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07 February 2007 @ 09:39 am
There's a shortage of Janitor/Elliot fandom in the world.... *sadness* Damn you Scrubs fandom for preferring Cox/J.D!

I bring ficcies... Have fun trying to guess which was for who. ^.^ No complaining that somebody's was longer than yours. They were all exactly the length they needed to be.

They vary in rating from PG - R

Accidentally on Purpose

“I’m sorry, Fai-san,” Syaoran turned around and apologized, holding the broken door knob in his hands. The lanky blonde man was sitting with his legs crossed on top of one of the boxes in the storage room they just got trapped in. All four of them had managed to get a job for the same business in the world they had just arrived in about a week ago: Sakura and Fai were both working as secretaries, Syaoran was the gopher boy, and Kurogane drove the delivery truck. Syaoran had been sent by the manager to find something in this storage room, and after half an hour had come back upstairs and asked Fai if he could come help him look for it. Fai, always wanting to help the children as long as it did not endanger his life, had readily agreed and had followed Syaoran into the basement storage room.

“It’s alright, Syaoran-kun,” Fai reassured him as the boy came over and sat on the box next to him. It wasn’t a very large box, and Fai was made just a little uneasy at the sudden invasion of his personal space. “It’s not your fault the door shut and locked behind us and then the handle broke off.” On the inside, Fai was really uncomfortable with the idea of being locked up, especially with no window, and decided to distract himself before he started hyperventilating. Thoughts of Kurogane might be good. Oh, wait, Kurogane! “Besides,” he added cheerfully, “once Kuro-sama finds out that we’re missing, he’ll find out where we are and simply break the door down with his manly strength!” He thought he heard Syaoran give a disgruntle grunt from beside him. Fai didn’t see what the problem was; rescue was a very good thing as far as he was concerned.

Silence descended upon the storage room. In an effort to keep his sanity, Fai concentrated all his mental energy on thoughts of his favorite sexy brooding ninja. He closed his eyes and imagined Kurogane pushing him down into a mattress somewhere, or even fucking him on one of the executives’ desks upstairs, Kurogane thrusting ruthlessly inside him. “Fai-san,” Syaoran started, cruelly snapping Fai out of his reverie, “do you and Kurogane-san have sex?”

Was the boy a mind-reader now or something? “Why, Syaoran-kun,” he turned to look at the kid with a grin, “what would ever give you a silly idea like that about Kuro-tan and me?”

“Well, there’s your nicknames for one. You’re always giving him bedroom eyes and flirting with him, and the two of you share a room together a lot.”

“No, Syaoran-kun, Kuro-chan and I have not had sex.” ‘Because the little bastard has to be so defensive and repressed about everything,’ he added mentally to himself. He decided he would have to stop fantasizing or else he might inadvertently moan Kurogane’s name. Then the kid might tell Kurogane that Fai was sexually fantasizing about him at work, and then he might never get to have sex with the ninja. Which meant he no longer had a distraction to keep his mind off the four walls closing in on him. He was definitely not liking this situation at all.

A warm thigh pressed against his. Well, this was certainly unexpected. “Fai-san?”

He turned his head to look back at the teenager. “Yes, Syaor-“ He was cut abruptly short by the boy leaning up to kiss him. This was even more unexpected, and damn, that boy was persistent when he shoved his tongue into Fai’s mouth. Eventually Syaoran pulled away, and Fai’s lungs tried to remember what oxygen was.

“Syaoran-kun,” he gasped, “us getting locked in down here together wasn’t a complete accident, was it?”

Syaoran shook his head. “But the door handle breaking was.” Before Fai could even think of a response, Syaoran had reattached his mouth to his and was working on the fastenings of Fai’s pants. But a distraction was a distraction, Fai thought as the two of them tumbled in a heap to the floor.

