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13 June 2007 @ 07:02 pm
Title: Breakfast in Bed
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Kurogane/Fai, Kurogane+Sakura
Prompt: 056. Breakfast
Word Count: 4,852
Rating: T
Summary: Theoretically set after Piffle. After Kurogane falls ill while looking for the princess' feather, Sakura takes care of him while Fai and Syaoran work and search for the feather.
Author's Notes: Nothing bad in this one, light boy on boy kissing and emotional connections between Kurogane and Sakura.

Kurogane was surprised one morning when he was woken up by the princess entering the room instead of the mage. He was more surprised by how weak he felt and how he had no recollection of where he was or how he had gotten there. He also had no idea what had happened to the clothes he had been wearing and he blamed the mage for that one. The last thing he remembered was he had been trudging through the rain in search of the princess’ feather. The other two had gone back to the safety of the shelter because of the weather, but he had pressed recklessly forward. He watched the princess carefully as, balancing a tray, she made her way across the room to his bedside. The clothes she was currently wearing were nothing like the clothes they had in the last world he remembered. The princess did not seem to realize he was watching her until after she had very carefully placed the tray down next to him.

“Oh!” She seemed so startled to see him watching her that she accidentally knocked something over on the tray, and he was glad she had not noticed while the full tray had been in her hands. The noise made him aware of a previously unnoticed pain in his head. “I’m very sorry. Did I wake you, Kurogane-san?” the princess apologized as she righted the object.

“I was already awake,” he lied, but she seemed to believe it. With a relieved smile, she repositioned the tray over his lap. She had knocked over a small container of sugar. “What’s this all about?” he asked, indicating the various items he thought might have been food on the tray.

The princess sat down on a chair next to the bed; she seemed far too comfortable there for his liking. He noticed a pink shawl she had picked up a few worlds prior was thrown across the back of it. “Fai-san thought you might be waking up today, so he woke up early and made you breakfast in bed.”

Which would explain why he was still in bed and breakfast was in his lap. “Why didn’t he bring it to me himself?” He found it highly unusual for the blond to miss an opportunity like this one.

“Fai-san and Syaoran-kun left a little over an hour ago to go to work,” Sakura explained cheerfully. He was not sure if he wanted to know why the two of them were busy at work while he was still in bed being served by the princess. He should have been working as well. Then again, none of them had jobs in the previous world. “Fai-san seemed really disappointed that he couldn’t bring it to you personally, but he said he trusted me to make sure you got it properly. “ She seemed pleased with herself that she had managed to get the tray that was bigger than her into the room and safely onto his lap, so he decided not to point the spilled sugar out to her.
“He also praised me for the level of care I’ve been treating you with while he’s been at work.”
He was unsure if he preferred the mage or the princess to be treating him; the kid was preferable but was completely out of the question as he only did things for the princess. “You should eat your breakfast,” she told him, gesturing to the food on the tray.

He could tell she was nervous about something which did not make much sense to him if she had been taking care of him for the past few days. Her hands were fidgeting in her lap, and she avoided making eye contact with him as he ate. He also thought she might have been blushing slightly. He decided she was just a little intimidated by him now that he was awake and he could interact with her.

“Umm, Kurogane-san…” He decided he would make things easier for whatever she had to say to him by not looking at her. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault you got sick.” He risked a glance over to her and noticed her eyes were downcast. “If you hadn’t been so determined to find my feather, none of this would have happened.”

He could not accept the princess being upset because of something he had done. “It’s not your fault,” he tried to reassure her. “I could have gone back with the other two, but I chose to go forward. “ Sick was a feeling he was not used to, and the coughing was not helping.
Sakura nodded in understanding. “But Fai-san is so exhausted from working all the time, and he never gets to see you anymore except at night.” He had to wonder exactly what the princess was implying with that statement. “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have said that,” she apologized quickly.
“You should finish your breakfast. Fai-san got up early to make it for you.” He had even been kind enough to search out chopsticks for him to use he noticed.

