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12 February 2007 @ 09:17 am
Title: Syaoran's Test
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Syaoran/Sakura/Syaoran, Yuuko, Doumeki/Watanuki, Himawari, Kurogane/Fai
Prompt: 072. Fixed
Word Count: 7,304
Rating: PG-13 (language, adult situations)
Summary: When Syaoran is framed for a crime he didn't commit which got Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei suspended, he must choose between saving his reputation or saving his teacher's jobs.
Author's Notes: Ah, Syaoran, Syaoran, why can I not write anything surrounding you that does not involve crack? This story, while Horitsuba verse is NOT part of the Horitsuba Chronicles. I would like to thank my beta, alys_wonder. Do not expect to find much beyond crack, because you will not find it.

Another bright and shiny morning at Horitsuba had begun. Yuuko was sitting in her office watching the security monitors as students and staff alike arrived at the school and made plans with each other for the day. Doumeki and Watanuki were suspiciously arriving on campus grounds together even though Watanuki technically lived on campus, and they both greeted Himawari and Syaoran who had been conversing outside the primary High School building. Kurogane and Fai were in Fai’s homeroom, and Yuuko was torn between watching them or watching a flustered Watanuki get teased by Himawari for showing up with Doumek while Syaoran remained embarrassed. The only person she wasn’t watching was Syaoran’s brother, who she had found utterly boring after two weeks had passed and he hadn’t caused any more problems for anyone.

Syaoran’s brother was waiting in the hallway, scanning the students’ faces for one in particular, largely ignoring the others and blatantly ignoring the mumbled conversation of Fai-sensei and another unidentified male in the nearby classroom. The little black thing stopped in front of him. “Good morning, Syaoran number two!” it greeted him cheerfully.

“Good morning,” he responded, feeling a little bit distracted as he continued to scan the hallway.

“Are Fai-sensei and Kurogane-sensei being lovey-dovey in there?” Mokona asked with a pointed look in the direction of the classroom.

“I don’t know,” he responded, and he didn’t particularly care about what his teachers were doing or not doing. In the first week he had been subjected to the rumors about the chemistry teacher and the gym teacher being involved in some type of relationship beyond coworkers. He enjoyed both teachers’ classes, but he had never understood the school’s intense interest in the personal lives of those two.

“Mokona can hear snatches of their conversation.” He was surprised at how sadistic that sounded coming from a perverted black manjuu’s mouth. “It sounds rather private and about their relationship. We should walk away.”

“I’m waiting for someone,” he insisted, not that he had been able to hear the teacher’s conversation in the first place. With a cheerful goodbye, the black thing continued down the hallway.

Then there she was walking down the hallway towards him with a bright innocent smile spread across her face, and he was fairly certain his heart skipped three or four beats in its dramatic leap to his throat. He felt ill to his stomach. “Good morning,” she said cheerfully as she stopped in front of him.

“Good morning, Sakura-chan. Sakura-chan, do you think I can join you for lunch today?”

“Sure,” she agreed with a smile and his heart constricted in his chest. “Well, I’ll see you then.” He panicked when she started to take a step forward.

“Umm, wait, Sakura-chan!” He tried to grasp onto anything, anything at all, to keep her there and actually talk to him for a while. He had to find a way to reach his ultimate goal. “Fai-sensei and Kurogane-sensei are being lovey-dovey!” he blurted out on the vaguest hope that Sakura actually was interesting in something like that.

“Really?” and she took a step backwards so she was once again standing in front of him. “What exactly are they doing?”

He had absolutely no idea because he hadn’t heard or seen anything, so he delved deep into the farthest reaches of his mind, trying to remember an accurate description of ‘lovey-dovey.’ “They’re holding hands,” she nodded enthusiastically, “and kissing,” she seemed absolutely entranced by what he was saying, and he felt his confidence rising by the second, “and talking about their relationship.”

“I’m so glad!” He smiled back at her. “Oh, I promised Syaoran I would meet him. I’ll be sure to tell him you’ll be joining us for lunch.” She left him with a bright smile and he lowered his head with a sigh. His plan wouldn’t work if Syaoran was at lunch with them. He looked to the nearby classroom when he heard what sounded suspiciously like Fai gasping.

He slowly pushed the door open and peeked his head around the door. After a brief moment of self-congratulatory praise for accurately remembering what lovey-dovey was, he strained his ears to listen to their conversation with the intent of providing information to Sakura later.

“Kuro-sama-sensei, please,” he heard the blonde science teacher whine. He was leaning back against the desk, arms wrapped the gym teacher’s neck.

He couldn’t see Kurogane’s face as it was buried in the other side of Fai’s neck, but he could see one hand resting on the blonde’s waist. “We can’t here.” He had no idea what they were talking about, but he thought Sakura might find the conversation interesting, so he decided to commit every part to memory.

“Please? I’m so ready for you to fuck me,” and the statement was so abrupt that he didn’t even have time to be embarrassed though he noticed the gym teacher buried his face further into the blonde’s neck. “And I know you want me too.” He was a little surprised when he noticed Fai had slipped his hands into Kurogane’s pants. “It’ll be fine; we won’t get caught, I promise.” Kurogane mumbled something he couldn’t quite hear. “We never got caught doing anything else.”

He was intrigued by the ‘anything else’ and maybe thought he should ask Sakura later. He saw Kurogane pull away and kiss Fai silently on the forehead.