Angsty Manga Canon

Fai and Kurogane were once again sharing a room in a hotel of their current world. A room which only housed one bed that they were also going to have to share. They were silent as they stepped into the room together. Even though he had spent the entire day teasing the ninja, Fai knew this was not the time or place for teasing. Kurogane would not even allow the slightest amount of teasing in such a private place. Fai knew this without ever trying, and sometimes it gnawed away at his brain that he could effortlessly predict how the ninja would react without a second thought. He struggled to hold onto his convictions that it was simply fun to tease the other man with his flirting. Kurogane meant nothing more to him, was not special to him. He glanced over at Kurogane as the ninja leaned his sword against the wall. And he knew he certainly meant nothing to Kurogane, could never be someone important to Kurogane. He knew the ninja had a one-track mind, and he was not on that track.

Kurogane caught him staring and glowered at him. Silently, Fai smiled at him before turning away to remove his gloves and boots so he could sleep. No, they certainly could never be important to each other. Kurogane might save his life if necessary, but he would certainly would never go out of his way to do so or make a sacrifice in order to keep Fai’s life protected. He would never do anything that might jeopardize his realization of that one thing on his mind.

Feeling reassured and safe, Fai collapsed face first into the pillow on his side of the bed. He had absolutely nothing to worry about. He was simply teasing the ninja, and Kurogane was simply annoyed by him because he was a hindrance and the type of person Kurogane would never associate himself with because he knew he was the type of person Kurogane hated the most. He didn’t know why the thought distressed him, gnawing painfully at his stomach and chest when it should have made him incredibly happy. If Kurogane did not care about him, he would not have to worry about the ninja getting injured for his sake. The thought of Kurogane getting hurt because of him pained him more than he liked to admit.

The silence of the room was broken as Kurogane sat down on the bed. “Are you sick?”

Fai tensed briefly before he lifted his head to look at Kurogane. “I think I ate too much chocolate at dinner.” Lying was so easy; he didn’t even have to think about it anymore. It kept Kurogane from probing too much.

“Tch. Don’t lie to me. You didn’t touch the chocolate at dinner.”

“Kuro-chan is so” disturbingly “observant.” He tried to laugh it off, but he couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that things weren’t nearly as simple as he thought they had been. “I’m feeling just fine.” He didn’t like the way Kurogane was staring down at him; he didn’t like that their routine of silence in the bedroom had been broken.

“You looked like you were in pain,” and he thought he might have detected a hint of concern in the man’s voice.

“Must have been a stomach cramp!” He could tell the ninja did not believe him. Thinking fast, he sat up and planted a quick kiss on the ninja’s cheek. “Good night, Kuro-sama!” he chirped, burying his face into the pillow before the man had the chance to respond.

He heard the ninja curse him a few times before he felt the bed shift as Kurogane settled himself down onto the bed. He could feel the heat emanating from the man’s body. Without lifting his head, he knew Kurogane’s back would be towards him. Kurogane always slept with his back to him, facing the door. If he thought about it, he would realize Kurogane always slept between Fai and the door, no matter what world they were in, and he really did not want to think about why Kurogane always pushed Fai subtly to the far side of the bed, placing his body between Fai and the door. Fai cursed his own body as it betrayed and inched closer to the warmth of the protective ninja.

Kitty Ears (I might expand this one to a full fic someday. ^^)

“Haha! I have ears!” Kurogane twitched. They had been in this world less than five seconds, and Fai was already starting to annoy him. Or maybe it was the circumstances of the new world that were bothering him. “I have fuzzy cat ears!” Fai said as he batted and played with said new ears. “They’re so sensitive too.” Kurogane’s tail twitched as Fai continued to play with them. Wait. He had a tail? “Oh look! I have a tail too!” A disgruntled Kurogane watched as Fai spun around in circles, trying to get a better look at his new kitty tail. Fai laughed as he swatted playfully at his own tail.

“Ano, I think we all have ears and tails,” Sakura said from where she had landed next to Syaoran with Mokona in her lap. Even the white thing was sporting new ears and a longer tail.

“This world is so fun.” Kurogane definitely did not agree with that sentiment at all. He had a tail. “Kuro-chan has ears too!” Fai was bounding towards him with hands outstretched.

