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09 August 2007 @ 07:55 pm
First off, happy anniversary, Kurogane/Fai  
Title: Good Morning Kiss
Author: ekas
Fandom: Horitsuba
Pairing: Kurogane/Fai
Rating: K+
Word Count: 2,015
Warnings: None in particular.
Disclaimer: I don't own the school or any of the characters contained within the fic.

Fai was staying at Kurogane’s apartment while his was being fumigated. At first, Kurogane had refused to allow him to stay, telling the man he had plenty of other friends, some of which had more room and would be more than willing to share space with him for the week. Fai had continued to pester him, offering to cook meals for him and provide other services for him during that week. Eventually, Kurogane was forced to relent because it was the only way to get the blonde quiet for more than two seconds. He tried to ignore the fact that he had voiced his consent immediately after the blonde had first proposed to do all of Kurogane’s housework wearing only an apron. He would have to find a way to get out of that situation, or the chairlady might find out about it and tease him mercilessly. The next evening after school, Fai showed up at his apartment with a suitcase in hand. He had started to strip, but Kurogane managed to stop him before he removed too many of his clothes.

“But that was the agreement I made with Kuro-tan-sensei,” Fai insisted as he held up the apron he had been planning on wearing.

Kurogane refused to look at it. “You can just clean in your normal clothes.” Actually, he did not need the man to clean for him at all, but he supposed it wouldn’t hurt for Fai to feel helpful while he was staying at his apartment.

The first evening, Fai slept on the couch with a spare blanket and pillow Kurogane handed him. The gym teacher tried to forget the science teacher was staying with him as he slept, but it seemed to be the only thing he could think of. The following morning, he discovered Fai had slept naked on the couch, and the blanket was tangled down around his ankles. Kurogane immediately stormed back into his room and didn’t go back into the other room until he could hear that the other man was awake. He found Fai in the kitchen rummaging through the cupboards.

“Morning, Kuro-sama-sensei~!” The man was far too cheerful considering how early it was in the morning. “Do you want breakfast?”

Kurogane just sat down at the table, watching Fai make breakfast. He thought he heard the man humming to himself above the sizzling of the frying pan. Within a few minutes, Fai sat down at the table with him and pushed a plate of food in front of him.

“Kuro-chan-sensei, I need to talk to you about my sleeping arrangements.”

Kurogane briefly thought about suggesting the man wear something to bed, but decided to not say anything.

“I can’t sleep on your couch anymore. It hurts my back too much.”

“I only have one bed.”

“I can just share with you,” the blonde suggested while batting his eyelashes.

“No!” There was no way in hell he was going to be sharing a bed with that man. The blonde would probably do horrible things to him while he was trying to sleep.

Still, Fai continued to pester him throughout the day. When Kurogane saw him from a distance, he was usually stretching backwards with his hands on his lower back. When they were closer, Fai was sure to whine at him about how much his back hurt. The blonde even managed to get Sakura and Himawari to lecture him on how he should be taking better care of Fai-sensei.

That evening found Fai sleeping comfortably in Kurogane’s bed. However, the gym teacher still refused to sleep in bed with the man, so he had made himself comfortable on the couch. He disliked the idea of the man sleeping naked in his bed, but it was better than listening to the man complain about his back all day. The second morning when Kurogane woke up, his back was so stiff that he could barely move. The only thing he gained was assurance the man had not been lying about the pain in his back. Kurogane was unsure how he was supposed to teach when his back felt like that.

“Good morning, Kuro-chan-sensei!” Fai said cheerfully as he stepped fully dressed out of the bedroom. “Did you sleep as well as I did?”

Kurogane glared at the man, hoping that was supposed to be a joke. He doubted it. “No.”

“I told you that couch was bad for your back. Maybe you should join me in the bed tonight,” Fai suggested in a not-so-innocent manner.

Kurogane wondered if the science teacher had done something to guarantee that he would be forced to wake up with a sore back in the morning. Unfortunately, it had worked and the gym teacher was certain he would not be able to tolerate such pain a second morning. “Only if you are going to be wearing clothes to bed,” he stipulated.

“I can do that,” Fai readily agreed.

Kurogane sighed; he should have thought about the floor before he agreed to sleeping in the bed with the man. The floor was much more comfortable, but it was too late for him to change his mind. Fai would torture him relentlessly until he moved back into his own apartment and probably beyond. He tried to forget about the evening, but Fai made it virtually impossible. Every time they were in any form of proximity, the science teacher would lovingly call him his ‘bedmate.’ He even had the audacity to call him that in front of the students more than once and Syaoran had blushed. Kurogane had been ready to kill the crazy blonde, but he knew the students never would have forgiven him for killing their other beloved teacher.

After changing into his pajamas, Fai hopped happily into the bed. Kurogane thought the blonde was just a little too excited about the situation and decided he was going to be sleeping on the floor anyway. Without saying anything to the other man, the gym teacher settled down on the floor.

“Eh, Kuro-pyon-sensei, what are you doing down there?” the blonde asked, peering his head over the edge of the bed.

“I’ve decided it’s more comfortable down here.” He tried to ignore the hurt look that flashed across the man’s face.

“Oh, okay.” Fai disappeared back onto the bed.

Damn, it was his apartment, and he should be able to sleep wherever he wanted to without feeling guilty. Yet as he tried to fall asleep, all he could picture was that hurt expression before Fai disappeared into the bed and wonder if the man was still upset by what he had done. The third night was a very restless night for Kurogane.

When he woke up the next morning, there was something heavy and soft on top of him. Fai was stretched out on top of him with his arms wrapped around Kurogane’s neck. The man’s hair was tickling his nose. “Oi, wake up,” he ordered as he shoved the man off of him.