“Lunch break,” he barely heard Kurogane say. “Meet me in my classroom.” The warning bell rang, and he walked away before either of the teachers found him out there. He went in search of Sakura, eager to tell her about what he had learned because he was sure she would be interested. Not that it made much sense to him other than that they apparently were going to be having sex during their lunch break.

He saw Sakura just outside the building talking with his brother and some of her other friends. He eagerly approached them, wanting to get in their group by giving them some information about their favorite teachers. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Sakura laugh and reach up to wipe something off of Syaoran’s cheek.

“Good morning,” the other girl in the group greeted him; he thought he remembered her name being Himawari. Syaoran hadn’t even realized he was approaching them until she had said something. That was definitely troublesome.


“Kuro-rin-sensei!” Fai called cheerfully as he stepped into the classroom, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t realize that it hadn’t latched. They gym teacher stood up so fast the chair clattered to the floor behind him. Fai laughed as he bounded across the room and threw his arms around the other man’s neck. “You’re so cute when you’re nervous.”

“Don’t say stupid things,” he growled as his arms snaked around the blonde and Fai leaned up to kiss him.

“Has Kuro-sama-sensei been thinking about me all morning?” Fai whispered breathlessly in his ear, and Kurogane shuddered, burying his face into the mass of soft hair. “Has Kuro-tan been anticipating this moment, barely able to concentrate on his classes?”

“Let’s do this,” he responded gruffly, hoisting Fai onto the desk and pushing himself between the blonde’s thighs. Fai kissed Kurogane’s neck as the other man slid his pants down, quickly repositioning himself against Fai’s body.

“Aren’t you even going to look?” Fai teased as Kurogane continued to nuzzle his neck. The gym teacher didn’t respond to him, and Fai figured he was probably just nervous. He slipped a condom out of his pocket and held it up to make sure Kurogane could see it. “Are you ready?” He let out a small yelp of surprise when Kurogane pushed him down onto his back on the desk.


Sakura looked at her watch for the twelfth time in the past five minutes and sighed. “I wonder where Syaoran and his brother are,” she heard Himawari remark from beside her. That was exactly what she wanted to know; she had been really looking forward to spending time with the two of them together. Normally she only got to see on of them at a time.

“There’s only five minutes left in the lunch hour.”

“If they don’t get here soon, they won’t even have time to eat their lunches.”

Sakura sighed and looked at her empty lunch box. “Don’t worry, Sakura-chan,” the white Mokona startled her by jumping into her lap. “I’m sure they both have very good reasons for not being here yet.”

She nodded even though she couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something bad had just happened somewhere on campus and that was the reason both Syaoran and his brother were late. Yuuko-sensei walked past their table, the black Mokona chattering from her shoulder. “Ah, Yuuko-sensei!” The chairlady stopped to look at her. “Have you seen Syaoran or his brother at all?”

“The security camera system hasn’t been working since right before lunch and I didn’t see either of them on my way here either.” Mokona jumped from Sakura’s lap to the chairlady’s spare shoulder. “Someone said they saw Syaoran outside of Kurogane-sensei’s classroom just twenty minutes ago.”

“Thank you, Yuuko-sensei.”

“I wonder why Syaoran-kun was outside Kurogane-sensei’s classroom at this time?” Himawari asked and the other three shrugged. Sakura did find it a bit odd as almost all students knew the lunch hour was one of the few times Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei got to be alone together and under no circumstances would either appreciate being interrupted by a student. Especially Kurogane-sensei because he really didn’t like the students seeing him in such a vulnerable state. Syaoran had walked in on them once just sitting close to each other and talking and he was running laps in detention for the next two weeks. She really thought he would have remembered something like that.

“Good afternoon, everyone,” Syaoran’s brother said as he sat down at the table with them. At least one of them had made it in time to eat lunch, and one of the boys asked him where he had been. “Somebody made a comment about Kurogane-sensei being lovey-dovey with Fai-sensei so we all had to stay after class and drain and clean the pool.”

“Oh.” She really thought most students would have known not to do that by now. Watanuki handed him one of the lunches. “How do you like Kurogane-sensei’s classes other than the frequent punishments? He’s Syaoran-kun’s favorite teacher.” She liked Kurogane-sensei well enough, but she had absolutely no idea how she could like him more than Fai-sensei.

“It’s alright, but I rather prefer Fai-sensei,” he responded nonchalantly.

“Really?” she asked excitedly, already making plans of inducting him into Fai-sensei’s fanclub of which she was president. Before she could start telling him about the twenty commandments all clubbers must adhere to, the most important of which being all members must strive for Fai-sensei’s happiness above their own which included facilitating and encouraging his relationship with Kurogane-sensei, Syaoran finally showed up for lunch. “Syaoran-kun, where have you been?”

“Sorry,” he apologized as he sat down and accepted the last lunch box from Watanuki. “I was taking pictures.”

“Of what?” Sakura was pleased to see Syaoran’s brother taking such an intent interest in his brother’s life.

“Just of stuff.” She wondered why he sounded so nervous, but she decided she could worry about that later as there was only two minutes left in the lunch break.


Fai was feeling really good when he arrived at school the next morning. The sun was shining, the students were whispering in small groups and staring at him oddly as he walked by them but he ignored their furtive glances. Nothing could affect his mood that day because yesterday Kuro-tan had finally given him the proper loving he deserved. Though he did find it odd as he stepped into the high school building that students fell silent as he walked past and shifted away from him. He looked at one group and they huddled closer together, whispering behind their hands as soon as he walked past.