“Don’t you dare touch me,” Kurogane hissed. Fai ignored the warning and started rubbing Kurogane’s ears. His ears and tail both twitched.

“Kuro-rin has soft ears.” Fai had better be laughing at the ears in general and not specifically at him. “Is his tail soft too?” One of Fai’s hands left his ear and started reaching around him.

“Don’t touch that!” he hissed as he swatted Fai’s inquisitive hands away. He hated this world so much; he wasn’t exactly sure how the world could get much worse. Obviously the world had a sense of irony as at just that moment, it decided to start pouring rain on them. Five pairs of ears simultaneously flattened. Yes, this world officially sucked. “Does anyone else here have a strange new hatred for the rain?”

“Wah! I don’t like getting wet!” Fai whined. Kurogane noticed the blonde was trying to crawl underneath his cloak.

“None of us do right now, idiot,” he said, trying to get away from the other man. His ears were tickling his armpits.

“I think I see some shelter over here!” Syaoran yelled before dashing off, the other four following closely on his heels. They managed to get inside the building, and they all shook themselves.

“I have water in my ears, and my tail feels funny wet.” Kurogane thought the tail felt funny to begin with. Though Fai did look kind of cute with those ears. He shook his head. Where the hell had that come from? He craned his neck to get a better look at the man’s tail. The tail combined with the man’s ears did give him a certain charm. He did like that tail. It was yellow and slender and very, very long.

“Can I help you with something, Kuro-sama?” He shook his head and looked up at the blue eyes staring questioningly at him. “You’re either starting at my ass or my tail, but either way, I like it.”

“I’m not staring.” His ears went back again, and Fai chuckled at him.

“Really? Where are the children?” Damn, he hadn’t even realized they had left the room.
“You’re blushing, Kuro-tan.” Damn it, he was and his ears were twitching again.

Luckily, Syaoran-kitty and Sakura-kitty saved him by stalking back into the room. “The house is almost completely empty. There’s not even any furniture. There are two room upstairs with rugs and cushions, however, that we can sleep in until the rain passes and Mokona can search for the feather.”

So he found himself once again stuck in a room with Fai. He curled up on one of the giant cushions, tail twitching as he watched the blonde play with a ball of yarn he had retrieved from Mokona. At least somebody was having fun, and the kids had fallen asleep almost as soon as they hit the floor. There was absolutely nothing fun about this world to him. Fai’s tail was longer than his. He watched as Fai crouched low to the ground, waving his ass enticingly in the air before pouncing on his toy. He wanted something to do and there was no way in hell he was going to play with a ball of yarn. Even if it did look like it might be fun.

“Kuro-chan, you should stop sulking,” Fai told him as he pushed the ball of yarn to the side. Kurogane simply glared at the other man from where he was lying curled up on his side. Fai shrugged and turned his attention back to the ball of string, once again turning his back on Kurogane. He watched the blonde’s tail twitch for a few minutes, and his hands itched to swat at it, and his whole body tensed as if he was about to pounce.

Silently, he lifted himself from the cushion and made his way stealthily across the room. Fai squeaked when he wrapped one arm around the lanky waist from behind, and he eagerly pulled the man into his lap. In the process, Fai’s tail had gotten wrapped around his arm. It was as soft as it looked, and he had to resist the temptation to wrap his fingers around it. Kurogane started nibbling on the very tips of Fai’s soft ears.

“Hey, Kuro-sama, I told you my ears were sensitive,” he panted as he squirmed in Kurogane’s lap, but the ninja had a good grip around his waist and he couldn’t get away.

“I know,” he responded as he continued to nibble on the man’s ears. As Fai mewled and arched back against him, Kurogane thought he might be able to find something he liked about this world.

