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25 January 2007 @ 10:26 am
More old fic pimpage so that the website can be nice and organized.

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Souma, Tomoyo
Word Count: 318
Rating: G

“Tomoyo-hime-sama,” Souma pleaded, hoping no one else would come looking for the wayward princess and see the ninja in such an embarrassing situation.

The princess, however, seemed oblivious to her ninja’s current distress. “It’s perfect!” she squealed; she clasped her hands together and her eyes shone brightly. “I knew it was the cutest outfit in the universe ever since I saw Sakura-hime wearing it.” Souma tried to interject, but the princess continued in her praise. “I’m so glad I was able to make a copy. Thank you so much for trying it on for me.”

“You’re welcome, Tomoyo-hime-sama,” she looked around to make sure no one was coming towards them, “but is there a reason why you had to put me in pink frills?”

“Because I wanted to see how well it looked but Sakura-hime hasn’t come to visit us yet. Besides, I think Souma looks good in that outfit. But you’re never allowed to wear it in public.” Tomoyo wagged her finger at her and giggled. Souma resisted the urge to tell her princess that the only way she would ever wear something pink and frilly was at the princess’s request. She was hoping Tomoyo would forget she had ever even made the outfit.

“Can I make you more outfits, Souma?” she asked with a hopeful gleam in her eyes. Souma wanted to say no, she really did. But as a ninja, she was not allowed to refuse a request from the princess. Besides, she could hardly refuse that sweet, innocent face. With a sigh, she agreed to continue being the princess’s dress-up doll. Tomoyo laughed gleefully and planted a light kiss on the ninja’s check. “Thank you so much, Souma!” She ran off, probably to start working on some new outfits.

Souma decided that being the princess’s favorite ninja wasn’t always so bad after all. If only she would remember to stay away from the pink.

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Characters: Souma, Tomoyo, Kurogane, Fai
Word Count: 706
Rating: PG

“Kurogane, don’t you think Souma has such pretty legs?” Tomoyo asked grabbing an ankle of said ninja and hoisting it up for inspection, causing Souma to suddenly balance herself on one leg. Kurogane really hoped the question was rhetorical because a certain blonde mage was giving him a disapproving glare. So he stayed silent, looking at everything he could that was not the princess’s spare hand smoothing along the other ninja’s leg. Why did the princess always have to do these things to them? Couldn’t she molest Souma in the privacy of her own chambers?

“So strong and so silky.” Kurogane had learned long ago to ignore conversations of this nature. Fai tended not to like it if he appeared to be too interested. Neither did Souma. “Feel how smooth her leg is, Kurogane.” He sweatdropped and glanced between the other ninja who looked as if she was going to kill him if he tried it, a mage who looked very irked he would even contemplate doing such a thing, and the princess who had made the request with hope brimming unchecked in her wide, innocent, purple eyes. How could he resist a face like that? How could he ever resist a request from his princess? “Touch it.”

With a resigned sigh, he reached out and lightly brushed Souma’s leg with his fingertips, knowing nothing good could arise from this situation. He pulled his hand away as quickly as he could. It wasn’t going to be fast enough for two of them. “Yes, yes, very nice,” he mumbled, praising the day he did not inherit the fair skin of his mother so the other could not see the faint blush that crept to his cheeks.

Tomoyo looked absolutely delighted. Souma tried to kick him but was restrained by the princess continuing to caress her leg. Fai looked like he was pouting. Well, what had the expected him to do? It wasn’t as if he had fondled her leg like Tomoyo currently was.

“Come along, Souma. I’ve just thought of a new outfit idea for you. One that shows off those perfect legs of yours.” Tomoyo started to drag the ninja away, seemingly forgetting that her favorite ninja needed both of those perfect legs to walk on, causing Souma to hobble along after her since Tomoyo refused to let go of her ankle.

Kurogane heaved a sigh of relief as soon as they were gone, and a friendly blonde had soon situated himself in his lap with one ankle hooked on his shoulder. Kurogane found himself in possession of a leg he very much wanted to caress, and he ran his hand along the man’s length from his ankle all the way down to his ass. The ninja grunted appreciatively.

“Kurogane!” Fai jumped, kicking his favorite ninja in the head and nearly falling off his lap in the process. Kurogane could only wonder what new torture method the princess had invented for him this time, through from the tone of her voice, she was playing angry. “How could you do such a thing in public?” He decided to be smart and not point out that she had been doing the same thing to Souma a few feet away less than five minutes ago.

“But Tomoyo-hime was feeling up Souma-chan not that long ago.” Stupid mage. Souma’s eyebrow twitched.

“That is quite different. I own all public places. Now, Kurogane, since you have spoiled Fai’s honor by touching him in a highly inappropriate manner,” now his eyebrow twitched, “you have no choice but to save face and marry him,” she concluded happily, clapping her hands together and smiling at them.

He was momentarily confused, unsure if he had heard her properly, but then “I’ll go start making the marriage kimonos.” She bounded off cheerfully, leaving behind two very perplexed ninjas and one amused mage.

“Is she serious?” Kurogane asked Souma as soon as the princess was gone.

She shrugged. “At least you know your bride will look very lovely.” With that, she turned to follow the princess, Kurogane hoped to talk some sense into her. The whole marriage prospect was ridiculous. Fai, however, seemed to be oblivious to it all and had resumed nuzzling contently against his neck.

Ally.C: CCS Touya Brain Deadgacktyougirl on January 25th, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
I love Tomoyo so much. xD She's amazing.
ユウイ: Kurogane/Faisnowaltz on January 25th, 2007 06:04 pm (UTC)
I adore Tomoyo. She's one of my CLAMP yaoi fangirl idol XD
kittychan1986kittychan1986 on February 27th, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
So I think your fic is utterly amazing. For some reason I cannot get into one of the 'Let's break Syaoran' fics 'Untitled Three' is there any way I could read it? I think breaking his little bring is so awesome.... Please? You're fantastic.