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21 November 2009 @ 11:14 pm
Title: The Games We Play
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Xigbar/Larxene (main), mentions of Orgy XIII
Word Count: 1,317
Rating: OT for subject matter
Summary: Xigbar and Larxene's pillow talk is generally anything but friendly.
Author's Notes: So this post earlier, this is basically what it morphed into.

Xigbar rolled his head to the side, not in the least bit curious how he had found himself in this position, yet again, since he knew perfectly well why continued to exhaust himself in that bed. A slender arm draped lazily over his stomach to remind him he was not being ignored, nor was he finished with yet. It was awkward with some of the others, like they seemed to forget they had no hearts and expected more from him. Maybe it was just his warped perception, as they certainly had no problems seeking comfort elsewhere when he was unavailable. There was none of that awkwardness in this room, just awkward bruises and marks that he did not particularly care to explain later. More than any of the others, she understood that nothing that happened in this place meant anything. It was uncomplicated, at least, as uncomplicated as anything was going to get.

There was a single pink rose in a vase on the nightstand, fresh, as if it had only been there for a day or so. Even though he knew it was a bad idea, as it always lead to a contest of insults about selected partners, he smirked and remarked, “Nice flower.”

“You think so,” she remarked noncommittally as she sat up in the bed next to him. “I’m sure if you asked nicely enough, Marluxia would give one to you, too.” She turned her bare back towards him, and since the subordinates’ beds were really too small to be shared, he sat up as well, facing the door and trying to remember exactly where he had stashed his clothes this time. Somewhere under the bed maybe?

“I think I’ll pass.” As a general rule, other members were not allowed any type of presence in his room, although that didn’t stop some of the braver ones to continue to ask, like Larxene, although he suspected it wasn’t an interest in his design taste that prompted her to pursue a visit to his room.

“Why don’t we go to your room for a little more fun?” she practically purred as if she had known what he had been thinking about, or maybe she had been planning on asking all along. Earlier she had been quite content to go where he wanted to go, running her fingers along his bare skin and not raising any protests, but she always started to make her demands eventually.

“As if.”

“What’s the big secret about your room anyway?” she asked, and he could tell she was becoming genuinely annoyed, but then it didn’t seem to take much. “Did you leave Demyx tied up to your bed and got bored so you decided to look for some real excitement?”

She was never boring, he would have to give her that much credit, and sometimes he wondered if she came up with all her tricks herself or if she was picking them up from other members as she went along. “Not exactly.”

“Oh?” she asked as she turned around on the bed. He didn’t look at her as he felt the bed shifting under her weight, and soon enough her hot breath was on his ear and her coy fingers were tracing a scar along his abdomen. “Or maybe you’re trying to avoid someone; someone who’s making you remember things you’d rather forget.

He grabbed her hand and placed it on the sheets to her bed although her presence still loomed behind him. “Don’t you have someone else you can practice your head games on?”

“That’s a great idea. Why don’t we play a game?” she suggested, running her fingers playfully up his arm before leaning forward and pressing her breasts lightly against him.

He shook his head, but didn’t push her off. “Not in the mood. I’m sure Luxord would be willing to oblige.”

With a pout, she pulled away from his back and sat on the edge of the bed next to him. “He cheats.”

For a moment, he was unsure if she was talking about games or the other thing, but in the long run it really didn’t matter that much. “As if. It can hardly be considered cheating when we’re all guilty.”

“Actually, the last time I saw Luxord, he was standing outside Marluxia’s room,” she said thoughtfully, and suddenly Xigbar was reminded of the strange noises he had assumed to be Vexen coming from Marluxia’s room earlier. Still, he knew better than to trust the word of anyone in the Organization, and he found that was especially true of Larxene. Besides, all the newer recruits thought they could outwit him and gain a more secure position in the Organization.

“Nice try.” It was good to encourage her, as used in the right way, her ability to play people could be useful. It was a real shame it didn’t work on those without hearts. “Maybe you should try those mind games on Demyx.” At the very least, Xigbar suspected Demyx would pretend to cry just so she would leave him alone.

“Too easy,” she said, curling her fingers around his shoulder. “All I have to do is tell him what we’ve been up to, and he’ll break into pieces.”

He looked disdainfully down at the hand on his shoulder for a moment, wondering if perhaps he had been mistaken about her and she was becoming too clingy after all. “When you’re done with him, make sure to tell Axel. He’ll be thrilled to know he’s free for other pursuits.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s already got those.” She leaned over and roughly bit his earlobe. “Besides, why would I want Axel when I have much more pleasurable entertainment right here?” She moved on from his ear and started nipping lightly along his neck. As far as he was concerned, there was no reason to refuse her as neither of them had any obligations to anyone else. She had just started making her way down his chest when the room was invaded by sitar music. “What the hell is his problem?” she yelled, and he was smart enough to move back to avoid any accidental electrocution.

“Zexion probably kicked him out again.”

Larxene had extracted herself from him and looked torn between wanting to go twist Demyx’s neck herself, or just taking her frustrations out on the nearest male. While things could get rough with Larxene on a normal basis, he did not want them to be that rough, and he took her moment of indecision to separate his clothes from hers and quickly put them on. Being in the Organization taught them to put on clothes quickly when they were no longer welcome before they were frozen, burned, electrocuted, and those were just the ones who couldn’t think of a more clever way to embarrass. “I hate living on the same floor as him,” she growled. Sometimes, he thought it miraculous how any of the subordinates managed to live on the same floor without killing each other, but he figured someone had to have been keeping them in line. “Can’t we go to your room?” she asked, moving back over to his side.

“My room’s not much better,” he told her. “The top floor still gets to be serenaded.” Or annoyed, whichever way the situation was looked at.

She did not protest when he started moving towards the door, but then again, the game had already ended, interrupted as it were, and neither of them had won. They had both gotten what they needed out of the encounter, and now they would both go back to their usual haunts, not to come back together for a week or so.

“See you next week, boss,” she called with a patronizing tone as he stepped out the door. He hated to admit it, but she was probably right; she was the only other one who openly accepted their bizarre situation.

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✩ Lex: ✩the gloves are offsparkism on November 22nd, 2009 05:47 am (UTC)
and again ~ love love love loooooove you.
you write both of them so well. ♥ ♥
E'ka: Kingdom Hearts - Larxeneekas on November 22nd, 2009 01:59 pm (UTC)
Awww, thank you. I'm so glad you like it. ^.^ And I'll probably continue to write at least a few more just since I know I have an audience. ^.^