Fai and Kurogane's morning routine when Fai moves in with Kurogane

Fai usually woke up first in the morning. Some days he would wake up sprawled across Kurogane’s bare chest, and on occasion he had to wipe off a puddle of drool before the other man woke up. Some mornings he woke up simply curled by Kurogane’s side. Those two were his favorites. Other days he simply woke up in the same bed as Kurogane, bodies not touching at all. The mornings he could still no understand were the ones where he woke up on the floor, Antimony lying in his spot on the bed, and he was sorely tempted to rename her Electra. Regardless of the position he had woken up in, he would always get up and silently get dressed for the day. Exactly five seconds before the alarm went off, he leaned down to wake Kurogane with a good morning kiss at which point he was usually sleepily cursed at.

He made his way into the kitchen to start preparing their lunches and breakfast. Antimony generally followed him unless it was one of the rare mornings Kurogane had gotten up first. When he was making food was the only time she decided she preferred his company to Kurogane’s, and she spent the entire time whimpering at his feet for scraps. That particular morning he caved and slipped her a piece of bacon just as Kurogane stepped out of the bedroom.

“Don’t feed the dog table scraps. You’ll make her fat,” Kurogane scolded him as he moved to stand behind him at the counter, placing his hands on Fai’s hips. Fai was rewarded for his good morning kiss with a kiss to the side of his neck. Kurogane would stand there for a bit, sometimes wrapping his arms around Fai, sometimes leaving them on his hips, always resting his face in his hair while pressing his entire body against Fai’s. Kurogane kissed the side of his neck again briefly with a sigh. “I’ll be back in half an hour,” he whispered.

“Breakfast will be ready when you get back!” Every morning after they went through Kurogane’s ritual snuzzle to Fai in the kitchen, Kurogane would take Antimony out for a morning jog. Fai leaned against the counter and watched as Kurogane squatted down to put her leash on, the dog happily wagging her tail. She had learned her daily routine easily enough, and time with Kurogane made the puppy especially happy. “Enjoy your run you two!” Fai called after them as Kurogane led the dog out the apartment door. Even though Kurogane had said he would be back in thirty minutes, Fai knew hew as always gone 26.3 minutes.

While he was gone, Fai would check the weather to see what vehicle they were going to be taking to work that particular morning. Most days they would just take Fai’s car, but when the weather was nice enough, they would take the bike. He listened to the weather as he finished their breakfast. No rain today, but it was going to be cold. They were going to have to take the car. Fai finished their lunches while he waited and set two plates full of nutritious breakfast at the table. He made sure Antimony’s food and water dishes were full. He stood up and stretched, waiting for the click of the doorway. While he waited, he shaped Kurogane’s rice into a little heart in the box. He sighed and checked his watch: twenty-nine minutes had passed. What could be keeping them? He hoped nothing had happened to either of them. They were never late. Suddenly, the door opened, and Kurogane let the dog off the leash. She went running straight for her food. “Welcome back!”

“Sorry we’re late,” Kurogane apologized as he walked towards him, and Fai perked up in anticipation of his kiss. “Somebody decided she had to sniff her poopy several times before she would let me clean it up.”

He easily stepped out of Kurogane’s reach. “Wash your hands first before you touch me please.” After Kurogane had satisfactorily washed and dried his hands, Fai allowed himself to be partially groped as Kurogane kissed him on the temple. Antimony barked at them, which wasn’t part of the daily routine, but she did tend to make her feelings about Kurogane’s affections towards Fai quite clear about every other week. Once Kurogane managed to get her to calm down, the two of them sat down for breakfast together. After breakfast, they would gather their things together, say goodbye to Antimony, and drive to work for the day.

As they pulled into the parking lot, Fai was puzzled by the complete lack of other cars. “Why the hell are we an hour early?” Fai looked down at the dashboard clock; they were a complete hour early. “Did you reset my alarm so you could have a morning romp and then forget about it again?”

That sounded like something he might accidentally do. “Oh, wait, I did. Sorry, Kuro-tan.” Kurogane sighed and leaned the seat back. “Now what do we do?”

“Come here.” Fai found himself being enticed out of his seat until he was straddling Kurogane’s lap. Kurogane’s hand was burying itself into Fai’s hair and pulling him down for an intimate kiss. Fai whimpered as Kurogane’s hips bucked up against him. He placed both of his hands on the gym teacher’s chest as he pushed his mouth down onto Kurogane’s. Eventually the need for oxygen forced him to pull back up. “Do you remember the last time we were in this position?” Kurogane asked as he slid his hand to Fai’s ass.

