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31 May 2007 @ 12:31 pm
Horitsuba fanfic  
Title: Loveless Theory
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Kurogane/Fai, Syaoran/Syaoran, Syaoran/Sakura, Doumeki/Watanuki, Himawari, Yuuko, Touya, Yukito
Prompt: 081. How?
Word Count: 4,176
Rating: OT (For mature sexual content)
Summary: Horitsuba verse: After an accident in one of the chemistry labs, Fai and four students are left with interesting new features. Since their teacher is busy with other things, the students are forced to find a cure on their own.
Author's Notes: I don't own Tsubasa or Loveless. Both belong to their respective owners. I do own the confused tomcat.

Big damn table here.

Fai coughed from where he had been knocked to the floor, listening to a few of the surrounding students also clearing their lungs from the dust caused by the explosion. That definitely should not have happened, and he tried to blink his watery eyes in order to see what had happened to his students. “Syaoran-kun?” Though he was concerned about his other students, he was mainly concerned about the one who had been nearest to the explosion. “Syaoran-kun, are you alright?” he called because he still couldn’t see anything through the smoke.

“I think I’m fine, Fai-sensei,” he heard Syaoran respond to him with a strained voice, but that was probably due more to the heavy smoke rather than nay injury he may have received as a result of the explosion.

“Fai-sensei, what happened?” he heard Sakura asking him from somewhere to his left. He was not entirely sure himself. The sides of his head felt weird and so did his ass, but the rest of him felt perfectly fine. Nothing like this had ever happened to him in a chemistry lab before. It almost felt like waking up after a drunken night at Kuro-rin’s apartment only less sore and weirder. Luckily, it was a special interest class with few students and they had all been near the door.

“If everyone can try to make it to the door,” Fai called to his students as he fumbled his way to the door. He groped for the handle and tumbled out into the hallway after the smoke. Maybe he could think better in the clear air. Taking a deep breath, he turned around to watch his students pour out of the classroom after him.

He blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, and suddenly things made sense as to why his ears and rear-end felt so weird. All four students who had been with him had their ears changed to kitten ears and they had all grown kitty tails to match. He could only assume that he had also grown the new appendages and that was causing the tingly feelings.

Fai had to cover his now large fuzzy ears as Watanuki started spazzing about his and his fellow students’ new look. He was going to draw far too much attention to the five of them and then the entire school would know about their little mishap. Sakura and Himiwari were also attempting to cover their ears, but Syaoran seemed to be more interested in playing with his tail. Watanuki seemed to be trying to ask what they were going to do to get out of the situation, but he couldn’t think while he was being spazzed at. Too late, his sensitive ears picked up the sound of two people approaching them in the hallway. Instinctively, he recognized the one heavy set of footfalls belonged to Kurogane and the other he could tell belonged to a lighter female.

He tried to dash away, unwilling to let people see his shame. He cried out when pain shot through his spine, presumably because a strong hand had wrapped around his tail.

Syaoran winced in sympathy as Kurogane pulled Fai’s tail closer to him, causing the science teacher to be slightly bent over and panting harshly as Kurogane flopped the pale yellow tail around. “What the hell is this?” He seemed to be staring intently at the thing in his hand, as if he was trying to figure out how it had got there. Syaoran felt sorry for his chemistry teacher who looked as if he was in a great deal of pain because of Kurogane’s rough treatment of his tail.

“Yuuko-san, there was a horrible accident in the chemistry lab,” Himawari explained. She paused as Fai continued to make rather loud noises, eyes covered by his hair as he was still bent forward.

“Unh… Kuro-sama-sensei…” Syaoran had to blink several times as Fai quickly turned around so he was leaning against Kurogane seductively. “Do you want to play with my tail?” he asked as he trailed his index finger down Kurogane’s chest. His tail was swishing lazily in Kurogane’s hand, and the science teacher’s hips were definitely moving against the gym teacher. He leaned up to start nuzzling the side of Kurogane’s face. Syaoran felt uncomfortable and he was sure the other students and Kurogane felt the same.

“Kurogane-sensei,” Yuuko suggested, “maybe you should take Fai-sensei to the nurse’s office for some privacy and to see if they can help him.”

“Alright.” Syaoran was surprised Kurogane responded so easily, but he thought it might be because the science teacher was publicly embarrassing him with the way he was rubbing against his body. “Come on.” Kurogane only had to walk and Fai remained positively glued to his side nuzzling up against him and making noises that sounded suspiciously like purring.