Still, he was not about to let any of that bring him down no matter how disturbing it may have been. He and Kurogane had taken a major step in their relationship. They had sex, and Fai couldn’t keep the grin from his face whenever he thought about it. Nope, nothing was going to ruin his mood that particular day.

Except when he reached the door, he froze with his hand on the handle, his smile becoming a distant memory as the flyer posted to the door stared out at him, surely the cause of the student body’s discomfort. The main item was a picture of him and Kurogane; he was lying on his back on the desk, pants missing, and Kurogane was between his thighs, kissing him, hand disappearing between their bodies. Even somebody completely unaware of the situation between them would have been able tot tell that they were having sex on a classroom desk. Beneath the picture was a message, presumably for the student body and staff: “Is this natural behavior between two teachers? Should we accept this?” Syaoran’s name was stamped in the corner. He ripped the flyer off his door and crumpled it into a ball, looking around him at the students who continued to whisper behind their hands. He felt as if all their eyes were on him, judging him and Kurogane with him.

He jumped when a large hand clamped down on his shoulder. He looked behind him to see Kurogane looming directly behind him, face completely unreadable. “Kuro-rin-sensei…” and the students seem to get even further away. The silence seemed to have made Kurogane realize his hand was on Fai’s shoulder, and he pulled it away as if Fai’s skin was tainted, looking at his hand nervously before dropping it back to his side. Even if Kurogane was wearing his normally stoic expressing, Fai could tell from the way he refused to look at the students or Fai and the way his shoulder were slightly sloped that the gym teacher was not happy. And that certainly did not bode well for him.

“Those flyers are up all over campus.” He had no doubt the chairlady had dispatched trusted students to retrieve all of them, but by this point, the damage would have already been done and those students who had not actually seen the flyers were bound to hear about it from those who had. “The chairlady wants to see both of us in her office.” Kurogane’s hand almost raised to his shoulder as they turned to walk away, but at the last moment his fingers twitched and his hand fell back to his side.


Syaoran had been relieved when he got to school and realized classes hadn’t started yet as Himawari and Sakura were still standing outside the High School building. He had overslept and had been afraid he was going to miss homeroom. Except something was definitely wrong that morning; the energy was too subdued for the school, even at a distance Himawari looked sad, and he thought Sakura might have been crying. Worried, he increased his pace so he could make sure they were okay. “Sakura-chan, Himawari-chan, what’s wrong?” he asked, feeling rather helpless around depressed girls.

Sakura-chan sniffled and glared at him from behind her hair, making him shudder. He had no idea what he could have possibly done to make her so angry. Okay, so he was a little bit late, but that wasn’t exactly a reason for Sakura to hate him.

“Syaoran-kun, how could you?” Himawari asked him, her voice shaking just a little bit. “How could you get Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei suspended like that?”

“Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei are suspended?” Sakura gave him the most accusatory glare he had ever encountered his entire life, and it actually made him fear for his existence. He had never seen anyone so angry before, and he wasn’t exactly sure why it was directed at him. Granted, having the school’s most beloved teachers suspended was rather devastating, but he was completely unrelated to the incident. “How could this happen?”

Mistake; he could tell something snapped in Sakura when he asked. “How dare you ask that? How did this happen? Maybe it had something to do with those horrible flyers you posted around campus.”

“Flyers?” The only thing he could piece together was apparently some flyers he had made had somehow managed to get Fai-sensei and Kurogane-sensei suspended. “How long are they suspended for?” he asked Himawari, figuring she was slightly more rational at the moment. She didn’t seem like she appreciated him, but she didn’t look like she was going to kill him.

Then she said the worst words possible at that moment: “Until further notice.” Which explained why Sakura was so angry about the situation as there was the definite threat of ‘fired’ behind that statement. And if they got fired while people still thought he was the one responsible, he wouldn’t live long enough to eat his next meal. While he was still contemplating what those words meant for his fate, Doumeki walked by them with a large stack of papers. “Doumeki-kun, how is the clean-up work coming?”

“I think this is the last of them from the High School building.”

Syaoran grabbed off the top of the stack to see for himself exactly how horrible those flyers were that they had the ability to get their beloved teachers fired. And flushed a bright shade of red at the picture he was presented with. “I didn’t do this.”

“Your name is on the corner.”

“Yesterday at lunch someone saw you outside Kurogane’s classroom.”

“You said you were taking pictures yesterday.”

“And you were late for school this morning.”

“I…” He didn’t know how to respond to any of those questions appropriately as technically all those things were true. But none of those things proved he had actually done this horrible deed, though he was wondering who could possibly want to frame him for something like this.

“There he is!” He froze and turned slowly towards the girl who had yelled. She was one of the high school students and there were about twenty girls about as equally angry looking as she standing behind her. “He’s the one responsible for putting our beloved Fai-sensei through so much distress!”

“I have to go,” he apologized to the other three as the legion of Fai fangirls began to charge. Not that he thought those three cared, and he half-expected two of them to join the chase. They chased him around the campus, shouting things at him and occasionally a book or rock would go flying past his head. He dashed into one of the boy’s bathrooms, hoping to gain some respite. As he prematurely sighed in relief, he leaned back against the door.