“Have you eaten?” he asked the princess as he picked the chopsticks back up. He hated to be the center of so much attention, and even though the blond was not physically there, he could still feel his attention.

“I ate with Fai-san and Syaoran-kun before they left this morning.” He was impressed at how she always seemed to remember to smile even in his presence. She had never even seemed afraid of him.

The princess did not speak to him again while he finished eating his breakfast. Once he was done, she took the tray away from him and disappeared from the room. Kurogane briefly wondered if he should go back to sleep, but remembering how much time he had lost, decided he had gotten enough to last him quite a while. After a few minutes, the princess came back into the room and sat back down in the chair next to his bed.

“You don’t have to stay in here,” he informed her. He thought he would be much better off if he was left alone with his thoughts, and she would be much happier if she was not by his side.
Maybe she should spend some time with the manjuu instead.

She shook her head. “Fai-san requested I stay by your side in case you need anything, and I also need to give you your medicine.” He actually did need something, but he would be damned before he told the princess what that was. “Besides, I want to stay. It’s the least I can do for you after all the things you’ve done for me.” He hadn’t been doing it for the princess, not in the beginning at any rate. He was still in denial that he might actually care about these people as a family. “I’m sure Fai-san wishes he could be here himself to take care of you.”
He personally wished neither one of them was taking care of him. “You’re doing just fine.”
Though, he was going to need something soon that he preferred the mage or the kid to do rather than the princess.

She looked at the wall above his head where he could only assume was one of those things called a clock. “Oh, it’s time for your medicine now, Kurogane-san.”

He didn’t like the sound of that word “medicine;” there was just something about it that did not sound right to him. He would have tried to get away, but he was finding it difficult to move much. The princess reached for a spoon and bottle sitting on the bedside table. “Now, I’m not sure how this tastes,” his body must have unconsciously remembered the taste as he pulled away from the bottle, “but Fai-san said since I’m so sweet, if I give it to you, it will go down easier.”

He really hated it when the mage forced him into those situations. If he made a fuss about the medicine, then the princess would be upset at the belief she was not sweet. He didn’t like upset princesses, and the mage would be sure to hear about it. And thoroughly scold him. The princess carefully poured the medicine into the spoon, and pushed the contents into his mouth before he could protest about the smell. That ‘medicine’ was the nastiest liquid he ever had in his entire life, but since the princess was watching him so carefully, he forced himself to swallow it without complaint.

“We need to do this again in another eight hours,” the princess told him as she placed both the spoon and bottle back on the table. More than once a day was far too much, and he wondered if the mage had thought about the possibility that the doctors of this world were actually trying to kill him. That medicine tasted more like poison than something that was supposed to be helping him.

Hours passed in silence as he did not know what to say to the princess and he grew continually more uncomfortable. He had started shifting around in the bed trying to take his mind off the situation. “When are the kid and the mage supposed to get back?” he finally asked. He didn’t know why he simply did not ask that question earlier, other than the princess might think he did not enjoy her company.

“Syaoran-kun will look for the feather directly after work, so he won’t be back until night, and it will be a few hours yet before Fai-san stops by in between jobs.” He wasn’t sure he wanted to know why the mage was working two jobs. “If you need something, Kurogane-san, I can do it for you,” she offered cheerfully. He had the feeling she wouldn’t be so happy if she knew what it was.

“It’s nothing important.” He dismissed the offer, but he couldn’t help but to continue to shift uncomfortably in the bed.

“No, please, Kurogane-san, I want to help you.” She had placed her hand on his arm, but she quickly snatched it away. “Just tell me what you need, and I’ll do my best.”

He was not entirely sure he would be able to make it until the mage returned to check up on them. “I have to use the restroom,” he finally admitted, because he realized he was never going to be able to get out of that bed on his own. He was also glad to realize that he could not have been unconscious for that long.