“Yuuko-sensei, do you think we should go to the nurse’s office as well?” Sakura asked once the two teachers were gone. Syaoran experimented with moving his own tail, and Watanuki continued to spaz about his new appendages.

“I see no reason for that.” He had to wonder why Yuuko had told Fai to go to the nurse’s office. “You should wait in the teacher’s lounge until I can talk to Fai-sensei about a cure.”

Himawari escorted them all to the staff room where Watanuki stopped spazzing and started batting around a pencil with Sakura. Himawari watched them with her tail twitching as if she wanted to join them. Syaoran decided he would simply perch on Fai’s desk until Yuuko returned to them, hopefully with news that Fai was working on a cure. His tail twitched at the thought and he considered that to be a bad omen.


Fai was on his hands and elbows on one of the beds in the nurse’s office, hissing at the woman who had been forced to investigate him. Kurogane was standing at the man’s head, pinning the squirming blonde down by his forearms so he would stop trying to scratch the nurse. She was holding his tail as she carefully inspected it. Of course, it was rather difficult for her to get a good look at it with the way Fai was whipping the tail around. “Get her off my tail!” Fai hissed as he tried to reach around to bite at her. “Kuro-sama, she’s not allowed to touch my tail!” Kurogane was having a difficult time keeping the man still. He was rather vicious in his struggling. “Get her off my tail!”

The nurse eventually let go of the tail; Fai stopped struggling and hissing but he continued to glare over his shoulder at her. Kurogane just wanted the man back to normal. “He definitely has a cat tail and the ears to match.” He wondered why people were paying the nurse to point out the obvious. “I recommend bed rest; I’ll leave you two alone not.” The nurse disappeared to the other side of the curtain, and Fai relaxed.

“Mmm…. Kuro-rin, touch my tail,” Fai purred. Kurogane had not let go of his arms yet because he was afraid the man might go after the nurse and try to kill her.

“You just complained about the nurse touching your tail.”

He felt a random light pressure against his crotch. “But I like it when Kuro-tan touches my tail.” Fai was making weird noises that he couldn’t comprehend, so he decided to look at everything except the writhing blonde. “Kuro-puu-sensei, touch my tail…” The pressure against his crotch was getting more insistent. “I want you to touch it.”

He decided to rick a glance downward just in time to see the blonde’s nose press up against his groin, which explained the random pressure. “Are you kitty-nuzzling my crotch?” He slackened his grip on the man’s forearms, but Fai still showed no signs of wanting to move.

“Does Kuro-pyon-sensei like it?” Fai asked in what sounding disturbingly like a purr as he nuzzled him through his pants again.

“…Yes,” he admitted since there was nobody around to hear him say it.

“Then touch my tail and make me feel just as good,” Fai whimpered as he continued to nuzzle him. Fai’s tail had been exceptionally soft when he had grabbed it earlier. He reached over the man’s back and let the soft tail trail through his fingers. The science teacher shivered in delight underneath him. He really should not be thinking about having sex with the man in his current condition; he blamed the other man for nuzzling him in such a manner. “Unh, Kuro-chan, I want you to fuck me.” He picked the man’s tail up and slid it through his fingers again.

“I don’t think we should.” Mostly because he worried about what people would think of him if word got out.

“But I want it so badly,” Fai whimpered as his tail swished lightly and he raised his ass in the air. “And I know you want it too,” Fai teased as he nuzzled him again.

“We should probably work on finding a cure for you and the children.” Although the blonde’s nose was rather nice bobbing against him. One of Fai’s hands moved to his hip as he continued to nuzzle him with his ass wriggling in the air.

“But, Kuro-pyon, I want it so badly.” He did not understand how he was supposed to resist the man when he was acting like that.

“You know, I read a manga once where people lost their cat ears and tails with their virginity.” Fai had stopped nuzzling and pulled away. “I know you’re not a virgin, but you haven’t had sex since you got those ears. Why have you stopped the nuzzling? That felt really good.”
Fai was looking up at him with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “You mean Loveless by Yun Kouga?” he asked.

“No!” He wished Fai wouldn’t be chuckling like that. “It was a manly manga with robots and swords and girls with big breasts with swords and lasers and kitty ears.” Fai was having far too much fun laughing at him like that.