He soon realized he was faced with three very angry looking boys who were cracking their knuckles menacingly. “So you’re the punk bastard who got Kurogane-sensei suspended.” He didn’t wait around to see if they had anything else to say or if they just planned on beating him to death. Outside, he was once again met with the force of Fai-sensei’s fangirls who seemed to have grown in number during his absence. He was chased around the school for a few more minutes before finally turning into an unmarked room and slamming the door shut behind him.

He froze, stared, and almost wished he had taken his chances with the fangirls. He was face to face with a rather glum looking Fai-sensei who was crouched on a box less than four feet from the door, and – dare he look? – yes, Kurogane-sensei was on the opposite side of the room, sitting on his own box with his back to the door. “Syaoran-kun…” He panicked when he saw Kurogane-sensei looking back over his shoulder.

“I didn’t take the pictures!” he blurted out because he liked his life and it had been placed in far too much danger in the past twenty minutes.

“Syaoran-kun,” why did he have to sound so depressed; he would have preferred it if Fai-sensei sounded angry with him, “is that really the way you feel about me and Kuro-rin-sensei? That it’s unnatural for the two of us to want to be together?”

“No, not at all.” Depressed Fai-sensei was more than he could handle, though he wondered why Kurogane-sensei had yet to say anything, and his eyes widened when he saw the blood on Kurogane’s arm. “What happened to him?”

Fai looked sadly back over his shoulder at the gym teacher. “Oh, that… One of my fangirls bit Kuro-tan-sensei. Apparently she was rather jealous.”

Syaoran gulped, realizing that could have very well been have been his fate had he not ducked into this side room. Yet he was more disturbed by the fact that Fai-sensei, normally so concerned about his precious Kuro-chan-sensei to the point that he babied the man when he got a papercut, had done nothing about the bleeding wound on Kurogane’s arm, and Syaoran got the impression Kurogane had not done anything for himself because on some level he was waiting for Fai to do it for him. “How are you two holding up?” For one thing, he found it odd they were both hanging around campus when they had been suspended. Also, it was troubling to him that they didn’t seem to be interacting with each other, and he was sure if Sakura knew, she would be more concerned with that than the actual suspension.

“Not so well,” Fai-sensei slouched further down with a deep sigh. “It was our first time.” Syaoran couldn’t tell if the gut-wrenching was from embarrassment or a sense of impending doom. “You know Kuro-tan-sensei and I realized we had feelings for each other beyond coworkers a few months ago, and since then we’ve been slowly working towards a relationship.” Syaoran risked a glance at Kurogane-sensei who seemed to be relatively uninterested in their conversation. “We’ve done other things: kissing, making out, heavy petting, and I’ve given him a few blowjobs. But that was the first time we actually had sex and we got caught. It doesn’t seem to be a good indicator for the future of our relationship.”

“Fai-sensei…” He wished there was some way he could comfort the man, but he was just a teenager with problems of his own. He looked to Kurogane to see if the gym teacher was going to do anything to comfort the clearly distressed science teacher. Fai must have noticed him looking.

“Kuro-rin-sensei blames me. He knows it’s my fault. I begged him to do it when he wasn’t ready. So Kuro-tan is mad at me.” Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed Kurogane lift his head and look slightly over his shoulder at that. “Since Kuro-sama is mad at me and getting caught our first time is such a bad omen, I suppose our relationship is over anyway.” Kurogane definitely turned around at that statement, and Syaoran willed him to make some noise so Fai at least had some indication of how he was feeling. But it didn’t happen.

“Fai-sensei, I don’t think…” Unfortunately for him the bell chose that moment to ring which meant he would have to go to class. “I’m going to find out who made those flyers, and I’m going to get your jobs back,” he promised before he darted out the door to his first class.

Lunch found him alone as ninety-five percent of the students wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. He had to figure out who had framed him, but more importantly, if he ever wanted to get back into Sakura’s good graces, he would have to save Kurogane’s and Fai’s jobs. He had no idea how he was supposed to do that; he had been surprised Yuuko-sensei had allowed them to be suspended in the first place when she had always seemed to supportive.

“Syaoran-kun?” The white Mokona startled him by jumping onto the table in front of him. “Why do you look so sad?”

After staring disbelievingly at her for a few seconds, he realized she was probably the one student who was currently willing to speak to him. “Everyone thinks I made those flyers that got Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei suspended.” And now Mokona was probably going to believe it as well, and he had lost the one person willing to speak to him.

“Mokona knows you didn’t do it,” and one of her tiny paws reached forward to reassuringly pet his hand. “Mokona could tell you were feeling lonely so Mokona slept in your room with you last night.” Despite the fact that it was slightly disturbing, he was actually rather grateful that somebody knew the truth. “And Mokona will help you clear your name.” He was going to need all the help he could get, especially if he planned on getting Kurogane and Fai’s jobs back.

“Mokona, do you think you can help me with removing Kurogane and Fai’s suspension?”

“The other Mokona overheard Yuuko say she couldn’t overturn the board’s vote because it was unanimous for suspension. She wanted to help, but she couldn’t. If you can convince four board members to change their decision, Yuuko can overturn the vote as chairman.”

Now they had a starting place; he knew the ultimate goal he would have to achieve if he wanted to save their jobs. “Great, how are we going to do that?”

“Mokona doesn’t know.”

He was disappointed, but he was not going to let that stop him from trying. All he had to do was put his mind to it, and he was sure he would be able to come up with a solution that worked for everyone. Still, he wondered how he was going to come up with a solution that would both clear his name and lift the suspension. Clearing his name was going to be much easier on his own because the only plans he could concoct for salvaging their careers involved him taking the blame and saying he photoshopped the pictures so they only looked like they were having sex on school property. He sighed; Sakura would still hate him if he went with that option because of the text on the bottom of the flyer. But she might still hate him if she continued to believe he was responsible for the flyers. He really didn’t see a decent way out of this situation.

