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25 December 2007 @ 01:36 pm
Merry Christmas everyone!

To celebrate te holiday, I'm posting the final three mistletoe drabbles for almighty_taka Never got around to doing the Larsa/Penelo one.

Kharavela – Devlin [Legends of Damador] [G]
Devlin was not sure what the visiting blond had told Kharavela about the green plant he had insisted upon hanging in various prominent locations through the Hindatsu caves. Whatever it was had prompted the dragon to kiss everyone he met underneath the plant. Devlin had struggled to fight the angry impulses that arose whenever he witnessed Kharavela kissing someone else under it. The blond traveler must have told him something, though Devlin did not understand what it could possibly be. It was just some random plant. It should not have had that type of power. Just when he thought he might be able to make use of whatever Kharavela thought he was doing by keeping him trapped under one of those plants all day, all of them that had been hanging from the ceiling disappeared, no doubt at the hands of the blond who had already used it to get what he wanted from Kharavela.

Still, he had only been kissed under it once when he had seen the dragon under it with someone else on numerous occasions. Granted, most of the time they seemed to have been accidents as Kharavela had not seemed happy about kissing some of the individuals he had. Yet, by the time Devlin had decided to rectify that problem, they had taken all the green plants down. Kharavela seemed relieved when he no longer had to worry about finding himself standing underneath it, but Devlin was disappointed that he had only gotten one kiss during that time.

He looked up at the ceiling, at the natural oddities in the structure of the rock. It would be so easy for him to use his magic to make one of the little bumps in the rock appear to be one of those plants. He would only have to do it long enough for him to get what he deserved and no one else would have to be subjected to it.

“Kharavela, it would seem those strangers have left some of that odd plant hanging around,” he said, pointing upwards.

Kharavela twitched nervously as he looked up before he remembered who he was standing next to. Devlin was very pleased with himself when Kharavela leaned down to kiss him, listening to the dragon purr lightly.

Cain – Glitch [Tin Man] [G]
There was something he knew he was forgetting about the small plant hanging from the ceiling above them, something that had to do with the holiday season and was probably prompted the agitated way Cain was looking at him. It wasn’t his fault if he couldn’t remember what the plant was there for, even though he had vague recollections of D.G. explaining it to him when she had climbed the ladder to hang the plant in the doorway. Cain obviously knew what it was for giving the slightly nervous way to glance around the room. But he wasn’t sharing that information which wasn’t doing Glitch any good. If only he could remember what that plant was for, they could have been spared this embarrassing moment as he taxed his half a brain trying to remember. Vague images of happy couples floated through his mind next to the plant, but he couldn’t seem to piece them together.

It was only after Cain had given him a brief kiss that he actually remembered that the plant was supposed to be for.

Kurogane – Fai [Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles] [G]

This world, like so many of the others they had visited on their journey together, had its own variation of the Christmas holiday. This one lacked the exchanging of gifts and odd trees set up in people’s house’s, but was more centered on baking cookies and hanging decorations, including ones he was familiar with such as tinsel and mistletoe. He was a bit too familiar with mistletoe, as the first world they had arrived in that had it had given Fai the perfect opportunity to pin him to the ground and give him a very vigorous kiss in full view of the children. Since then, Kurogane was very wary of the thing called mistletoe and refused to let it in the house, even though Fai had whined and begged for him to change his mind. Syaoran had seemed rather relieved that there would be no repeats of the first Christmas they had together.

After the children had gone to bed, including the white pork bun, he and the blond had stayed up to finish hanging the decorations so that the children would be pleasantly surprised in the morning. They were hanging silver tinsel on the wall, after ignoring the warning label that it could be hazardous to small pets, and had started on opposite sides, slowly working their way towards each other. It was the last thing they had to do, and then they could both get some well deserved rest. As soon as Kurogane stepped away from the wall, Fai launched himself towards him, kissing him fully on the lips. Kurogane glanced briefly upwards to see a small white thing dashing away from a newly hung piece of mistletoe. Still, he decided he could go curse at the creature later, after Fai was done kissing him. Though, he was fairly certain now it would be a while before either one of them would get any rest, but at least time the kids would not have to be subjected to Fai’s eagerness.
almighty_taka: Santa Mokona~!!almighty_taka on December 25th, 2007 10:23 pm (UTC)
*squeals* So good! Thank you so much for all of the mistletoe fics! they are all very very good and make me wish Christmas was a bit longer XD
Mr. Penguinsire_maxus on December 26th, 2007 12:41 pm (UTC)
they were 3 wonderful drabbles, certainly you are a truly gifted writer..

The one that i like the most was "Kharavela – Devlin [Legends of Damador] [G]", it is simply marvelous how you have depicted some unknown custom.. Very lovely..

Innocently Wickedanangelfalls on December 26th, 2007 09:53 pm (UTC)
Mistletoe Ficcys!!
I loved them...I love them all...Would you mind if I put them on my website if I gave you complete and total credit in like 478 pt font?? [[ok...maybe 76...]]
E'ka: Saiyuki - Konzen Gokuekas on December 27th, 2007 01:49 am (UTC)
Re: Mistletoe Ficcys!!
Sure! Feel free!
Innocently Wickedanangelfalls on December 28th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Mistletoe Ficcys!!
Here's the link to the website and you can see where I put it. I even put a link to your LiveJournal. Any KuroFai ficcys would be appreciated!! ^^


Go to Fanfiction under Autumns Amber and you'll see the Christmas section
ユウイ: KuroFai heartssnowaltz on December 27th, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
I think the KuroFai ficlet is warmth and sweet.. Were you saving this pairing to be post last? =P

after ignoring the warning label that it could be hazardous to small pets
This line just amused me, hee.
ɱαɴɓʘɏ ♉ ƈℋєყ: glitch/cain heartlalachoy on December 28th, 2007 02:19 am (UTC)
Don't mind, I'm just somebody who randomly stalks your fics and never comments. :3 But I had to comment because omfg, Cain/Glitch and Kuro/Fai in the same post! Lucky day.