“Kuro-chan likes shounen-ai manga!” Fai exclaimed happily as he pushed himself to his knees and put his hands on the gym teacher’s shoulders.

“I do not!” he protested, but he did place his hands on the blonde’s slim waist. “Besides, it doesn’t matter what manga I read it in. The point is we should try it to see if it works.” He slid his hands into the back of the man’s pants, making Fai make a purring noise again.

“Oh, Kuro-tan-sensei is so naughty.” Fai snapped at the air between them before leaning up to hungrily claim Kurogane’s mouth. It wasn’t long before he continued to stroke the blonde’s new tail, and Kurogane climbed onto the nurse’s cot with the science teacher.


They had been sitting in the teacher’s room for over an hour before Yuuko finally returned to them. Sakura and Watanuki had long since tired themselves out from their game and had curled up in order to sleep under different desks and Himawari had started to play with the discarded pencil. Syaoran’s tail had been twitching in agitation the entire time. When the chairlady finally entered the office, the sleeping two woke up, Himawari dropped the pencil, and Syaoran leapt nimbly from the desk. “Yuuko-sensei, is Fai-sensei going to be able to find a cure?” Sakura asked hopefully.

“I’m sorry, Fai-sensei is too busy going into heat around his chosen mate to work on a cure.” For the first time, Syaoran found himself disliking Kurogane.

“Poor Kurogane-sensei’s going to be busy.” He could not believe Himawari was concerned about how much sex Kurogane was going to be having when they were stuck with those stilly ears and tails.

“I’m going to work on making a cure, but it may take a while. The four of you are excused from classes the rest of the day.” Syaoran’s tail twitched again; this was turning out to be an incredibly crappy school day. Maybe they wouldn’t have to come to school tomorrow if they were still afflicted. He hoped so; he didn’t want people seeing Sakura like that.


Kurogane collapsed onto his back on the cot, Fai on his side panting heavily beside him. “Well,” he panted, picking up the blonde’s tail and stroking it, “you still have the ears and tail.”

Fai rolled over and draped an arm across his stomach. His hair was sticking to the sweat and he seemed incapable of catching his breath. “Maybe you did it wrong. Maybe we should try it again.”

Fai was nuzzling the side of his face again and was already moving his hips against him. “Don’t you want to try it again, Kuro-pyon?”

“It’s not going to work; you’re not a virgin.” Maybe he should have been encouraging the blonde to work on a cure that would have been acceptable for the students to use as well. He had to use all his will power to ignore the lanky blonde moving against his side and nuzzling his neck. “I think we should get back to the lab so you can find a cure for you and the students.”

“But I don’t want to work, Kuro-sama,” Fai purred as he continued nuzzling him. Kurogane resisted the urge to nibble on those ears as the man’s tail flicked lazily over his sweaty skin. “I want you to fuck me again.”

“But I’ve already fucked you six times.” Quite frankly, he was exhausted and not entirely sure he would be able to do it a seventh time. “I really think you should try to help the students find a cure.”

“But I want Kuro-tan to fuck his Fai-kitty again so much.” The man pouted at him with swollen lips. “Come on, give it to me, Big Puppy.” He didn’t know how he was supposed to resist that and, still stroking the man’s tail, he rolled back over him.


After being dismissed from his classes, Syaoran had unwillingly trudged back to his dorm room because he had nothing else to do after the other three had willingly gone home. At least he wouldn’t have to deal with people staring at him when he got back to his room because his brother still would have been in class. At least he would be alone. Maybe he could remember exactly what he had done in the chemistry lab so that one of the teachers would be able to figure out how to reverse it.

He dropped his bag in shock when he opened his dorm room door and saw someone inside. For whatever reason, his brother was sitting on his bed instead of being in class. “What are you doing here?”

His brother jumped and dropped the magazine he had been reading. “Fai-sensei never showed up to teach the class.” Syaoran thought he might have been still having sex with Kurogane if what Yuuko had told them had been any indication. “What happened to you?” his brother asked him, looking him up and down his body. He flushed a bright shade of red. “You have kitty ears and a tail.”

“There was an accident in one of the chemistry labs,” he stammered. He wished his brother would stop staring at him like he was going to eat him.