“There’s one down the hall. I’m sure between the two of us, we should be able to get you down there.” He had to wonder how a girl who had spent three quarters of the first six months he had known her unconscious could possibly have enough strength to help him get out of bed, let alone anywhere else. Still, she seemed so very determined to help him in any way possible, so he decided to at least let her try. He managed to sit up in the bed and get his feet onto the ground on his own. She made her way to his side and pulled his arm around her shoulders. If this was what it was going to feel like to kill someone, he was resolved more than before to not kill anyone. She supported him as he struggled to get to his feet. He never should have underestimated her. He was bent halfway over but he was standing. Supporting himself more on the hallway wall than the princess, they managed to make their way down the hallway.

That so-called medication had better start working better soon, he thought as he dried his hands while leaning heavily on the sink. The princess was waiting for him outside the door when he was finished. She helped him get back down the hallway and back into the bed. He wanted to go back to sleep, and he cursed his body for failing him. Though maybe he should be grateful Fai was not there to laugh at him for his weakness. That would have been annoying. He didn’t mean to fall asleep; at the very least, he could keep the princess company since she was stuck taking care of him.

He only meant to close his eyes for a second, but when he opened them again the mage was peering
around the doorway. “How are my favorite ninja and princess doing?” There was something off about the man’s voice that he couldn’t quite place.

“Kurogane-san is awake,” Sakura told him cheerfully.

“Don’t wear him out, Sakura-chan,” the man called as he disappeared behind the door, “I want to finally spend some time with him when I get home tonight.” He was kind of glad the blond had missed him, but he knew it never should have happened in the first place. Damn the rain. Now that he was thinking about it, the blond had warned him that he was not invincible and he could get sick if he stayed out in the rain. He briefly wondered if the mage had made him sick in order to teach him a lesson. Then he realized the man would most likely not do that to him if it meant he was forced to exhaust himself by working two jobs.

“Fai-san must have really missed not being able to be with you,” the princes told him with a smile once they were both sure that the mage was gone. “I think Syaoran-kun might have missed spending time with you as well.”

“How long have we been here?” he asked, suddenly worried that he had been unconscious for a very long time and wondering how much he had missed.

“Three days,” the princess told him with a smile.

“Three days?” She was acting like the other two had not been able to see him in years.

“Yep, three days. After the storm stopped, Mokona followed the feather and found you. We teleported to this world, and Fai-san got a doctor to look at you, then he and Syaoran-kun went to find jobs to pay for your medicine.” Well, at least now he knew what he had missed and it didn’t sound like anything special. Now if only the damn cough would go away he was sure he would be feeling infinitely better. After the eight hours had passed, the princess gave him more of the medicine. If anything, he was resolved to make himself better so he would no longer have to stomach any more of that vile liquid. “You know, Kurogane-san, I think I might have missed you too.” He was not exactly sure how he was supposed to respond to such open sentimentality.

An hour must have passed without the princess saying anything else to him. “You know, you can talk to me even I may not respond,” he told the princess because after spending so much time with the mage he was unused to silence. Just as long as she did not talk about cute things or flowers, they would be fine.

She seemed to talk a good deal about her boyfriend which was more upsetting to him than he thought it should be. He did not know why he did not want her to be talking about her boyfriend. At least he did not have to hear too much of what she was saying because of the cough.

After about another hour, they both heard a door opening somewhere in the house and the princess seemed to perk up. “Syaoran-kun and Mokona must be home.” It must have been too early for the blond to be back from work. Even though the princess seemed excited that the kid had returned, she showed no signs of leaving the room.

“You can go see him,” he told her because he was fairly sure she would never leave otherwise. There was absolutely no reason for them both to be in misery.

“Are you sure, Kurogane-san? Are you sure you’ll be alright here by yourself?” She seemed torn between her duty to stay and her desire to see Syaoran.

“I’ll be fine.” He was sure he would be able to survive the time until Fai joined him.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning,” she promised before she went out the door in search of her boyfriend. He sighed and tired to make himself comfortable in the bed. His cough seemed to be more persistent now that the princess was gone from the room. He didn’t know why she would want to spend time with him when he was sure there were other things she could be doing. She could go out on her own to search for the feather if this world was safe enough for her on her own. He should have tried to figure out if he could read the writing of this world before the
princess had left him. At least then he would have had something to do.