“Syaoran, please report to the chairlady’s office immediately.” All eyes seemed to be on him as he slowly pushed himself to his feet and dragged himself to the chairman’s office. This could only be about the flyers again. “Please, sit down,” Yuuko-sensei told him as he stepped into her office, indication the chair across from her. “I would like to know why you put those flyers up.”

“I wasn’t the one who posted the flyers,” he defended himself. Just because his name was on them did not necessarily mean he was the one responsible for making the things.

“If you confess now, we’ll make your punishment lighter, maybe only a year of detention instead of detention until you graduate. Provided you can give me a good reason as to why you did this.” He thought detention until he graduated was a little extreme. Especially when he wasn’t even responsible. “I may not have been able to sway the board’s decision on Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei, but your punishment is entirely in my hands.”

“I did not make those flyers. Check the security tapes.” The security tapes would be able to tell them who the real culprit was.

“Unfortunately, there was a system failure in the security system yesterday that lasted from shortly before lunch yesterday to this morning.” Which was very unlucky for him as he had been planning on using those tapes as absolute proof of his innocence. “I’ll give you a week to confess, or it’s detention until you graduate.”

Which gave him one week to decide what he was going to do, and it was with a heavy heart that he left the chairlady’s office and finished the day. He didn’t even go to after-school activities that day figuring there was the distinct possibility of death and also if he didn’t come up with something to tell the chairlady, he was never going to be able to participate in them again anyway.

Doumeki and Watanuki stayed around for a few minutes, and Syaoran started to worry that they were just waiting for the perfect moment to kill him. If they wanted to they could probably just shove him out the window and the vultures out there could destroy his remains. At least then he would be out of his misery.

“Syaoran-kun, is that really the way you feel about two guys in a relationship?” He was confused about why they were asking him at first, but he flushed bright red as realization dawned on him.

“No. I didn’t make those flyers, I mean, of course I don’t think like that, I mean, you two are my best friends and Kurogane-sensei is my favorite teacher.” He was rambling which was never a good sign. Rambling made it seem like he was nervous and that could only make them more suspicious of him. “In fact, you two could make out right in front of me, and I would be very happy.” Wrong choice of words; they were both staring at him oddly. “Be slightly embarrassed but only because I get embarrassed by all public displays of affection.” He even blushed when he just saw two people holding hands. He could probably use that in his defense as to why he at least could not have taken the photo; he would have been too flustered to get something that even resembled a proper image.

“We’ll see you tomorrow, Syaoran-kun.”

He sighed and looked back out the window. At least those two didn’t completely hate him even though they had every reason to, especially if they truly believed he was the one who had made the flyers. He was filled with a slight sense of hope at the possibility that they had their doubts of his responsibility in making the flyers. All he really had to do was make Yuuko-sensei believe he was not the guilty party.

Except his heart fell again when he saw a very devastated looking Fai-sensei lagging to his car as a few of his fangirls walked with him, Sakura and Himawari included. He watched as Fai-sensei looked forlornly at Kurogane-sensei who, without even looking in the general direction of the science teacher, stoically got into his car and drove away. He almost thought he could see Fai-sensei’s heart breaking even at this distance, and Sakura rested her hand gently on his arm. He couldn’t just clear his name and then rest easy knowing Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei were both so obviously suffering. Besides, Sakura-chan definitely would never be happy with Fai-sensei in such a depressed state. The question only remained if Kurogane and Fai would even be able to reconcile once they got their jobs back. He supposed he could always take the extremely risky route of talking to Kurogane-sensei. Provided the two of them had nothing better to do with their lives and showed up on school property.

“Hey.” His brother turned around the chair in front of him and sat down. “I just wanted you to know even if everyone else never speaks to you again, I’ll always be here for you.” His brother was wasting his time with his comforting words as Syaoran had every intention of getting people to speak to him again, and even if whatever plan he concocted failed, he would at the very least still have Mokona and possibly the other Mokona as well. “Because I’m your brother, and I will always love you.” His brother placed his hand over his, and after looking at their joined hands for a few seconds, he reclaimed his hand. That had been an odd moment for him considering his previous conversation with Doumeki and Watanuki and the flyers posted around school.

“Okay.” He patted his brother’s hand awkwardly. “Thank you.”

As the week progressed, he was no closer to a solution. He had informed Doumeki and Watanuki of what he wanted to do, but they had also been unable to come up with an adequate solution.

He did manage to talk to Kurogane-sensei which had been a rather awkward conversation for him, and he had the feeling the teacher felt the same way. “Kurogane-sensei, I need to talk to you about Fai-sensei.” Kurogane had just stared at him silently, and after a moment’s hesitation, Syaoran had decided to just continue talking. “I know that was the first time the two of you had sex,” and he nearly choked on those words, “and that it’s difficult that you got caught, but you have to talk to Fai-sensei.” He still couldn’t get a response. “Fai-sensei thinks you’re mad at him because you blame him for the two of you getting caught.” At least the gym teacher had shifted his weight that time. “Kurogane-sensei, you aren’t actually mad at Fai-sensei, are you?” he asked, fearing this was going to a lot more work than he had originally anticipated.

