still holding onto her hand.

“What kind of date would I be if I let you walk home alone and get abducted by aliens along the way?” he joked as they stopped outside the front door.

“I already live with three, I don’t think that would be a problem.” And there was one of the nice things about David, he actually knew the truth about her recently acquired housemates.

“Speaking of, how are Uncle Jumba and Auntie Pleakley?”

“Weirder and weirder every day. I used to think Jumba was the one to worry about, but Pleakley seems to have this thing for candy canes,” she told him, shuddering at the memory of the boxes falling out of the closet at her.

“Oh? Do you think he’ll let me have one?”

“David.” She playfully punched him on the arm, and then figuring ‘Why not?’ gave him a quick kiss before pushing open the door. “Goodnight.” She made her way swiftly inside; she still needed time to think about this relationship issue.

The only light in the living room was the faint glow of the tv. Pleakley was asleep at one end of the sofa, head back and an open magazine draped across his face. Jumba was snoring at the other end, an almost empty box of candy canes half-falling off his lap and suddenly things clicked into place. The never-ending supply of candy canes hidden in the supply closet where Jumba was sure to never go since he seemed to have an intense aversion to cleaning.

“Huh, and he said David was desperate.” She moved across the living room. She would just let them sleep there for the night, but in the morning she was going to have to talk to Pleakley about his magazine subscriptions. For one thing, some of the content was way too mature for Lilo to be reading, but more importantly, she was fairly certain a good number of those tips would not work for intergalactic species.

✩ Lex: ✩am I doing this rightsparkism on February 14th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
ahahahaha, that Larxene/Luxord one. xD ♥ poor Luxord.

and that candy hearts one, awwwww. ♥ I feel like that needs more expansion like, right now. pfft.

Pleakley's definition of Valentine's Day, lmao xD
“Ah, delightful hard earth candy shaped like small weapon”
kshdkjfsdfsd ahaha oh Jumba~
and that ending xDD ♥ man you have everyone's voice down perfectly.

happy Valentine's day, bb~! ♥
E'ka: Aqua - Good luck charmsekas on February 14th, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
Poor Luxord indeed. XD

But, giving you too much information would be considered spoiling. ^.~ And unfortunately I can only write so fast.

The Lilo and Stitch one was the one I was the most worried about so you have no idea how glad I am you liked it. <3 (And it's good to know my day of being sick and watching Lilo and Stitch all day was good for something.)

Happy Valentine's Day!
✩ Lex: ✩like velvetsparkism on February 15th, 2010 09:51 pm (UTC)
he should have known, dealing with Larxene... xD

But I want more noooow. ;3;

It was definitely very cute and well written~ :D
(and watching Lilo and Stitch all day is always good for something)

♥ !
E'ka: Evil Writer at Workekas on February 17th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
She is tricksey like that. I'd say he learned his lessons for the future, but that's likely not true.

But I can only write so fast, and since I'm nowhere's near the book where they enter in the series, all I can provide are deleted scene snippets. And I have to write them first.

Yay! Between you and luzzle_anne I'm going to feel encouraged to write more Lilo and Stitch.

Happy mardi gras!
✩ Lexsparkism on February 17th, 2010 04:17 am (UTC)
He's probably learned his lesson, but he may not follow what he learned. xD


pfft like we'd stop you.

haha, same to you too~!
E'ka: Kingdom Hearts - Larxeneekas on February 17th, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
Because it's too much fun?

If it's any consolation, I have spent the last hour working on one such deleted scene snippet, with Bill discussing his relationship with the other two with one of the main characters in the series.

Huzzah for more Lilo and Stitch fic?

And tomorrow is yet another holiday, but I don't like it because I'll be working a fish fry tomorrow.
✩ Lex: ✩need office space?sparkism on February 18th, 2010 04:40 am (UTC)
Of course.

\o/ yaaay. I think.

ewww, fish. I don't think I could fry fish for a very long time without dying.
E'ka: Silver Dragonekas on February 18th, 2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
Of course in a perfect world I'd have the entire series finished already and a publisher just waiting to put them out for me.


Well, I had another girl helping me for most of the day, so it wasn't that bad.
✩ Lex: ✩innovatedsparkism on February 18th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
ahaha, that would indeed be perfect.

selenityshiroiselenityshiroi on February 15th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)


*loves you*
E'ka: Lilo and Stitch - Defaultekas on February 15th, 2010 03:27 am (UTC)
Awww. I'm glad you liked it. ^.^