Doing his best to ignore the aches in his body, he dozed until he heard someone outside the door. He was instantly awake and straightened himself up, wondering if it was the princess coming back to him. He didn’t know why his body sagged when it was a very tired looking mage who made his way through the door.

“Oh, good, Kuro-sama is still awake,” Fai said as he made his way over to the bed. Kurogane watched him carefully as he moved, wearing a smile that wasn’t fully there and moving much slower than normal. He was lacking the energy Kurogane was used to seeing him with. Fai collapsed onto the bed next to him. “Did Sakura-chan take good care of you today?”

“She was in here most of the day.” Fai smiled as he closed his eyes. He looked like he was already on the verge of sleeping. “She told me what you told her about the medicine.” Fai smiled more though he didn’t open his eyes. “I know you did that on purpose to force me to drink it.”

The mage’s eyes wearily opened. “Has she given you your medicine tonight?” he asked without looking at him. Kurogane realized how easily he could lie and get out of tasting that vile liquid again that day.

“No. I told her to go see the kid whenever he got back.” He watched as Fai pushed himself to a sitting position and carefully reached over him to grab the medicine bottle. His stomach turned when the blond opened the bottle and the stench reached him. He briefly contemplated voicing his concerns that the doctors might actually be trying to kill him. As Fai pushed the spoon filled with medicine towards him, he cringed away from it.

“Do I have to bring Sakura-chan back in here to give this to you?” Fai asked in what was a suspiciously non-teasing tone. Things were definitely wrong when the blond was not teasing him.

“No,” he responded sullenly before accepting the medicine. This time he allowed his disgust to show but Fai didn’t seem to notice as he was placing the bottle back on the nightstand.

“Goodnight, Kuro-chan,” the mage told him after planting a gentle kiss on the forehead. Fai collapsed face down on the pillow next to his. “I’ll try not to wake you when I go to work tomorrow morning.”

“That’s not necessary.” He wasn’t exactly sure if the blond had heard him as a light snoring was the only response he got. He wondered if the mage would be able to sleep through his coughing as he turned the light out to get more rest. It felt odd sharing a bed with the blond without having sex before he went to sleep.

Fai did not wake him when he left in the morning. By the time he woke up, the bed was empty. A nasty taste was left in his mouth, and he noticed the medicine bottle was moved on the nightstand. Damn mage must have given him some more before he slipped off to work.

Within a few minutes, the princess was making her way into the room balancing another breakfast tray. “Good morning, Kurogane-san!” she called with a cheerful smile. He struggled to push himself to a sitting position as she sat down next to him. “How are you feeling today?” She carefully pushed the tray of food into his lap.

“Better,” he admitted gruffly as he realized the mage had put the same care into breakfast that morning as he had the day before.

“You look better,” she commented as he started eating. She stayed silent for a while, only speaking again when it was time for his medicine. He thought the two of them should be able to talk about something, but he was finding it difficult to begin a conversation with her. He was surprised he had not bored the princess away after the first day. If she really wanted to, she could probably find an excuse as to why she should not have to sit by his side. He wouldn’t blame her. Yet the princess showed no indication of being bored or wanting to leave.

Maybe if they could find something to talk about, the hours would not drag on like they were.

“Kurogane-san, I think I know why you look so much better today,” she said after several hours of silence had passed. “Because you saw Fai-san last night, you’re feeling better today.” He thought it was a far stretch, but he decided not to disagree with her. “I think you’re feeling better because you’re happy when you’re with Fai-san.”

The girl looked simultaneously happy and sad while she spoke to him, and Kurogane wondered if she was thinking about the one she loved. She had to be thinking about him because Kurogane knew the kid was what she wanted to make her happy.

“I know my feathers caused a lot of people pain, but I’m glad they were scattered if it meant you and Fai-san were able to meet each other.” He supposed that stupid blond had been one of the few good things that had happened to him on this journey he had been forced on. “When I see the two of you together, I know the two of you really were destined to meet each other.”