Fai yawned and stretched his arms, exposing his belly button. “Oh, I’m sorry, Kuro-sama-sensei. I must have fallen out of bed.”

Kurogane knew that wasn’t true because if the man would have fallen on top of him, they both would have been woken up by the impact. Which had to mean Fai had gotten out of bed and crawled on top of him for some reason. His suspicions were confirmed the next morning when he woke up with the blonde sprawled on top of him again. He had a feeling the pattern would just continue until the end of the week, so after the fourth day he relented to sleeping in the bed. At least he knew the man would be fully clothed. Fai had stopped teasing him during daylight hours, probably because he was afraid he would scare Kurogane out of the bed again.

The gym teacher watched Fai warily as they got into opposite ends of the bed to make sure the blonde did not try to share Kurogane’s side of the bed. Sleep did not visit him quickly as he was busy listening to every noise the science teacher made. When it seemed Fai was trying to move closer to him, Kurogane would growl to get the man back on the proper side of the bed. He felt like they were playing some sort of game to see who was going to be falling asleep first. Eventually, Kurogane did not hear the man moving around anymore so he finally allowed himself to fall asleep.

He must have misjudged what the man was doing because when he woke up the blonde was firmly against his side with his arms around him and something was poking his thigh. “Get off of me!” he growled, pushing the man away from him.

He had pushed too hard, and Fai landed on the floor with a resounding thud. He had not meant to push that hard, but he did feel a bit satisfied. “Ow, Kuro-tan-sensei…” the man whined from the floor. “Why did you have to push me off the bed?”

“You weren’t staying on your side of the bed,” he growled as Fai pulled himself back on to the edge of the bed.

“That doesn’t sound like a reason to push a man off the bed,” Fai said as he stretched. The man had to realize he enticed Kurogane’s gaze to his stomach when he did that.

“You were snuggling against me.”

“It’s natural for people to snuggle together at night,” the science teacher countered.

“You were poking me in the thigh.”

Fai blinked at him a few times. “Oh. Sorry about that.” Kurogane couldn’t believe the man had the nerve to not be embarrassed by what had happened. “Shall I make you breakfast?”

“Get out of here,” Kurogane growled, refusing to look at the man. There had to be some sort of arrangement that would allow both of them to be comfortable without any chance of the two of them accidentally touching. He couldn’t think of anything, but after twenty minutes, he realized he had not been trying very hard and had been thinking more about how nice the blonde’s body had felt pressed against his side. He shook his head to clear it of those traitorous thoughts and decided a cold shower was in order. A long, cold shower he decided as he rolled out of bed and started to make his way to the bathroom. When he finally walked out into the kitchen, Fai looked at him oddly but stuck his breakfast in the microwave without saying anything to him.

He managed to get through the following evening without any accidental contact with the other man. If he could manage to do that for the rest of the week, he thought he might be able to survive until the blonde went back to his own apartment.

The last morning the blonde was going to be there, Kurogane woke up to find not only had Fai worked himself back against his side, but the blonde was safely encased in his arms. Kurogane had also somehow managed to lose his shirt during the night, and he thought he might have known who was to blame for that lack of clothing. Resisting the (not very strong) urge to push the blonde off the bed, Kurogane allowed himself to hold the lithe body for a few more minutes.

After about ten more minutes of just lying there, Fai stirred and stretched in his arms. The blonde smiled dreamily up at him, and Kurogane tightened his grip on the man. “Good morning, Kuro-sama,” Fai told him before giving him a good morning kiss on the lips. The kiss was not as awkward or disgusting as Kurogane could imagine it to be, and when Fai pulled away, he found himself craving more. “I have a confession to make. My apartment’s not being fumigated this week. I just wanted to spend more time with you,” Fai whispered before leaning in to kiss him again.

For some reason, Kurogane could not be angry with the man.

The Boss: TRCKF Buttsexrufustehshinra on August 10th, 2007 12:30 am (UTC)
Oh the fluff! <3 That was so cute.
SHE'S INFECTIOUS HUMAN WASTEsmokexscribbles on August 10th, 2007 04:23 am (UTC)
Aww! I loved it, especially the last bit - “I have a confession to make. My apartment’s not being fumigated this week. I just wanted to spend more time with you,” Fai whispered before leaning in to kiss him again.

Again - Aww! <3
youkohiei_fan: poking kuroganeyoukohiei_fan on August 10th, 2007 08:51 am (UTC)
“Oh, I’m sorry, Kuro-sama-sensei. I must have fallen out of bed.”
Fai's so devious^^ and it worked too

ユウイ: Kurogane/Faisnowaltz on August 11th, 2007 01:31 pm (UTC)
That is sweet =) And I like it that Fai is honest at the end.
Wrenfengtianshi on August 12th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwww my brain went all *fluffyfluffyfluffy* and flew in Fangirls' Heaven!!! <3
Lexi: KuroFai - nice ass :Dlexi_nyanko on August 13th, 2007 10:14 am (UTC)
FLUFF~~~ <33333

This was not part of the Horitsuba Chronicles, right? Are you planning to write something new for that anytime soon? o.o
ariadnechan: FayxKuroariadnechan on August 14th, 2007 07:48 pm (UTC)
i was really good Kurogane in trouble beause Fay is always so good and Fay saying the truth is OHHH!!!!
Katinapuchikou_chan on January 4th, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
Omg. I've been dead from lj but recently came back on for communities and such. Just had to say that this fic is extremely cute lol! I can always rely on your chart when i'm in need for good kurofai! :3c