“You know what you should try.” He really did not want his brother trying to find a cure for him as he had been failing chemistry for a while. “I’ve heard of a manga where people lose their ears and tail after losing their virginity.” He did not like that smirk at all. “We should try it to see if that helps.”

“I’m not having sex with some random person!” He could not believe his brother could even suggest such a thing. H should have known he would never do that.

“I wasn’t suggesting some random person. I was planning on helping you personally.”

He slowly took a few steps backwards, keeping a careful eye on his brother. Once he was in the hallway, he turned and ran from the dorm as quickly as possible. He didn’t stop running until he was well off campus. Luckily, he found himself in a part of town he recognized, so he decided to see how Sakura was doing and make sure nobody was attempting to cure her in the way his brother had suggested. He felt oddly grateful that it was not raining on his way to Sakura’s house. He kept his head down and walked quickly, unable to bear seeing people point at him and hoping he would not have to hear their giggles and whispers.

When he finally arrived at Sakura’s house, her brother was the one to open the door and scowl down at him. “Well, if it isn’t the brat.” He ignored him for the moment and tried to peer around him, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sakura. Yukito was at the house and he was throwing a pink ball of yarn around for Sakura to play with. At least she seemed to be having a good time, and he was fairly sure neither one of those two would have attempted his brother’s theory to cure her. “I understand you are responsible for this happening to my sister.”

“It was an accident; it could have happened to anyone.” He didn’t like the way Touya was staring at him – he could play with the ball of yarn with Sakura. It looked like so much fun; unfortunately, Touya was not letting him inside the house. “Blame Fai-sensei for giving us the experiment in the first place.”

“I’m sure your teacher did not intend for you to do this.” Syaoran thought about how much sex Fai was surely having and decided Sakura must lie to her family about her teachers. “You’re not welcome here.”

“I need to protect Sakura!” he hissed. He swiped his fingernails against Touya’s chest. Nothing seemed to happen, so Syaoran tried scratching him again.

“What do you think you’re doing?”


Watanuki had tired himself out when he had been playing with Sakura, and by the time he got back to his dorm room, he was ready to collapse into bed. He was glad Yuuko had not kept him around to help her work on the cure. He was a little suspicious, but he decided sleep would be so much better for him. He was still unused to the tail and hoped Yuuko would find a cure before he became accustomed to it. Before he actually reached his bed, someone knocked on his door.

Flicking his tail, he made his way over to the door and yanked it open. “Doumeki, what the hell are you doing here?” he asked as the other student stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “I don’t want to see you.”

“Those ears make you look ridiculous.” His tail twitched as Doumeki peered around him to look at the tail. “Though the tail is cute.” His ears flattened.

“It is not cute!”

“The chairlady sent me over to help you with your little problem.” He had no idea how Doumeki was supposed to help. “She mentioned something about a manga called Loveless. She said the key to helping you might be in there.” He lowered his ears in embarrassment; Yuuko had forced him to read it once in detention. “Are you familiar with it at all?”

His ears twitched again. “Yes.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“They lost their ears and tails after having sex.” He could not believe he had just said that to Doumeki of all people. Wait, what if somebody was trying to test that theory on Himawari?!

“Maybe we should try it.” He didn’t have time to respond to that before Doumeki leaned over to kiss him. What the hell; it couldn’t hurt to try Yuuko’s theory.


Kurogane had finally convinced Fai to go somewhere more private since he was still demanding constant sex and somehow managed to get the blonde back to his apartment. The lack of constant simulation seemed to have calmed him down a bit, and the first thing he asked for upon stepping inside the apartment was some milk. Unfortunately, Kurogane did not have any milk, and after Fai had sat on the floor and pouted at him, he had to rush to the store to buy some for the man before he got scratched. On his way back to the apartment, he noticed that the screen to one of the windows was broken.

“Shit.” He raced up the stairs and put his bag down immediately inside the door. Fai was exactly where he left him in the middle of the floor only now he was wearing only one of Kurogane’s shirts. Beside him was a very confused looking tomcat. The poor cat looked at Fai then meowed up at him. “Get out of here. He’s not for you,” he told the cat, gesturing towards the door. The cat meowed at him again. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” Fai was looking at him like he was the crazy one. At least he didn’t have kitty ears and a tail. “Go. You could never be able to satisfy him. Leave this task to a real man.” Kurogane kept a careful eye on it as the cat finally slunk from the apartment. “Who does he think he is anyway?”