He had never really thought about the situation that way before. Now that the princess had mentioned it, they did seem to have fallen easily into a relationship of sorts, much more easily than he ever had with someone before. Even in the times the group had gotten separated, he was always with the mage. And as long as he was holding him in private, things seemed to feel right and like he actually belonged on this trip when the man was in his arms. Maybe the princess was right and he had been destined to meet the blond.

“Which means I was destined to meet you as well, and when I think of that, it makes me really happy.” He was not sure what he was supposed to do with that remark. The princess was blushing slightly, so he thought he would be doing her a favor by not looking at her. “I’m sorry, Kurogane-san. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.” She looked like she was more embarrassed by her own statement than he was. He had just been a little surprised by her sudden statement. “Besides, what I like most is seeing you and Fai-san happy together,” she said so cheerfully he just had to wonder if she was telling the truth. Maybe there were things on this journey he was happy with beyond the mage. The day did seem to go much faster when the princess was by his side.

Even though he was not too fond of the idea, he allowed Sakura to leave when the boy returned to searching for the feather. The room felt quiet and empty without the princess by his side, and he was wondering how long it would be before Fai got back from work. The hours seemed to be much longer now that the princess was not there. He sighed and contemplated taking his medicine on his own, or at least lying about taking it.

Eventually, Fai made his way into the room, and before Kurogane could say anything about the medicine, the blond had measured some and shoved the spoon into his mouth. As he swallowed, Fai made his way to the other side of the bed and collapsed into it.

“Did you have a nice day with Sakura-chan?” he murmured sleepily.

“It was alright,” he said, making the effort to roll to his side and place his hand on the blond’s back. “But I much rather would be spending time with you.” His thumb started gently stroking the man’s back. “Doing other things.” He tried to drop his voice, but he wasn’t so sure he had succeeded.

“Mm, that’s nice,” Fai mumbled. He didn’t seem to have gotten the hint.

“Doing adult things,” he suggested, but Fai still didn’t respond. “Adult things that I only do with you.” Fai finally seemed to have received the message because he rolled to his side with a smile.

“Ah. I get it. Kuro-rin is feeling better and is getting playful,” Fai teased before leaning over to kiss him. He had missed the soft feel of the man’s lips under his, and made sure to kiss him again before he got too far away. It took him awhile before he realized Fai was no longer responding to his kisses and had fallen asleep. Kurogane sighed and gently shook the man awake. “Mmmm… Kuro-tan still knows how to satisfy even when he’s sick.”

“You fell asleep before we did anything.”

“Oh.” Fai blinked a few times, but didn’t say anything else.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” he asked as Fai yawned and stretched in his arms.

“Doing what to myself?” Fai asked innocently even though Kurogane could tell he was struggling to stay awake.

“Exhausting yourself. I’m awake now; you can quit one of those jobs.”

“But Kuro-chan’s medicine is so expensive,” Fai said as he snuggled against Kurogane’s chest. Kurogane did not like the revelation that Fai really had been suffering so much all for him. “I couldn’t just let you die.”

“Get some sleep,” he said when Fai lightly kissed his neck.

“But Kuro-pyon wanted to play,” the mage protested.

“Your sleep is more important,” he argued. Within seconds, Fai had fallen asleep in the crook of Kurogane’s arms. He lightly kissed the top of the man’s head. “I hope I’m not contagious.”

He spent the next few days with the princess, only seeing the mage at night and almost never seeing the kid. As he got better, he spent more time in other rooms of the house they were staying in, but he was still constantly in the company of the princess. He helped her with making dinner for the blonde once he could actually stay standing long enough. His cough subsided and on several occasions, the princess remarked on how glad she was he was getting better. She seemed to be under the impression that he and the blond were locked in nightly passionate embraces, but they hadn’t actually had sex since they had arrived in this world.