“I remember. It was when I finally got you to have sex with me for the second time.” He remembered other times in his cars as well, but those had usually involved the backseat. That had been the only time they had done it in the passenger seat. “That was so long ago. I’m surprised you remember it, Kuro-rin.” Kurogane’s hands had occupied themselves with caressing his body in enticing ways.

“Are you kidding me? That day was incredible.”

“Even though Kuro-tan suffered a grievous injury and I had to take him to the hospital?” Fai teased.

Kurogane growled up at him. “You didn’t take me to the hospital; we had sex in your car instead.” Fai leaned back down intending to get a repeat of that day.

Exposing the Secret Sex Life of Kurogane

Kurogane was on top of him, settled between his thighs, pushing him down into the mattress. The ninja’s mouth was on his neck, growling as he nipped at the sensitive skin. Fai tilted his head back to grant the man easier access, and he clawed at Kurogane’s back. Clothes were still on, but they both knew that wasn’t going to last. Especially with the way Kurogane was grinding against him. “Oh… Kuro~sama!” he screamed as the man’s large hand ran possessively over his body. His pants mingled in the air with Kurogane’s grunts. The ninja’s hand slid up his body to tangle tightly in his hair.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he growled, loudly so that practically anyone in the building would have been able to hear him. Fai had to admit, the man really knew how to project his voice. Even more impressive was the incredibly squeaky mattress they had managed to obtain in this world. Kurogane loomed above him, face a mere few inches away from him as he stared predatorily down at Fai.

Fai snapped at the air between their mouths. “Yes, please.” He let his hands trail down the man’s back. “Fuck me, Kuro~tan!” he moaned loudly, tossing his head back and arching up against Kurogane. Kurogane growled and buried his face into the crook of Fai’s neck.

There was a thudding not very much unlike the sound of someone running downstairs while carrying something heavy followed by the front door slamming. They both paused, Fai had a hard time getting his breath back under control as Kurogane was rather heavy, and they both turned their heads towards the door, listening. “Well,” Fai started as Kurogane eased himself off, “I think the children completely left the building.” He kept one hand on the back of Kurogane’s neck as the ninja settled beside him. “I don’t think they are going to be returning and walking back in on us anytime soon.”

“Good,” Kurogane said as he started pulling off his clothes. “Let’s do this.” The ninja rolled over and positioned himself accordingly.

Fai hummed appreciatively as he positioned himself behind the waiting ninja. He caressed the side of Kurogane’s neck with the back of his hand. “Kuro~rin is so pretty when he wants me to fuck him.”

As Fai gave a quick chuckle, Kurogane glared at him over his shoulder at him. “If you dare whisper a word about this to anyone, I swear to God I will kill you.”

With one hand Fai stretched Kurogane and with the other hand he softly stroked the back of Kurogane’s hair. “Don’t worry, Kuro~chan, your secret is safe with me.” Chuckling again, he draped himself over Kurogane’s back as he entered him. He leaned close to the other man’s ear and whispered, “I won’t let anyone know you like it when I fuck you.”

Kurogane was about to growl an angry response but Fai cut it short, turning it into a hiss as he started to move, wrapping one hand around the man’s arousal. “Damn bastard,” he managed to get out between gritted teeth.

Fai let his soft hair trickle along the man’s shoulders as he nuzzled his spine. “Kuro~myu, you’re so cute when you’re blushing.

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kryptydkryptyd on February 7th, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
Very nice. What a good way to skip work. I loved the cat ears!
E'ka: I break brainsekas on February 7th, 2007 03:29 pm (UTC)
The kitty ears were my favorite. ^^ I want to expand on it someday and make it into n actual length fic instead of the little ficlet it is now.
Robin  ☂  tell me a tall tale, go, shout it out: Tsubasa - Kurofai pinchbuddha_loves_me on February 7th, 2007 03:57 pm (UTC)
Ah, these were all so wonderful. I especially liked the kitty ears one. :3
ECK: I've had better-Ashura was king in bedevercool on February 7th, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)

....Kurogane just said POOPY.