“Kuro-sama, are you feeling okay?” Fai asked from where he was kneeling on the floor.

“I’m extremely territorial.” He picked the bag up and carried it over to the blonde. As he sat down next to him, he pulled one of the bottles out of the bag. “I brought you your milk.”

Fai snatched the bottle out of his hands. “Milk! Kuro-pyon is the best!” Kurogane watched as the man greedily drank the entire bottle. He didn’t manage to get all of it in his mouth, and Kurogane reached over to wipe a small bit from his chin. Fai moaned as he pulled the bottle away from his lips. Kurogane watched mesmerized as the chemistry teacher licked the last remaining drops from the bottle. “So good. Does Kuro-chan have more for me?” Fai asked with his tail flicking seductively behind him.

“Here.” Fai climbed into his lap as he took a second bottle from him. Normally he liked having a half-naked Fai squirming in his lap. Today was no exception. He kissed the man’s neck as the milk made its way down his throat. “Do you like your milk?” he asked between kisses.

“All milk is good. Especially Kuro-sama’s” the man said suggestively, but he seemed intent on finishing the milk in the bottle first. “Finger-fuck me, Kuro-rin.” The sexual demanding was getting old, but he wasn’t ready to protest yet.


Syaoran was desperately hoping Yuuko had managed to find a cure for their situation when they convened at school the next morning. Sakura and Himawari were still peppy, Watanuki looked slightly tired, and an exhausted Kurogane was carrying a half-asleep Fai over his shoulder.

“Good news, everyone!” the chairlady sparkled when she arrived. “The Mokona and I stayed up all night and found a cure!”

Syaoran hoped that meant things were going to go back to normal.

“I don’t want it,” Fai mumbled from Kurogane’s shoulder. The chairlady ignored him.

“Now, who wants to be the first to test it?” Nobody volunteered, though Syoaran was fairly sure all of them with the exception of Fai wanted the ears and tails gone. “Watanuki. My brave volunteer.”

“Why do I have to be your guinea pig?”

“Because you volunteered.” Syaoran hadn’t seen him give any indication of volunteering. “Drink this.” She handed him a small bottle

They all held their breath as Watanuki drank the potion, releasing it only when he did not fall dead to the floor. After all, Yuuko was not a chemistry teacher.

“Did it work?”

“It worked better than I expected.” Syaoran was glad a cure was finally at hand. “Drinks for everyone!” Yuuko said as she passed out the small bottles.

“I don’t want to be cured!” Fai squirmed out of Kurogane’s grasp and went racing down the hallway.

“Oh dear. I thought he might respond like that,” Yuuko said as she looked into the hallway Fai had disappeared down.

“You know he’ll never drink that,” Kurogane informed her.

“Well then, Kurogane-sensei, you are just going to have to make sure he gets cured.”

“And how do you suppose I do that?” Syaoran thought Kurogane should have known the chairlady would have already planned for this.

“Drink this,” Yuuko instructed, giving him a giant flask, “and then offer him some of your milk.” Kurogane looked exasperated. “And make sure he swallows. Don’t worry. I ground a happy little man pill into the drink for you already.”

With a sigh, Kurogane turned and went in search of the blonde, flask in hand.

Syaoran was just glad his strange, cattish impulses were gone.

Nikker ="=: xxxHOLIC donut you and me chibisnikkernoodle on May 31st, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)
defintely think my brain just exploded there. In the good way. @_@ *falls over*
jasetsi on May 31st, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)
Absolutely hilarious^_^ and I haven't even read Loveless...

“No!” He wished Fai wouldn’t be chuckling like that. “It was a manly manga with robots and swords and girls with big breasts with swords and lasers and kitty ears.”

That part so made my day^^

call_it_crimson: Toshiya Pron!call_it_crimson on May 31st, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)
XD Homg that was the best thing I've read all week. I love Loveless, so I was so excited to see Horitsuba verse TRC (one of my favs) and Loveless (another) all in one.
And poor Kurogane!!! I love the part about the 'happy little man pill'
You win the internets
SHE'S INFECTIOUS HUMAN WASTE: Sex?smokexscribbles on May 31st, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, I love that the first thing that occurs to all of the guys is Loveless.
ariadnechan: i want sexariadnechan on May 31st, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
it was fantastic!!!! i love it i'm a loveless fan and Horitsuba verse, and the scene in the kitchen with the mil remindme the awsome work of lexinyako and fay kitty
ahhhh!!!! i love it i hope Fay can take awy his tail, you know i love fay with tail and ears, maybe the botle contain the subtance to make Kuro with his tail and ears yes!!!!
second part Kuro sensei with ears and territorial as well yeah!!!!!!!
Ally.C: CCS To-ya/Yukigacktyougirl on May 31st, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC)
LJ ate my comment! ;o; I swear I replied to this this morning.