“It shouldn’t have been on a desk.” Suddenly he realized what it really was that had upset Kurogane-sensei and there was absolutely nothing he could do to fix it. It was a conflict of interests or maybe even life views between the two teachers, and they were going to have to work it out on their own. Without anything else to say, he simply left the room, hoping at the very least Kurogane-sensei would take his advice about talking to Fai-sensei. Of course, it was probably going to be rather difficult to talk about a relationship when neither partner had a job.

At the end of the week he sat in Kurogane’s classroom with his head in his hands, simply waiting. Kurogane and Fai had their hearing before the board at the end of the hour, and he knew his fate would be sealed with theirs. He wondered if Yuuko would go as far to have him expelled if Kurogane and Fai were fired.

“Syaoran, I have something I want to tell you,” his brother said, settling down in the seat in front of him. He grunted his acknowledgement but personally he was getting tired of spending all his time with his brother and the white Mokona. “I was the one who made the flyers, and if you want me to confess before the board I will. Though I don’t think there’s anything I can do for the teachers.”

“I knew it was you ever since they told me somebody saw me outside of Kurogane’s classroom as you are the only person who looks enough like me to be mistaken for me.” He leaned back in the chair. “I would like to know why you did it though.”

He risked a glance out the window; Kurogane and Fai in street clothes for their hearing were standing less than ten feet away from each other in the yard. “Ever since I came here all you’ve done is spend time with Sakura. You never do anything with me anymore.” He felt rather glad when he saw Kurogane make a move towards Fai as if he was going to speak to him. “I thought if I pushed everyone away from you, you would spend more time with me.” He didn’t see any words, but they did stare at each other. “If you want me to, I’ll go to the board and tell them that it was my entirely my fault.” Somehow watching Fai stare up at Kurogane with his nervous blue eyes Syaoran knew exactly what he had to do.


“I have something I want to say to the board,” Syaoran said as he burst open the doors to the boardroom, his brother following closely behind him. Kurogane and Fai were sitting against the far wall, and the cold eyes of the board members made him nervous. His brother reassuringly squeezed his hand.

“We were just about to take the vote, but you may speak first.” Yuuko indicated that he should stand at the head of the table, and with a deep breath, he took his position. He found it disorienting having most of them staring at him in such a curious manner. He placed his palms on the table to steady himself.

“First of all, I would like to admit I was the one who made those flyers.” His brother looked surprised, Kurogane looked angry, Fai remained in his depressive state, and everyone else just nodded as if they had known it all along. “I think people misunderstood the message; I was not attempting to condemn Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei for their actions. I was calling attention to the mistaken belief that sex between men is unacceptable behavior. They clearly have very strong feelings for each other, and we should accept those feelings as it is their lives. I thought only closed-minded bigots would not be able to interpret my message correctly.” He sat down in a chair against the wall next to his brother and a quick glance at the teachers revealed Kurogane had grabbed Fai’s hand.

“Well, now that our culprit has spoken, shall we vote?” Here it was; their moment of destiny. “All those in favor of extending Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei’s suspension, raise your hands.” His heart fell when he saw the number of hands that went up; he had given it his best effort and he had failed. Then he took a second glance at the number of people besides Yuuko and nonvoters who were not raising their hands. Four.

“You failed to make your two-thirds majority. As chairlady, I overturn your vote. Welcome back to the staff, Kurogane-sensei, Fai-sensei.” He lost track of exactly what happened, but he knew a public announcement occurred. Plans were made to go to the bar later that evening to celebrate, and Fai-sensei announced he and Kurogane were most likely going to be late before they snuck away. He briefly wondered where they had gone, but he didn’t have much time to worry about it as for the first time all week Sakura approached him with an expression not of anger.

“Syaoran-kun, I heard what you did for Kurogane-sensei and Fai-sensei, and I wanted to thank you.” He had managed to salvage his own reputation, but he could only hope that Kurogane and Fai would be able to salvage their relationship on their own.


“Mmm, that was a really good celebration diner,” Fai said with a small stretch as he stepped inside Kurogane’s apartment for the first time. He wanted so much to explore it, but he didn’t know how Kurogane would feel about that so he settled for a cursory look around the room he was currently in. “That restaurant has really good food.”

“We should probably go there again sometime,” Kurogane mumbled, but Fai didn’t quite catch it.

Fai checked his watch; they still had a good hour before the group celebration was to begin at the bar. “What should we do now, Kuro-rin?” Fai asked, looping his arms around the gym teacher’s neck, planting an aggressive kiss on his lips. It took a while before he felt Kurogane responding tentatively to his mouth’s ministrations, but once he did he started pulling Kurogane towards the couch he had glimpsed earlier. On the way there, he slipped one hand into Kurogane’s pants.

“I can’t do this,” Kurogane said as he tore himself away and pulled Fai’s hand away. He carefully pushed Fai down onto the couch.

“Eh, Kuro-sama?” He felt the slightest sense of loss growing in his stomach. “Are you saying you don’t want to be with me anymore?” He had really enjoyed working towards an intimate relationship with Kurogane, and he had worked too hard to get to the sex stage for him to just let it end before it even really began.

“I’m saying we should do this right: dinners, movies, dates, all of that.”

“Kuro-chan, are you asking me to be your boyfriend?” Kurogane didn’t speak to him, but the faint blush was all the answer he needed. “I’m so happy!” He leapt back at Kurogane and resumed kissing him. “Since we’ve got that covered, can we have sex now?”