“Kurogane-san, I’m glad you’re feeling so much better,” the princess said to him one evening while they were waiting for the kid to return for the evening. “For Fai-san, of course,” she quickly added. He wondered why the princess felt the need to cover up everything she said by making it something about him and the mage.

He was confused when she tentatively placed her hand over his, small fingers curling around his palm. “I’m glad you’re feeling better myself as well. I’m not sure what I would do if you were no longer with us.”

The princess retracted her hand when Syaoran entered the front door, and she went to happily greet him. Kurogane raised his hand and stared at if for a moment, then looked at the princess.
The revelation that she cared about him as well made him start to completely reevaluate everything she had said since they landed in this world.

He was still thinking about it later that night with Fai cuddled against his chest. “That princess loves all of us, did you know that?” he asked before Fai could fall asleep.

“Of course she does. Sakura-chan has a good heart.” He thought the blonde might have been taking his revelation a little too lightly

“Yet that boy is her most important person.”

“Yes, Kuro-sama,” Fai mumbled. Kurogane thought the blond was bored with his conversation. Either that or he was thinking about it much more deeply than he had anticipated.

“I wonder how that boy became her most important person.”

“I wonder how anyone becomes anyone’s special person.”

ariadnechan: happyariadnechan on June 14th, 2007 12:15 am (UTC)
wow i'm the first i love the historie i hope they talk a litle more but they are so in character poor fay working so hard!!!
is like now my husband left at 8 am and return at 23:30 pm and i really miss him but he always so tired, he try to spaeke with me and watch some anime before sleep but is so tired for nothing more and i understand kuro i really miss him!!!
and i hate be always sick and he over work to buy me medicines, and i cn't do nothing more to look after the kids
well i realy like it!!!
i'm really touch by your fic
E'ka: Freyaekas on June 14th, 2007 01:06 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed the fic so much. *big hugs*
Pocrazypupdog on June 14th, 2007 12:17 am (UTC)
Yay! Another fanfic! It seems kind of OOC for Kurogane to get sick, but hey, still an awesome fic!!!
E'ka: Kurogane smashekas on June 14th, 2007 12:59 am (UTC)
Kurogane likes to pretend that he is invincible even against eight hours of cold rain with very little covering. Silly puppy.
Wren: Fay & Sakurafengtianshi on June 14th, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)
This is one of the sweetest fic ever! I adore how you pictured the interaction between Kurogane and Sakura, it's something we don't see much in the manga, but you made it very cute! And Fay overworking for Kuro's health is precious, so caring and loving!
Awesome fic, you completely warmed my heart! <3
E'ka: Kurogane/Sakuraekas on June 14th, 2007 01:09 am (UTC)
<33 KuroganeSakura interaction is love. I want the scene in my icon animated so badly.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fic so much. *hugs*
Lily: a tsubasa kurofai w/ mokona waicandidlily on June 14th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
Love! I loved Kuro's interaction with Sakura, but the sleepy comfortableness between Kurogane and Fai was the best. ^^ Excellent fic!
herm_nefer: Sakura Glassesherm_nefer on June 14th, 2007 05:48 am (UTC)
awww! That was nice. I needed something sweet like this to cheer me up :3
I always see Kurogane serving as the dad that Sakura lost when she was little...so *shrug* It's an interesting perspective you gave this from.

Fai Mommy and Kuro Daddy somehow don't always make it as such to fix, so I kind of see how this worked out...or maybe I'm going mad and it was obvious or what not..I need sleep.

No matter what i think it's a lovely fic.

“Now, I’m not sure how this tastes,” his body must have unconsciously remembered the taste as he pulled away from the bottle, “but Fai-san said since I’m so sweet, if I give it to you, it will go down easier.”
Was my favorite line. ^^
✩ Lexsparkism on June 14th, 2007 06:12 pm (UTC)
Aw, Sakura is so adorable. ♥ I love how she sat by Kurogane practically the entire time.
Lovely fic.
Sarahsarahxchan on July 15th, 2007 04:12 am (UTC)
Awh, that was cute. :D Light and kinda fluffy. Awwwh, my heart's exploding. ;D