*dead* XD
E'ka: I break brainsekas on February 7th, 2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
And thus my mission in life is complete. ^^


Noooooooooo!!!!! evercool wasn't supposed to die!!! *revives with twenty pheonix downs*
geek_tasticgeek_tastic on February 7th, 2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
They were all great, but I especially liked the kitty ears one, and would just love it if you made it longer (and maybe smuttier? ^_^)! I also thought the first one was sweet at the end, and the last one made me laugh out loud. XD

E'ka: smexekas on February 7th, 2007 10:51 pm (UTC)
The kitty ears one should be longer. And smuttier as Kurogane determines he has a new fetish for ears. And possibly tails. Even if he is jealous that Fai's tail is longer than his.
(Deleted comment)
Kayevelynkayevelyn on February 7th, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
Those were love ^.^ Even the angst was love, because Kuro was being all protective even if no one will admit it. The kitty ears I would love to see a longer fic of, expand on Kuro's jealousy of tail lengths there. *snickers*

I'm glad you shared those!
E'ka: Horitsuba Defaultekas on February 7th, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
I have every intention of making the kitty ears into a longer fic. ^^ Poor, poor Kuro-rin. The length of his tail just can't compete to Fai's. Fai's just naturually endowed that way, and he is not.

*Kurogane's tail twitches*
Kayevelynkayevelyn on February 8th, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
I doubt Fai minds the size of Kuro-tan's tail. I'm sure he loves and will molest Kuro just the way he is.
E'ka: I break brainsekas on February 8th, 2007 02:03 am (UTC)
Fai: "That's okay, darling. I like your tail just the way it is. It's so nice and soft..." *strokes Kurogane's tail against the fur*

Kurogane: *whimpers*

Sakura & Syaoran: o.o
Stephanie Travellyr: cook YAAAAYtravellyr on February 7th, 2007 09:30 pm (UTC)
EARS AND TAIL! *dance dance*

I also LOOOOVE Fay and Kurogane's way of clearing the building. XD PRICELESS. I had this wonderful mental picture of Syaoran carrying a slightly puzzled Sakura (holding Mokona) and running AS FAST AS HE COULD.
Sakura is not puzzled as to what is going on, no, she is puzzled as to why Syaoran believes he has to snatch her up and set a new land speed record out. XD!
Mokona: But Fay-mommy and Kuro-daddy love each other!
Syaoran: YES! Yes they do! Shut up!
Bree: miscraven_goth on February 7th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
my god you are made of 50 kinds of awesome; i've been waiting for a fic from you for so long =D

the syoaran/fye fic was complete crack (*gasp* is syoaran trning out to be seme?????)

the second one was so bitter sweet =3

and the kitty ears are LOVEless!!! xD
"You’re either starting at my ass or my tail, but either way, I like it.”
x3 that line is made of win. oh fye

and yay for some good ol fashion Horitsuba stuffs =P

omg its been reviled! kuro actuly prefers to be uke! *gasp*

E'ka: Fai's Had Betterekas on February 8th, 2007 12:27 am (UTC)
I'm slightly disappointed that no one has yet taken up the challenge of trying to figure out who the fics were written for.

i've been waiting for a fic from you for so long =D I'm working on it. Really. I just also need to keep up with my school work (which I'm already falling massively behind on so I think I will forgo my weekend), I need to type my Gatsby paper, and I need to work on my comp proposal. All this and yet I still seem to be working more on the Syaoran Horitsuba fic. And Syaoran rambing because Doumeki and Watanuki asked him if he really had problems with two guys having sex. xD

Syaoran/Fai was fun to write. And of course Syaoran is the seme. Even if Kurogane isn't manly enough to always be seme, Syaoran clearly is.

LOL. I tried to keep the angst out of people's Christmas presents but I just couldn't help it. The idea wouldn't leave me alone.