“No, because we haven’t started doing this right yet, and you already ruined our first time.”

“Well, we can pretend that dinner earlier was our first date, and I think it’s fairly obvious that I am not above putting out on the first date. Especially for you. As for ruining our first time, we have access to your bed now, and earlier this week doesn’t count as we weren’t lovers then.” The entire time he spoke he busied himself with planting kisses on the man’s face and neck and grinding his hips against the gym teacher.

He mewled excitedly as Kurogane hoisted him around his waist and carried him towards what he could only presume was the bedroom. He attempted to divest both of them of as much of their clothes as he could on the way there, and he had just thrown Kurogane’s shirt onto the floor when he was deposited onto a bed. He quickly pulled his pants off before Kurogane had the opportunity to join him. “Is Kuro-sama going to look now?” he asked breathlessly, crawling backwards so he was against the pillows.

He was thrilled when Kurogane’s eyes roamed hungrily up and down his body. “Fucking beautiful,” Kurogane growled before climbing back over him while tugging impatiently at his belt.


Syaoran was a bit nervous about the whole drinking idea, but the party itself didn’t seem that bad. Even though their guests of honor had yet to arrive, drinks had been flowing freely, and no one had been drinking more than the two Mokona. He was wondering who had invited the chairlady; she was drinking almost as much as the Mokona. Who was paying for all of this anyway? The next time the bar’s door opened a smug looking Fai swaggered into the room followed closely by Kurogane.

“What are we drinking?” Fai asked, leaning heavily on the table they were seated around as Kurogane pulled over a spare stool. Doumeki poured two more glasses as Kurogane sat down.

“Congratulations on getting your jobs back,” Syaoran told them. Fai handed one glass to Kurogane as he settled between the man’s legs and leaned back against Kurogane’s inner thigh.

“We should have a toast!” Sakura suggested and they all obligingly raised their glasses. “To true love!” Syaoran blushed as he saw Kurogane bend his neck down to lightly kiss Fai.

“To gay sex!” Yuuko joined in, and Fai was not about to let Kurogane pull away without a second gentle kiss.

“To lesbians!” somebody else said, and Syaoran was starting to think this toast was getting slightly out of control.

“To incest!” Syaoran’s glass shattered as everyone else turned to look at his brother as if he were crazy. “I thought we were encouraging free love.” Syaoran refused to make eye contact with anyone, Yuuko and both Mokona returned to their alcohol, Sakura and Himawari started some discussion about school, Doumeki started eating his dinner just brought to him be the waitress while Watanuki had some sort of spaz fest about him eating food made by someone else, and Kurogane and Fai remained completely absorbed with each other. All the hardship he had suffered and things weren’t even remotely normal. As he sighed, his brother reached over to reassuringly pet his hand. Not normal at all.

I like this Horitsuba verse. I may have to write it again sometime.
Jaina: Beaming Fai!jaina_torsec on February 12th, 2007 05:14 pm (UTC)
Great, as usual.
Kuro-nin-sensei is such a softie XD

I loved the character of 'Syaoran's brother'. Aww... "Incest!" That cracked me up XD
geek_tastic: kitty kittygeek_tastic on February 12th, 2007 05:33 pm (UTC)
my cat jumped about a foot in the air because I started cackling so hard. that ending killed me!!
Ally.C: Tsubasa KuroFai No Porn!gacktyougirl on February 12th, 2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
*snerk* Twincest. This was so amusingly cracky. I loved it. And yay for the donut crumbs! *has too much fun playing with food analogies*

And know I have just enough time to scoot to class! *huggles*
E'ka: Freyaekas on February 12th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
*huggles* Class is a good thing. I currently like school until most likely tomorrow morning when I go back to class and realize, "nope, it still sucks."

Twincest is awesome on so many levels. Donut crumbles! Considering I just read the first half of volume 7 (nothing else yet, mind you), we may get donuts someday. I want donuts, really, I just don't know how to make them.
ChibiKoji: Tsubasa - Kuro x Fay chibi senseichibikoji on February 12th, 2007 07:27 pm (UTC)
"To incest!"
XD ... fabulous stuff!

Poor Kuro and Fay ... snerk

Great stuff as always!

seresunokokoro on February 12th, 2007 07:50 pm (UTC)
*raises a glass* To our beloved ekas and her Horitsuba crack! Long live KuroFai! ^_____^=
seresunokokoro on February 12th, 2007 07:51 pm (UTC)
... and incest ;)
Eleonoralumelle on February 12th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
XD I loved it all. I loved poor Syaoran being hated by everyone, I loved the twincest, I loved the delicious donut bits, and I absolutely loved the ending.

(By the way, you have managed to get yourself one of the best betas ever. Be glad about that! *pokes Alys-tan*)
ECK: GIGGLE_Aladdin (withpaperwings_)evercool on February 12th, 2007 09:22 pm (UTC)
LMAO. That was great XD The cheering at the end got to me the most. *died giggling*

Cracky angst crack. A genre I do not often see XD Congrats. Hahahaha.
E'ka: Holy Shitekas on February 12th, 2007 11:30 pm (UTC)
Poor Syaoran-kun. Every time I put him center stage the only thing I seem to write is a cracktackular crackfest filled with crackyness.

And yes, much as we all like the crack, we must remember that poor Fai was suffering a major angstfest through all of this.