Anyway~ How the hell did Fay manage that? xD Oh, and Loveless. *snicker* Mm, Donuts!

Thanks <3 I needed a pick me up!
dizzyizzy191 on May 31st, 2007 10:15 pm (UTC)
"I ground a happy little man pill into the drink for you already.”
Ahahaha! This was rather funny. ♥ I really love Syaoran and his creepy brother the most XD
Lo [tophagus]: Fye loves Kuro ♥l0t0phage on May 31st, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
I so understand Fye-Fye... I fucking want a cat-tail and cat-ears, especially if you can't get rid of them having sex... that would be the inssurance of me having a lot of chilfren with the man I love, ooohhh yes, dear. Or he thinking he is Kurogane and me Fye, haha. I should stop text-sending him while reading this kind of fics, really.

Haha, hum, anyway ^^ I was starting to think "oh, not another Kitty-Fye fic again" but it really turned out nicely and I'm glad I read it now ^^
Caro-Caro-Seme-Sama <3caroline_chan on May 31st, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
(Whoops, html is not my friend today-- sorry. ^^;)

I personally think that you can never have enough Kitty!Fai. Never. <3

OH GOD. Syaoran and his brother killed me. XD Poor little straight Syaoran.

I love how this was just the right amount of crack. x3 You're surely a(n evil) genius. Also, huzzah for the Loveless references! :D <3 *cuddles
Pocrazypupdog on June 1st, 2007 01:03 am (UTC)
hehehe! That was really funny!
Wren: fay boringfengtianshi on June 1st, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)
That's great in every way possible!!! Cat features are The Love! XDDD
Damn, Kuropon must be exhausted! XDDD
shinzuku on June 1st, 2007 03:33 am (UTC)
“Who does he think he is anyway?”
“Kuro-sama, are you feeling okay?”
“I’m extremely territorial.”


herm_neferherm_nefer on June 1st, 2007 04:46 am (UTC)
Oh the pairings, the happy happy pairings *giggles* I like it a lot. hehe, the two Shaorans were a bit off...not something I normaly read *shrug* but all the other pairings made me very happy. And you added Touya and Yukito <3s to you for that. I love them so. ^-^

Great job, I love all of your work.
youkohiei_fan: the ninja who fights fateyoukohiei_fan on June 1st, 2007 08:53 am (UTC)
“Kuro-chan likes shounen-ai manga!”
So cute! I can just imagine Kurogane's face, priceless.

“I don’t want it,” Fai mumbled from Kurogane’s shoulder. Adorable! Kitty Fai is still in heat, lol
Brittney!starfire5726 on June 2nd, 2007 03:11 am (UTC)
"It was a manly manga with robots and swords and girls with big breasts with swords and lasers and kitty ears."

You so win the internet so many times over with that line alone. XD
And the ending was absolutely priceless. "happy little man pill" X3
RI☆T☆RDEDNESSria_chan on June 3rd, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
Best Damn fic I've read since New Year's. The whole Loveless mentioning weirded me out a little, (mentioning of real manga in a fic makes me queasy for some reason,) but it was quite bearable. Kuro-Pon reading Yun Kôga= Priceless. I also loved the 104 scene! (*_*) Such love! WataMeki!Smex + Kitty!Ears! and Kitty!Tail = (melts)

Would write more, but my parents are about to come check my room out. Loved it so much, and adding to my mems!
Stephanie Travellyr: damn cocky for chibistravellyr on June 3rd, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
XD I like how cute the girls are, and how Loveless is constantly being inflicted on the boys. *snickering* It makes sense that it'd be required reading in Yuuko's eyes.
sailoryue: mind blownsailoryue on September 18th, 2007 01:32 pm (UTC)
heh, funny. love the kurofai... not sure of the implied syao-cest, but the douwata seemed nice... eeven tho im a shipper and imagined a kiss between them before, im not ready for them to kiss yet X-3