I like the kitty ears. There have been votes to make the kitty ears longer. I wholeheartedly agree with this plan.

Yay for Horitsuba. Antimony is love. She's such a daddy's little girl. ^^ Poor Fai though. His wife is being taken away from him by his own dog.

Kurogane totatally prefers to be uke. He just needs to protect his manliness by pretending to be seme.
ariadnechan: fangirlariadnechan on February 8th, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)
i love the kittens ears and yeah i want to be longer!!!
but i love the others too, and i want see more Fye seme always want to know how it likes!!!
Bree: misc 3raven_goth on February 8th, 2007 03:34 am (UTC)
aww sorry =/ i would try but i really have no clue and would soooo get them wrong

dont worry, keep up with your school stuffs if you have too =)

xD lol good point

angst is love

longer kitty ears would mean better acess for...certant situations so....;P

Antimony is so cuuute =3 x3 aint it true ;P

and I we love him for it ^.^
(Anonymous) on February 8th, 2007 06:44 am (UTC)
for some reason, the kitty ear one gave me a deliscious loveless crossover idea. now to figure out who would be the sacrifice and which would be the fighter (IM talking about kuro and fai)

btw...love the scrubs janitor icon xd
Lexi: Fai - ookii nyanko totally fridge worthylexi_nyanko on February 8th, 2007 04:51 pm (UTC)
You should definately write a longer fic involving kitty-ears! The idea is too good to pass up! ;P <333 *hugs her ficcie*

And Syao/Fai is kinda LOLWTF. xDDD where did that come from anyway??

Poopie. I want me a Kurogane. A real one. Because he's the cutest thing in the world right now. :3
E'ka: Gay pornekas on February 8th, 2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
uninformed won my picture contest and requested a Syaoran/Fai fic from me to the theme of Accidentally on Purpose.

Kitty ears shall be longer... and smuttier... and will have Kurogane discovering a new ear fetish.

Speaking of contests, since there's a good chance your birthday ficcie will be late don't feel bad, I have yet to get a birthday fic done in time for anybody would you also like to make a fic request since you won the 2006 stalker contest?

Speaking of which, I made your banner, I still need to make your icon. Do you have any particular favorite color?
Lexi: Fai - in the name of gay I will punish ylexi_nyanko on February 8th, 2007 07:24 pm (UTC)
Kitty-smut~ aww.... x33

It's ok, you don't need to rush anything! :3 write it when you have time. I see you're quite drowning in school-work...x__x *pets*

Fic request? Hm...well, how about this as a promt: Horitsuba Skiing Resort. Why? Because I totally drew a buncha sketches today at school which will have the same title if I get it all finished. IF. Because it would have to be a picture twice the printer paper size (A3) to fit everyone in there. I might post sketches later today. Fai with skis, Kurogane with a badass snowboard, Yuuko drinking mulled wine, and the children (Sakura, Himawari, Syaoran, Watanuki, Doumeki) building a snow-Mokona. Backround: snow covered pinetrees, ski runs, mountains, and lottsa snow. *has rediscovered her postcards of the ski resort in France she'd been to 3 years ago* Yes, I totally sketched all that today (except Syaoran - don't have a pose idea for him yet). Was a rather boring class, you see...xD; eheh...

Dark-violet is a nice colour. n.n
Ally.C: Tsubasa KuroFai Violategacktyougirl on February 12th, 2007 03:33 am (UTC)
Lovelovelove! *dances happy dance!* I needed that to distract me from my essay. Muahaha. *cuddles*
E'ka: Horitsuba OTPekas on February 12th, 2007 03:35 am (UTC)
*cuddles* I just finished an essay last Friday and just wrote a journal for my English seminar right now, so I know how that feels. Glad you could enjoy the fics during a break though. *pets*
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How did you find my secret lair? It's a SECRET!black_feenix on October 16th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
antimony is so cute. and seems like such a bitch. lol. i am so amused by Kurogane forgetting about a morning glomp. so very amused.

Omg I loved the second part. i laughed so hard. Kuro-chan is so sweet! XD