Seriously, I think all I need to do to write cracky angst crack is to put Syaoran center stage and throw Fai in there for the angst. xDD
clamp_yuukoclamp_yuuko on February 12th, 2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
So cute! I really like it. The ending is great as well!
Kayevelyn: Hydekayevelyn on February 12th, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
*falls over and dies* Why did I not see that coming? I should have been weary when there were two Syaorans and a pairing was Syaoran/Sakura/Syaoran, but no, I just thought it meant Sakura was a switch.

Yay free love! I loved it!
Robin  ☂  tell me a tall tale, go, shout it outbuddha_loves_me on February 13th, 2007 02:13 am (UTC)
“To incest!”

OMG, I love you so much. That made me laugh so much, my gut started to hurt. :P Incest indeed. I have to admit that Syaoran/Syaoran is one my terribly guilty pleasures.

Anyways, this was hilarious. Thank you so much for posting it!
E'ka: Rainekas on February 13th, 2007 02:16 am (UTC)
LOL. Note to self: Syaoran/Syaoran is more popular than KuroFai. Abandon all KuroFai fics and focus exclusively on Syaoran/Syaoran. Sure, some people will miss the KuroFai, but more will be happy for the Syaoran/Syaoran.


This fic took me forever to write, so I'm glad people appreciate it.
Robin  ☂  tell me a tall tale, go, shout it out: Tsubasa - Black and whitebuddha_loves_me on February 13th, 2007 02:17 am (UTC)
Despite the Clone!cest being my guilty pleasure, I have to admit that Kurofai is my not-guilty-in-the-least-and-really-just-a-large-obsession pleasure. :P

Be that as it may, Kurofai still rules my heart. XD lol
Caro-Caro-Seme-Sama <3caroline_chan on February 13th, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
x3 The ending wins! <333 Gay sex, lesbians, and incest indeed! *toasts soda to that one*

I'm glad all was reconciled in the end. ^o^ (Plus, we all know the board members thought the flyers were smexy which is why they're still teaching there. Obviously. >> XDDD)
Stephanie Travellyr: cook YAAAAYtravellyr on February 13th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)

I love you and wish to rear your children. Syaoran's brother is precious and psycho and precious. Syaoran is precious. I'm pleased and surprised he didn't die from blushing so much.

...and how does karma thank him? By making sure he's scarred for life, forever walking in on those two.
Subaru Sumeragi (皇 昴流)su_chan on February 13th, 2007 09:05 am (UTC)
*bookmarks* I can't read now ;_;
ariadnechan: kuroxfaiariadnechan on February 13th, 2007 04:52 pm (UTC)
i love it it was hilarius and the end i think about twincest but always could be Both of them in love with Sakura i love the toast
and my husband catch me lathing but just in the part where syaoran speak with Yuuko and try to think how clean up his name Uf!!! now i must made a fic with alter end before he come back home....
i thnk syaorans could meet Hitachins jajajajajaj it could be good one..
paradise_wolves on February 13th, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
*bows down* You are still all powerful!

Yay for Kurofai and twincest
*runs away*
Lexi: Fai - fantasizing at Horitsubalexi_nyanko on February 14th, 2007 11:00 am (UTC)
Sakura sucks. xDD I mean wtf, I hate it when people accuse others without real proof AND while pretending they know them oh-so-well. Reminds me too well of some people who surround me daily. -__-;

And Kuro is the sweetest grupmpy secertly romantic man/lover in the manga-world. People like him barely exist in the real world. ;_;
They were so cute huggling at the party in the end. <3

Incest-Syao!brother is disturbing. o_o;
RI☆T☆RDEDNESS: Nothing to Be Ashamed Ofria_chan on February 19th, 2007 03:19 am (UTC)
“No, not at all.” Depressed Fai-sensei was more than he could handle, though he wondered why Kurogane-sensei had yet to say anything, and his eyes widened when he saw the blood on Kurogane’s arm. “What happened to him?”

Fai looked sadly back over his shoulder at the gym teacher. “Oh, that… One of my fangirls bit Kuro-tan-sensei. Apparently she was rather jealous.”

(LMAO!) FAN-GIRLS: UNITE! (shot) Though, I'd bite Kurogane if I had the chance to just because he is le l33t bishie. :P

“I just wanted you to know even if everyone else never speaks to you again, I’ll always be here for you.”

That's never a good line. Really. Hearing that only ensures that you'll never be loved again. XD

The end...*KILLED* me! (dedz) THank you so much for another installment! x3 I was just thinking to myself, 'Why has it seemed so long since a Horitsuba verse came out? (-.-)' Keep 'em coming! >:D
shinzuku on May 19th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
I like the last part.

"All the hardship he had suffered and things weren’t even remotely normal. As he sighed, his brother reached over to reassuringly pet his hand. Not normal at all."
Brittney!starfire5726 on May 27th, 2007 06:02 pm (UTC)
The whole ending scene reminded me of La Vie Boheme from Rent ^_^
Yes, "To incest!" indeed XD
Melopsittacus undulatus: TRC - Fay and Mokona (♥)wetheril on June 1st, 2007 10:30 am (UTC)
*snorts* The incest part really got to me. XD

Oh man, I've missed your fics and you write the most delicious Horitsuba fics ever. ^^ I have only recently *mostly* caught up with Tsubasa. Not yet up to date with the latest chapters, but will catch up after the move.
Mika: Failiberty_witch on January 26th, 2008 07:52 am (UTC)
XD lovely. The end was funny. As a whole this fic was enjoyable & I really like your Syaoran. :)